The Top 13 Expert Adobe Construction Companies to Consider

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Images courtesy of Adobe Building Systems, Adobe Construction LLC, ADOBE Construction Master Builders, and ADOBE IN ACTION.

Due to the push for sustainable construction methods like adobe, many companies have sprung up claiming to offer these services.

Consequently, it’s challenging to differentiate the best adobe construction companies from the rest. The best way around this challenge is by having a list of the top adobe construction companies to choose from.

When it comes to adobe construction, it’s worth noting that these houses can only stand the test of time if built with the proper techniques. The walls must remain permeable but protected from the elements like moisture.

This is where a company’s expertise comes in handy to ensure your adobe abode meets building code requirements for longevity.

In the rest of this article, I’ll list the top 13 adobe construction companies to choose from. This will eliminate the hassle of combing through many adobe construction services to find the best fit for you. Let’s get started!

1. Adobe Building Systems

A screenshot of the Adobe Building Systems website.
Image courtesy of Adobe Building Systems.

Adobe Building Systems offers adobe designing, consultation, and construction services worldwide.

The company aims to empower people to embrace sustainable building materials.

Having been in the adobe construction business for years, this company is highly experienced and has competent staff. It’s behind adobe madre bricks — adobe bricks stabilized with cement.

Besides construction, this company conducts workshops whereby its experienced staff teach people how to make and build with adobe bricks.

The unique aspect of this company is that it helps customers throughout the design process for a functional adobe home. Moreover, it can help you obtain an adobe building permit for your project.

2. Adobe Construction

A screenshot of the Adobe Construction LLC website.
Image courtesy of Adobe Construction LLC.

In Denver, Colorado, Adobe Construction LLC is a family-owned company specializing in commercial, residential, and custom-based adobe projects.

Since 2014, the company has been providing its services to clients in the Denver Metro area and continues to expand its reach.

It provides the best services by specializing in commercial, residential, and custom-made adobe construction projects. This way, clients get the right services with guaranteed value for money.

The company’s main principles include the following:

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Top-notch customer care

3. Adobe Master Builders

A screenshot of the ADOBE Construction Master Builders website.
Image courtesy of ADOBE Construction Master Builders.

Adobe Master Builders is one of the top adobe construction companies. It’s a fully-integrated building company based in Costa Rica.

Established in 1999, this company builds commercial and residential adobe houses to the highest standards.

Mike Brussock, the company’s founder, is highly experienced in cost monitoring, construction planning, construction document review and coordination, schedule development, and quality control. Therefore, you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands.

Adobe Master Builders has a unique construction approach; it starts by obtaining the necessary permits, designing and planning the project, and finally, construction.

What’s more?

The company offers turn-key projects for clients seeking finished properties ready for occupancy.

4. Adobe in Action

A screenshot of the ADOBE IN ACTION website.
Image courtesy of ADOBE IN ACTION.

Adobe in Action is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in New Mexico. It supports people with the planning and construction of adobe homes.

Adobe in Action aims to promote adobe home building and ownership by educating people through field works.

Some of the organization’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Promoting economic independence through affordable adobe housing.
  • Building networks through barn-raising activities to benefit owner-builders and their communities.
  • Providing economic leadership on adobe houses’ cultural, economic, and environmental benefits.

5. Hays Associates, Inc.

A screenshot of the Hays Associates, Inc website.
Image courtesy of Hays Associates, Inc.

Hays Associates, Inc. is a Mexican-based company that builds classic adobe houses. It ensures the projects harmonize with their surroundings by sourcing their building materials locally.

The company’s unique approach to construction combines adobe with wood ceilings, nichos, tiles, custom doors and tiles, bancos, and other Santa Fe touches to create a rustic charm of comfort and elegance.

Besides building, the company is experienced in remodeling existing homes and adding adobe accents to modern structures.

Hays Associates Inc. is dedicated to creating unique designs sensitive to traditional Southwest architecture. It’s known for its attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship.

6. Zachary and Sons Homes

A screenshot of the Zachary and Sons Homes website.
Image courtesy of Zachary and Sons Homes.

This company blends different Santa Fe building materials with adobe to create timeless and beautiful homes.

Zachary and Sons Homes specialize in reconstructing old buildings, remodeling existing structures, building additions, and creating one-of-a-kind works of art.

By combining stick frame, straw bale, and adobe materials, this company ensures that the homes it builds are resistant to fire, termites, and other elements.

Moreover, its services also include interior design for a more timeless look.

The company is committed to providing clients with the highest quality workmanship at affordable prices.

7. Albuquerque Joinery

A screenshot of the Esther Fredrickson website.
Image courtesy of Esther Fredrickson.

This is a Mexican-based design-build company that specializes in adobe construction.

The company was founded by Kenny DeLapp and Esther Fredrickson in 2020 after building their adobe home. Therefore, you can rest assured that the company is owned by people who know what goes into creating an effective adobe home.

Albuquerque Joinery has a unique construction approach that doesn’t outsource building activities. It manufactures custom doors, cabinetry, and fine woodworking in-house for a seamless construction process.

