The Top 9 Places to Buy Your New Waterproof Cork Floor

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Imagine this – you’ve replaced part of your kitchen’s engineered hardwood flooring several times due to water damage. It has now reached the point where you’re looking for a more durable solution, like a waterproof cork floor.

But which are the best places to buy your new waterproof cork floor?

Why does the place you buy matter? Well, the quality of materials used and how well it fits in with the décor of your home are vital factors.

You need to source your new waterproof cork floor from the very best. Remember, you don’t want to invest your money and time in a product that won’t last long.

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss the top 9 places to buy your new waterproof cork floor.

Due to their vast experience in cork flooring, these places are the most reliable for a great quality floor that will last for a long time. Let’s dive in!

1. Amorim Wise

A screenshot of the Amorim Cork Flooring website.
Image courtesy of Amorim Cork Flooring.

This is a Portugal-based company whose focus is to enhance sustainable construction.

Amorim Wise incorporates green production by using natural, sustainable, and recyclable materials like cork and reclaimed wood.

The company’s cork signature floor is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy waterproof cork flooring. This floor features innovative technologies for a unique covering that enhances its ability to resist water.

Amorim Wise’s waterproof cork floors are naturally designed for creating customized spaces, and their knowledgeable staff will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Choosing your color.
  2. Choosing your veneer.
  3. Choosing your shape.
  4. Unleashing your creativity.

The company supplies its products globally.

2. LL Flooring

A screenshot of the LL Flooring, Inc website.
Image courtesy of LL Flooring, Inc.

LL Flooring is among America’s leading flooring retailers with over 25 years of experience and 400 locations throughout the U.S.

The company started as Lumber Liquidators in 1996 in Massachusetts. However, it changed its name to LL Flooring in 2020 to reflect its product range better.

The company supplies more than 500 floors in traditional styles as well as the latest trends. Therefore, you’ll find the floor you’re looking for here, whether you’re after a rustic floor look or a modern, contemporary style.

LL Flooring’s Waterproof Hydrocork is highly premium and waterproof. Besides resembling natural wood, Hydrocork is also easy to install and maintain.

Waterproof Hydrocork is designed with a core that delivers the comfort and appeal of traditional cork while protecting your floor from spills and splashes.

3. iCork Floor

A screenshot of the iCork Floor website.
Image courtesy of iCork Floor.

iCork Floor is USA’s best cork flooring, cork wall tiling, and cork underlayment company.

The company boasts an incredible selection of cork flooring to complement any design.

By incorporating the best installers, retailers, and other professionals, the company ensures its products are created to meet the highest standards possible.

It offers the following four products lines under cork flooring:

  • Natural cork.
  • Swiss cork.
  • Design cork.
  • Fusion cork.

Swiss cork flooring stands out for its excellent waterproofing properties among these four. It’s designed with pattern print and high-density fiberboard layers (HDF). These layers protect the floor from water and other liquids, providing a durable surface for many years.

The multiple layers also make it strong enough to endure high traffic in areas like living rooms. The floor’s hot coating is ideal for families with children.

Finally, the company provides free samples for testing and various delivery options.

4. Wicanders

A screenshot of the Wicanders (Amorim Cork Flooring) website.
Image courtesy of Amorim Cork Flooring.

With a focus on natural cork visuals and unique designs for homes and offices, Wicanders is one of the top places to buy your new waterproof cork floor.

The company manufactures innovative products that are stylish, comfortable, and durable. Its floors are also easy to install, maintain, and clean.

Equipped with the latest surface treatments, Wicanders’ waterproof cork floors offer unmatched protection from water damage. They come in different colors and patterns to complement any decor.

The Wicanders’ Hydrocork flooring is your go-to option if you’re after a new waterproof cork floor. This floor is designed with low-thickness, high performance, and comfort in mind, making it suitable for renovation projects in low and heavy-traffic areas.

Hydrocork’s high water resistance makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. However, using it in saunas and waterlogged areas is not advisable. Soaking the floor in water for too long is a recipe for discoloration and expansion.

5. We Cork

A screenshot of the WE Cork Inc website.
Image courtesy of WE Cork Inc.

