Best 16 Green Building Material Companies In North Carolina

Screenshots of the websites of four of the best green building material companies in North Carolina. In the center of the image is a green cut-out map of the state of North Carolina.

Images courtesy of Biomason, Rare Earth Builders, Precision Walls, and Greencraft.

Discover the top 16 green building material companies that are revolutionizing the construction industry in North Carolina.

Redefining sustainability and innovation, these companies have prioritized eco-friendly practices and strive to create durable, cost-effective, high-performance materials.

As the demand for environmentally responsible solutions grows, these companies pave the way for a greener future in building and design.

Explore our selection of the best green building material companies in North Carolina and embrace the advantages of sustainable construction in North Carolina.

Best Sustainable Building Material Companies In North Carolina

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Finding the best sustainable building material companies in North Carolina is easy with our list.

The compiled list of the 16 best sustainable building companies in North Carolina are:

  1. Biomason
  2. Rare Earth Builders
  3. Precision Walls
  4. Greencraft
  5. Mountain Construction
  6. MudStrawLove
  7. Plyboo
  8. Munday Hardwoods
  9. Hemp Tech Global
  10. Heirloom Builders
  11. Eco Cork Foam
  12. Home Source Builders
  13. David Price Construction
  14. Spring Green Building
  15. Old Growth Riverwood
  16. Green Fiber

1. Biomason

A screenshot of the Biomason website.
A screenshot of the Biomason website. Image courtesy of Biomason.

Specialty: Bio Cement

First on our list is Biomason, a North Carolina-based company. Biomason revolutionizes traditional cement by utilizing natural microorganisms to cultivate Biocement at normal temperatures.

This cement provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cement. With a focus on the Americas and Europe, they’re pioneering a range of Biocement® products.

Sustainability Efforts

By combining carbon and calcium, Biomason produces Biocement materials that exhibit the same performance as conventional cement and concrete yet are created through biological processes.

They aim to eliminate 25% of carbon emissions from the global concrete industry by 2030. With their innovative approach, Biomason aims to significantly impact sustainability without compromising functionality.

Biocement is a revolutionary product and can soon be the preferred alternative to traditional cement, which is why it is included in our list.

2. Rare Earth Builders

A screenshot of the Rare Earth Builders website.
A screenshot of the Rare Earth Builders website. Image courtesy of Rare Earth Builders.

Specialty: Green Home Building

Rare Earth Builders is a pioneering green construction company in western North Carolina. Their expertise in new construction, remodeling, and consulting is matched by their commitment to creating beautiful, functional, eco-friendly homes that work harmoniously with nature.

Transparency in billing is a top priority for Rare Earth Builders, as they strive to establish trust and mutual respect with their clients. Their focus on eco-friendly and sustainable homes reflects their dedication to creating a better future for all.

Sustainability Efforts

Harnessing renewable energy sources like sunlight, wind, and water, they create sustainable and stunning homes. Rare Earth Builders also incorporate sustainable landscaping, including organic gardens and fruit trees, to enhance the home’s aesthetics and surroundings.

With over two decades of experience, they have worked with various energy-efficient building systems and continually seek innovative technologies.

3. Precision Walls

A screenshot of the Precision Walls website.
A screenshot of the Precision Walls website. Image courtesy of Precision Walls.

Specialty: Wall Systems

Precision Walls is a leading specialty subcontractor that serves commercial clients throughout the southeastern US. Their extensive range of top-quality wall system products ensures a comprehensive scope of work to drive successful projects.

Precision Walls has been recognized as a top 10 wall and ceiling contractor by the Engineering News-Record (ENR) for their exceptional expertise in drywall installation and commitment to excellence.

Sustainability Efforts

Precision Walls is dedicated to green building and offers a variety of environmentally friendly products and solutions, including:

  • Superwall® system, which is an adaptable partition similar to drywall partitions but with the added benefits of sustainability. The system assists in achieving LEED® Certification and includes recyclable H-Studs, aluminum frames, and gypsum panels.
  • Precision Walls’ tile rain-screen wall systems utilize recyclable materials and provide superior insulation, reducing energy consumption.
  • Furthermore, they have aluminum composite panels crafted with recycled content and are entirely recyclable.

These products demonstrate Precision Walls’ dedication to sustainability and contribution to eco-friendly construction practices.