The company has a team of knowledgeable and experienced craftspeople in building adobe structures using local and natural materials.

Albuquerque Joinery focuses on quality, customer service, cost efficiency, and delivering projects on time.

8. New Mexico Earth Adobes

A screenshot of the New Mexico Earth Adobes website.
Image courtesy of New Mexico Earth Adobes.

With more than 50 years in business, New Mexico Earth Adobes is a highly experienced company in adobe-making.

Established in 1972, the company has become one of the largest adobe yards globally.

With the production of nearly half a million adobes a year, the company understands what defines quality adobe bricks.

By making adobe the old fashion way, New Mexico Earth Adobes delivers quality bricks with strength and beauty.

Each brick is handmade with attention to detail, accuracy, and quality control. It uses screened dirt, water, straw, and emulsified asphalt to produce three types of adobes:

  • Semi-stabilized
  • Fully-stabilized
  • Unstabilized

The fully-stabilized adobe bricks are handy for exposed exterior walls where moisture can be challenging.

9. Modern Adobe

A screenshot of the  FHP Builders website.
Image courtesy of  FHP Builders.

Based in Arizona, Modern Adobe is a unique company that preserves the old adobe construction technique while adding modern, tasteful touches for a comfortable living.

The company’s founders, Greg Hartman, and Casey Fromm, have vast experience in the construction industry. While Greg is an architect, Casey has real estate experience.

Modern Adobe combines traditional adobe construction with green building materials and solar energy for state-of-the-art living.

The company’s top-notch design team offers a tried-and-true approach with a straightforward construction process for residential and commercial properties.

Besides building, the company has ready-made houses on sale. These are ideal for those who want to avoid the construction process.

10. Beyond Adobe

A screenshot of the Beyond Adobe website.
Image courtesy of Beyond Adobe.

Beyond Adobe is among the top adobe construction companies in Sedona, Arizona. It specializes in eco-friendly materials made from the earth.

As a licensed general contractor, Beyond Adobe aims to build affordable, beautiful, and sustainable homes that meet strict quality standards.

The company’s unique approach is employing the design and build technique. The company aims to help customers from conception to completion through this approach while using resources efficiently.

Finally, Beyond Adobe preserves the indigenous adobe production methods to enhance sustainability. It also fosters communalism by working with individuals and communities to build homes.

11. Arayasun Construction

A screenshot of the Arayasun Construction website.
Image courtesy of Arayasun Construction.

Founded in 2,000 in Colorado, Arayasun Construction focuses on green building with quality craftsmanship and innovation.

It’s a full-service, fully-equipped green construction company that employs the latest innovations using eco-friendly materials and techniques.

The company’s construction approach entails concept development, designing, and building based on the client’s specific needs.

Arayasun Construction employs a team of dedicated construction professionals for quality services. It ensures an all-rounded construction process by combining architects, energy and finance experts, builders, and local lenders.

What’s more?

The company offers a full range of general contracting construction services. These services are essential if you’re looking to build a custom home, restore an old property, or remodel your current residential or commercial space.

12. Colorado Earth

A screenshot of the Colorado Earth website.
Image courtesy of Colorado Earth.

The Colorado Earth adobe construction company is owned and operated by engineer Lisa Morey.

As an engineer, Lisa has been in the adobe construction industry since 2,000. As such, she has sufficient knowledge and expertise to operate an adobe building company.

After working on more than 50 adobe houses, Lisa published “Adobe Homes for All Climates” in 2010. This book has since become a bible for adobe construction enthusiasts.

Today, Lisa’s firm is among Colorado’s top adobe construction companies.

With her team of experienced craftsmen, she creates and restores homes with quality and attention to detail.

The Colorado Earth company works with advisors that offer support with a shared mission from local and global communities.

The company’s services incorporate the following:

  • Pre-construction: Initial site visit to assess the landscape for any improvements. It also involves value engineering and cost estimation.
  • Wall construction: Full adobe wall construction to the top of the bond beam and plastering. It also entails off-site consultation.
  • General construction: Full contracting services for high-quality adobe construction.

13. Lizard King

A screenshot of the "Lizard King" LLC Design & Construction website.
Image courtesy of “Lizard King” LLC Design & Construction.

This is a full-service design and build company for residential and commercial projects in Mexico.

Matt Pacheco, the company’s founder, is an experienced adobe builder. He started working in Union Commercial Construction at the age of 16. This explains why he developed a passion for southwestern-style architecture early on.

Matt started Lizard King Construction after taking an architecture and planning course at the University of New Mexico.

The company specializes in adobe home construction. It remodels all types of residential and commercial buildings.

The Lizard King Construction company is highly experienced in grading and drainage, site development, structural design, general mechanical systems, and building inspections.

Today, Matt designs builds, and sells adobe houses through his company.

Final Thoughts On Adobe Construction Companies

Now that you know the top adobe construction companies to choose from, you can rest assured that your building project is in the right hands.

Whether you’re looking to construct a custom home, restore an old property, or remodel your current space, these companies have the necessary expertise and resources.

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