This is a family company whose roots date back to 1868 in Sweden.

We Cork manufactures and supplies cork-based building materials like floors, moldings, underlayments, wall coverings, and expansion joints.

The company utilizes cork’s cellular structure to manufacture waterproof floors.

By incorporating its floors with polyurethane and other appropriate binders, We Cork guarantees high scratch-resistant and waterproof products.

What’s more, the company has a team of experienced floor installers to help with installation. This is the team behind the company’s flooring projects throughout the U.S.

6. Globus Cork

A screenshot of the Globus Cork website.
Image courtesy of Globus Cork.

Globus Cork is a leading manufacturer of 100% cork tiles. It produces cork tiles in 2,500 variations, 3 textures, and 40 colors. This way, it ensures each customer gets something that suits their décor.

Since Globus Cork offers custom designs, you can choose the size, shape, pattern, and thickness of your cork tiles.

The company’s cork tiles have a high-grade finish for superior water protection. The finish also makes it easy to clean and maintain the tiles.

Globus Cork’s cork floors are perfect for residential and commercial spaces due to the following features:

  • Rich textured appearance.
  • Unique coloring process for exclusive colors and vibrancy.
  • Diverse cork textures.
  • Different tile layout ideas.
  • Custom coloring to achieve the desired coloration.
  • Pre-finish that makes DIY installations easier.

7. APC Cork

A screenshot of the APC Cork, Inc website.
Image courtesy of APC Cork, Inc.

This company’s mission is to be a professional and eco-friendly supplier of cork tiles and floating floors in North America.

Moreover, it aims to educate the public on the benefits of using cork floors and tiles in their homes.

Besides being waterproof, APC Cork’s floors are genuinely green, thanks to the cork oak tree’s bark used for production.

The company also boasts high acoustic and thermal insulation floors suitable for hospitals and auditoriums.

APC Cork is a great place to buy waterproof cork floors due to its unique designs, colors, and textures.

The best part; the company’s products come with installation instructions for DIYers. Therefore, you can save money by using the instructions to install the floor instead of hiring a professional.

8. Capri Collections

A screenshot of the Capri Collections website.
Image courtesy of Capri Collections.

Established in 2006, Capri Collections is one of the top places to buy your new waterproof cork floor.

The company offers a fresh approach to cork flooring products through its combination of high-quality cork with cutting-edge technology.

Capri Collections employs a hybrid green technology to create a rubber cork floor that’s highly resistant to moisture. However, it manufactures the Mediterra 2.0 floor for those who want 100% cork floors.

The Eco-Clicks Cork Floating Floor option is the true definition of a waterproof cork floor from Capri Collections. This floor is created in the following three layers that enhance its water resistance:

  • 3mm (0.12-inch) pre-finished top cork layer.
  • 6mm (0.24-inch) formaldehyde-free HDF board as the middle layer.
  • A 1.5mm (0.06-inch) bottom cork underlayment.

Besides the layering, the floor is pre-finished with five coats of the company’s proprietary TLP+ finish. This finish makes the floor an easy DIY install and highly durable against moisture and humidity.

9. The London Cork Flooring Company

A screenshot of the Cork Flooring website.
Image courtesy of Cork Flooring.

From floating cork floors and glue-down cork tiles to vinyl cork floors, The London Cork Flooring Company has products to cover all needs.

The company is an authorized dealer for Amorim and Expanko, the two leading producers of cork flooring materials worldwide.

The company supplies beautiful and stylish cork floors in classic glue-down tiles and click planks.

Moreover, The London Cork Flooring Company handpicks the best cork products from Portuguese producers to meet the highest quality standards.

The company incorporates an acoustic underlay in its cork floors for more comfortable living. The underlays come in the following types:

  • Rubber (100% recycled).
  • Rubber & Cork mix underlay.
  • Cork only underlay.
  • Rubber & PU foam underlayment.

Final Thoughts

When looking for places to buy your new waterproof cork floor, the companies mentioned above offer the best possible selections.

With their high-quality cork flooring products, you can easily find a waterproof cork floor to fit your style and budget.

Remember to always check out each company’s details before buying to ensure it meets your needs.

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