4. Greencraft

A screenshot of the Greencraft website.
A screenshot of the Greencraft website. Image courtesy of Greencraft.

Specialty: Green Home Building

Greencraft is a locally owned building company in Asheville, NC. They specialize in energy-efficient design and environmentally sound building practices.

With an unlimited North Carolina General Contractors License, the company offers:

  1. Design review
  2. Project consultation
  3. Subcontractor selection
  4. Municipal permits and inspections

Greencraft produces high-quality, architecturally distinct homes that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape using their expertise and experience in new construction.

Sustainability Efforts

Greencraft Homes incorporate energy-efficient lighting, equipment, and appliances that help reduce energy bills and environmental impact. These homes prioritize a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, maintaining consistent temperatures and minimizing risks.

Homeowners can expect higher market values due to the resale value of sustainable homes. Greencraft Homes also provide financial tax incentives through state and federal renewable energy and efficiency credits.

The company can also offer performance reports from third-party verifications, including quantifiable metrics such as energy score, cost savings, and pollution prevention.

5. Mountain Construction

A screenshot of the Mountain Construction website.
A screenshot of the Mountain Construction website. Image courtesy of Mountain Construction.

Specialty: Green Home Building

Mountain Construction has extensive experience in site planning and building consultation services. They have a proven track record of delivering diverse projects, including custom homes, remodeling, commercial work, road, bridge building, and power installation.

Their team of experts is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction by offering creative and cost-effective designs. With building licenses in both NC and TN, Mountain Construction brings expertise and enthusiasm to every project they undertake.

Sustainability Efforts

Mountain Construction offers Pre-Construction Consultation for Green Building, a valuable resource for homeowners looking to incorporate sustainable options into their construction.

They provide expertise in eco-friendly options such as

  • LED Lighting
  • Tankless/Solar Water Heating
  • Solar Panels
  • Wind/Micro/Hydro Power
  • Sustainable/Reclaimed Wood
  • Geothermal HVAC
  • Insulated Concrete Form

They focus on achieving the best value for clients’ goals while prioritizing energy-efficient and environmentally responsible homes.

6. MudStrawLove

A screenshot of the MudStrawLove website.
A screenshot of the MudStrawLove website. Image courtesy of MudStrawLove.

Specialty: Straw Bales/ Rammed Earth Construction

MudStrawLove is dedicated to promoting sustainable and natural building practices that prioritize the health and well-being of individuals and the environment.

They offer workshops, design plans, consultations, and construction services, focusing on using locally sourced, renewable materials like mud and straw. Both their founders have been involved in green building for some time now and have merged their companies to form MudStrawLove.

Sustainability Efforts

MudStrawLove specializes in the following:

  • Straw Bales Construction
  • Cob Building
  • Adobe Building
  • Earthbag Building

MudStrawLove specializes in plaster preparation and application, strongly focusing on lime or clay-based coatings. They can also assemble and manage a team tailored to your project’s needs. They are, thus, the perfect partners for your next venture, offering expertise and guidance throughout.

Alternatively, they offer on-site training for existing crews, sharing their knowledge of sustainable construction while actively working on the project.

MudStrawLove’s commitment to sustainability and comprehensive approach to the natural building make them the ideal choice for contractors and individuals seeking eco-friendly construction solutions.

7. Plyboo

A screenshot of the Plyboo website.
A screenshot of the Plyboo website. Image courtesy of Plyboo.

Specialty: Bamboo Building Products

Smith & Fong, established in 1989, recognized the potential of bamboo in addressing global challenges. They initially produced bamboo boxes before expanding their product line to include bamboo flooring and plywood. Relocating to China, they transformed a tea-processing plant into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

In the States, they introduced bamboo flooring under the Plyboo brand and later added bamboo plywood. In 2000, they revolutionized the industry with a unique bamboo strand flooring method, resulting in a denser and harder material.

Sustainability Efforts

Smith & Fong values eco-friendliness and sustainability. Their bamboo products stand out due to their cleanliness, safety, and testing. They’ve also earned FSC® Certified 100% certification for sustainable bamboo forestry and are SCS FloorScore Certified.

8. Munday Hardwoods

A screenshot of the Munday Hardwoods website.
A screenshot of the Munday Hardwoods website. Image courtesy of Munday Hardwoods.

Specialty: Reclaimed Wood Products

Munday Hardwoods is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience in flooring. They offer pre-finished and unfinished hardwood, engineered and hand-scraped hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, ceramic tile, cork, and bamboo. Their stair systems and outdoor decking also come highly recommended.

