Where to Find Straw Bale House Plans-Top 4 Companies to Use

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One of the challenges you may encounter when looking to build a straw bale home is getting the house plan prepared.

Plans are essential before embarking on any building project; without them, your project is almost certainly doomed to failure or at least serious cost overruns.

Fortunately, straw bale house plans can be bought online for a reasonable cost, so you don’t need to break the bank by having bespoke plans produced by a specialist firm.

A good set of plans will help you to stay within budget, create the construction schedule and plan your space properly.

A respected company that sells straw bale house plans will have experienced architects who understand the ins and outs of this type of construction. These architects understand the details of straw bale construction to ensure their designs are robust and stand the test of time.

In this article, I’ll discuss the top companies that sell straw bale house plans. I’ll cover the different plans from each company and how much they cost. Let’s dive in.

Straw Bale Resources LLC

A photograph of a straw bale house with orange plastered walls and a green corrugated metal roof. The window frames are red. Much of the house is single story and curves round gently to partly enclose a courtyard with a flower bed next to the house and red sandstone crazy paving. There is a porch in the center of the curve and what looks like a single upper floor room behind and above the porch.
Straw Bale Resources are based in the US and have amazing knowledge of the straw bale building industry. Image courtesy of Straw Bale Resources LLC.

Straw Bale Resources LLC is a U.S.-based company focusing on straw bale construction. Having been in the business since 2004, the company has some of the best architects and designers.

Andrew Morrison, the company’s founder, has a vast knowledge of designing straw bale houses. Besides being a designer, Andrew is a consultant and teacher in the sustainable construction industry.

The company’s unique selling proposition (USP) is the high standards it holds itself to and the fact that each of its plans has been used to build the house it describes. Therefore, much of the thinking and work around the home’s design has already been done.

All of the measurement details and other pertinent information needed during the construction process are included in the plans.

The company delivers its plans to clients as a PDF. A PDF download link is sent to your email address after purchase.

The table below shows the types and styles of straw bale house designs you can buy from this company:

Plan’s NameSizeBedsBathsLevelsCost
Eco family 15001,475 sq ft221$1,045
Rustic Family2,472 sq ft32.51$1,900
Columbia1,732 sq ft222$1,200
Vine hill cottage660 sq ft111$690
Siskiyou cottage899 sq ft11.52$700
Sierra Verde1,200 sq ft211$1,100
Eco family 26003,228 sq ft222$1,645
Santa Cruz2,620 sq ft5+3.52$2,775
Bale Hacienda 24002,437 sq ft221.5$1,545
Bale Retreat 900896 sq ft111$645
Modern Farmhouse1,850 sq ft322$1,838
Bale Courtyard 21002,100 sq ft321$1,495
Cascade Cottage1,008 sq ft211.5$1,100
Mountain view cabin199 sq ft101$199
Wee but ‘n’ Ben480 sq ft111$495
Eco Nest 12001,434 sq ft121.5$945
Sunset cottage201 sq ft101$99
Applegate cottage843 sq ft111.5$499
Natural habitat1,944 sq ft421$1,725
Lost hill farm cottage1,515 sq ft113$1,435
Sun catcher 16001,680 sq ft221.5$1,345
Casa del sol 12001,233 sq ft221$845
Kozy Kasa1,140 sq ft221$745
Chalk hill cabin872 sq ft111$935
Olympic isle1,078 sq ft211$800
Eco family 19001,920 sq ft321$1,245
Mountain escape2,106 sq ft322$2,200
Desert sunset1,256 sq ft211.5$1,200

Table 1: Straw bale house plans at Straw Bale Resources LLC

Architectural House Plans

A screenshot of the Architectural House Plans website. The image shows the page for their Natural Habitat Straw Bale 4 Bedroom, which is a two-story house with a large porch.
The Natural Habitat Straw Bale 4 Bedroom from Architectural House Plans. Image courtesy of Architectural House Plans.

This company comprises experienced architects who design different house plans in California. Architectural House Plans will have something that meets your needs, from commercial to residential house plans.

The company’s straw bale house plans have been used to build houses throughout the United States. Due to this extensive coverage, this company boasts a broad customer base with years of experience.

The designs created by this company incorporate energy-efficient straw bale panels to help customers cut down on their heating and cooling costs.

Moreover, the company has many design shapes, including round straw bale house plans. Therefore, you can rest assured of getting an option that meets your desired shape.

The company’s USP is designing unique field-tested house plans of a high standard that offer excellent savings.

The following are the common straw bale house designs from Architectural House Plans:

Natural Habitat Straw Bale 4 Bedroom

The Natural Habitat Straw Bale 4 Bedroom is a design for a 1,860 square feet (172.80 square meters) straw bale house. The house features three to four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

It also incorporates clerestory windows that allow natural light to flood the interior.

The plan costs $1,895.

Tucson Straw Bale Home

This straw bale house plan covers 2,436 square feet (226.31 square meters). The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The unique feature of this design is that it accommodates a circular outdoor room with a fireplace and a BBQ. Therefore, it’s an ideal plan if you need an outdoor extension to do your Barbecuing activities.

The plan features a steel frame filled with straw bales to ensure durability.

This option will cost you $1,795.