Munday Hardwoods is committed to customer satisfaction, serving various areas and ships nationally. They offer additional products such as molding, glue, padding, and moisture barrier paper/underlayment to meet their customers’ flooring needs.

Sustainability Efforts

Reclaimed wood flooring adds more than value and appeals to any building project; its responsible sourcing helps maintain the health of our planet’s forests.

Munday Hardwoods also provides reclaimed lumbers & beams that would otherwise be destined for a landfill. By using these materials, customers can reduce their carbon footprint and do their part in helping the environment.

9. Hemp Tech Global

A screenshot of the Hemp Tech Global website.
A screenshot of the Hemp Tech Global website. Image courtesy of Hemp Tech Global.

Specialty: Hempcrete Construction

Hemp Technologies Global is a pioneering company specializing in constructing sustainable and healthy homes using innovative materials like hemp, lime, and magnesium oxide. Their focus on controlling soil gases and incorporating Universal Design concepts ensures their homes are accessible to everyone.

In 2010, they built the first modern hemp home in the US, showcasing their expertise. This 3,400-sq.-ft. home was built at $133 per sq. ft., comparable to conventional rates. The former mayor of Asheville, North Carolina, who had initially bought the house, sold it later for $685,000.

Sustainability Efforts

Using natural materials and eco-friendly building practices, Hemp Technologies Global sets a new standard for sustainable living. Their commitment to creating healthy and accessible homes makes them a leader in the construction industry and a champion for the environment.

With its innovative approach and the use of Hempcrete, Hemp Technologies Global earns a well-deserved spot on our list.

10. Heirloom Builders

A screenshot of the Heirloom Builders website.
A screenshot of the Heirloom Builders website. Image courtesy of Heirloom Builders.

Specialty: Green Home/Straw Bales Construction

Heirloom Builders, located near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is dedicated to leading the green building movement by constructing sustainable custom homes, cabinetry, and furniture using locally sourced hardwood and pine trees.

Sustainability Efforts

With a strong focus on Straw Bales Construction, their website shows multiple such projects in North Carolina. Heirloom Builders works with various materials, including straw bales, hand-cut lumber, and reclaimed wood, to create energy-efficient homes that are cost-effective and sustainable homes.

11. Eco Cork Foam

A screenshot of the Eco Cork Foam website.
A screenshot of the Eco Cork Foam website. Image courtesy of Eco Cork Foam.

Specialty: Eco Flooring/Cork Building Products

Eco Cork Foam is an all-in-one underlayment designed to enhance wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring. Its waterproof construction and 6 mil vapor barrier make it a versatile option for concrete and wood subfloors. This provides superior moisture protection, excellent acoustics, and added warmth and comfort.

Additionally, it conceals minor subfloor imperfections and safeguards floor connections. Professionals and DIY homeowners highly recommend easy to install and highly durable Eco Cork Foam.

Sustainability Efforts

  • ECF (Eco Cork Foam) is an innovative flooring underlayment that provides numerous benefits for various types of flooring installations.
  • ECF’s waterproof nature is paired with antimicrobial protection, effectively inhibiting the growth of microbes. The eco-friendly composition of ECF ensures it is non-toxic and ultra-low in VOCs.
  • ECF is also exceptional in providing insulation and reducing drafts since it boasts an R-value of 0.48. It also offers outstanding acoustic performance, absorbing impact and airborne sounds.
  • With a built-in vapor barrier and a self-sealing tape, ECF is install-ready, saving time and money during installation.

ECF thus provides 360° protection for floors while prioritizing sustainability and performance.

12. Home Source Builders

A screenshot of the Home Source Builders website.
A screenshot of the Home Source Builders website. Image courtesy of Home Source Builders.

Specialty: Green Home Building

For over 15 years, HomeSource Builders has pioneered green building practices in Western North Carolina.

The company tailors their sustainable building options to each client’s needs and preferences. With their expertise and dedication, you can rest assured that your green home will be built with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Sustainability Efforts

Their commitment to reducing their environmental impact is reflected in their range of green construction options. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution or aspire to have a net-zero-certified home, they have you covered.

There are three green categories for clients to choose from:

  • Their basic green category includes air barriers and sealing, advanced framing techniques, and energy-efficient appliances.
  • The moderate green category incorporates additional elements such as high-efficiency air filters and low-VOC paints.
  • For those looking to go all-in, the maximum green category encompasses dual flush toilets, solar panels for electricity generation, and FSC-harvested building materials.

13. David Price Construction

A screenshot of the David Price Construction website.
A screenshot of the David Price Construction website. Image courtesy of David Price Construction.

Specialty: Green Home Building

David Price Construction is a general contracting firm established by David Price. With over ten years of industry experience, the company manages multi-million dollar commercial construction projects, such as retail spaces, offices, golf clubhouses, and apartments.

They have since expanded their services to include home additions, wall removal, and ground-up builds while maintaining their focus on personalized customer service and customized solutions.

The team ensures each customer receives a personal price quote and oversees every construction site personally.

Sustainability Efforts

David Price Construction specializes in green building practices, prioritizing cost savings over the long-term for clients. By incorporating energy-efficient doors, windows, HVAC systems, and lighting, clients can significantly reduce utility expenses, which ultimately pay for themselves over time.

As a certified LEED Accredited Professional, David Price has demonstrated sustainable building materials and practices expertise. His accreditation ensures environmentally friendly design, materials, building methods, and operational practices that are both efficient and effective.

14. Spring Green Building

A screenshot of the Spring Green Building website.
A screenshot of the Spring Green Building website. Image courtesy of Spring Green Building.

Specialty: Green Home Building

Spring Green Building is a reputable construction company based in Boone, NC, specializing in smart, energy-efficient homes. With over a decade of experience, they prioritize their projects’ beauty, conservation, and social consciousness.

Their strong commitment to client communication fosters a sense of ownership and collaboration, resulting in refined and remarkable living spaces.

Sustainability Efforts

Spring Green Building creates cost-effective smart homes that surpass code requirements.

  • They prioritize reducing waste during construction, use green materials and technologies, and offer design ideas for long-term energy conservation.
  • Passive solar tech is incorporated when appropriate to further enhance energy efficiency.
  • Homeowners can choose from various healthy indoor air quality options based on economic, environmental, and societal factors.
  • Spring Green Building offers comprehensive solutions for sustainable homes, from site orientation to renewable materials.

15. Old Growth Riverwood

A screenshot of the Old Growth Riverwood website.
A screenshot of the Old Growth Riverwood website. Image courtesy of Old Growth Riverwood.

Specialty: Reclaimed Wood Products

Old Growth Riverwood specializes in crafting environmentally friendly countertops and furniture made in the U.S.A. They carefully source their materials, utilizing locally harvested wood from the Cape Fear River and reclaimed wood from old barns and buildings.

Sustainability Efforts

The aged wood offers superior quality and maturity to their products. The submerged lumber they recover has low oxygen levels, making it rot-resistant. All logs undergo kiln drying and rigorous grading to meet the company’s high standards.

From log recovery to product construction, installation, and finishing, Old Growth Riverwood is involved in every step of the process to ensure the ultimate quality of its products. The resulting product is sustainable, eco-friendly, and sure to last generations.

16. Green Fiber

A screenshot of the Green Fiber website.
A screenshot of the Green Fiber website. Image courtesy of Green Fiber.

Specialty: Green Insulation Products

Greenfiber recognizes that insulation is a practical requirement and a means to create a peaceful haven in today’s fast-paced world.

With multiple manufacturing plants across North America, they efficiently cater to the needs of homeowners, contractors, and builders. Greenfiber is committed to expanding its manufacturing and distribution capabilities to meet the evolving requirements of its customers.

Sustainability Efforts

Greenfiber cellulose insulation products prioritize improving indoor living spaces while preserving the environment. Their manufacturing process consumes 13 times less energy than fiberglass insulation, reflecting their commitment to sustainable practices.

Additionally, Greenfiber uses post-consumer paper fiber, ensuring the insulation is free from harmful substances like formaldehyde and asbestos. By choosing Greenfiber, individuals can make an environmentally conscious and informed choice for their insulation needs.

Final Takeaway On Green Building Material Companies In North Carolina

North Carolina is home to many excellent green building material companies that prioritize sustainability and environmental conservation.

From smart homebuilding solutions to reclaimed wood products, many options are available for creating a sustainable living space.

Ultimately, these companies help create more energy-efficient homes while preserving the environment. Do your research and select a company that best meets your needs!

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