Straw Bale Country Home

The house occupies a total above-ground living area of 2,424 square feet (225.20 square meters).

Since it’s a two-story straw bale house plan, the main level occupies 1,940 square feet (180.23 square meters), while the upper level occupies 484 square feet (44.97 square meters).

The plan accommodates three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

A fully finished house covers the straw bales making it hard to recognize them. It’s also energy efficient and quiet thanks to its thick straw bale walls.

The plan costs $1,895.

Coronado Straw Bale Home

This single-story straw bale house occupies 1,728 square feet (160.54 square meters) above ground. The house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The special feature of this plan is that it was designed around an oak tree. Thus, it features a spatially attractive floor with an excellent solar orientation for efficient heat gain.

A point worth mentioning is that this plan incorporates load-bearing straw bale walls. Since these walls are not permitted in some parts of the U.S., it’s important to seek clarification from your local authorities before buying.

It costs $1,295.

Straw Bale Gatehouse

This plan is for a single-story straw bale house with 1,112 square feet (103.31 square meters). It has one master suite bedroom and one bathroom.

The house is designed with thick straw bale walls for passive solar gain. This is an essential feature in winter or for those in colder climates.

The plan costs $895.

Los Arcos Straw Bale House

It’s a plan for a single-story straw bale house that occupies 1,629 square feet (151.34 square meters). The house features two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Due to its Southwestern feel, this house is designed for excellent solar gain because it receives longer hours of exposure to the sun.

The plan is a post-and-beam infill whereby the straw bales are used to fill the spaces in the post-beam frame.

Viva Homes

A two-story straw bale house with cream-colored walls and dark wooden window frames. The roof is made from light green corrugated metal and has a row of solar panels on it and a roof light. There is a pergola running the entire length of thee building with vies growing on it and a table and chairs underneath. The area underneath the pergola has stone slabs and the grounds of the building are well-vegetated with many beautiful flowers growing and trees in the background.
A three-bedroom, two-story house by Viva Homes. Image courtesy of Viva Homes.

Viva Homes is an award-winning Australian company that deals with natural, green, and high-performing houses.

As a green building company, Viva Homes relies on natural and sustainable building materials to reduce the impact of their houses on the environment.

Moreover, the company seeks to help its client save energy by building energy-efficient houses.

The company’s USP is that it offers fixed timeframes and prices. Clients access these designs by choosing preferred colors and designs.

The following are the main straw bale house plans from this company.

3 Bedroom Straw Bale House Plan

The three-bedroom straw bale house plan has two bedrooms and a study room.

The skillion roof and clerestory windows make it an ideal option for urban settings. This plan incorporates different materials as follows:

  • External walls: Straw bale panels.
  • Internal walls: Solid earth (cobb).
  • Foundation: Slab or piers.  
  • Roof: Colorbond.

1 Bedroom Straw Bale House Plan

The plan incorporates energy-efficient materials like straw bales for external walls and cobb for internal walls.

You can choose between piers and slab for the foundation. The roof is designed with Colorbond steel, a type of corrugated metal roofing that is very durable and inexpensive.

2 Bedroom Straw Bale House Plan

The plan is for a two-bedroomed straw bale house designed to be energy efficient. Besides straw bales, the house is also built with cobb, piers, and slab. It also features a colorbond roof.

The company has standardized prices for its plans and construction ranging between $3,500 and $4,000. It prefers to sell the plan and take charge of the construction process.

Organicforms Design

A straw bale "hobbit house" set in woodland. The walls of the house are dark gray and the window frames are white. The roof is made from dark orange corrugated metal. There is a dormer window above the front door, which is made from dark wood and has tall windows either side of it running from the top to almost the bottom of the door frame. There are monoblock steps leading up to the front door, which are lined with rocks of matching, gray color. There are two chairs and a small table on the area of monoblock paving outside the front door.
The straw bale hobbit house by Organicforms Designs. Image courtesy of Organicforms Design.

You can also find straw bale house plans at the Organicforms Design.

The company specializes in natural building using materials like straw bales, hempcrete, Faswall, and ICF.

Organicforms Designs boasts an experience of more than 20 years in designing and building straw bale homes. Therefore, it has some of the most experienced straw bale house architects and builders.

The company’s USP is providing an extensive catalog of house plans that can be modified to meet different customer needs like particular shapes and sizes. Its house plans range from 200 square feet (18.58 square meters) cabins to more than 2,500 square feet (232.26 square meters) suitable for residential houses.

The table below shows the company’s straw bale house plans:

Plan nameBedsCost ($)
The Columbia21,200
Mountain escape32,200
The cascade cottage21,100
The desert sunset21,200
The Sonoran Mesa2900
The wild horse31,300
The Siskiyou cottage1700
The Olympic isle2800
The Sierra Verde21,100
Rustic family31,900

Table 2: Straw bale house plans at the Organicforms Design

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the top companies where you can find straw bale house plans, you can choose a provider and go ahead and select a plan that meets your needs.

Most of these companies deliver their plans in PDF and CAD formats – a link to download the plan is typically sent to you by email after purchasing.

Once you have your straw bale house plan, the next task is sourcing the right materials. Since it can be challenging to get the right supplier, we have compiled a list of the 8 best places to buy your earthbag building supplies.

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