Best 15 Sustainable Building Material Companies in Maryland

Screenshots of the websites of four of the Best 15 Sustainable Building Material Companies in Maryland. In the center of the image is an outline map of the state of Maryland filled with green.

Images courtesy of Rammed Earth Works, Earth-Bound Building, This Cob House, and John K. Eareckson & Co..

You’ve probably noticed that many construction companies in Maryland are shifting to eco-friendly materials to help reverse the adverse effects of the construction industry on the environment.

As such, if you’re a contractor or homeowner looking to shift to eco-conscious building approaches, the first challenge is getting a reliable material supplier. Therefore, knowing the best sustainable building material companies in Maryland for the best products and services is essential.

Specialism, credentials, communication, and client satisfaction are essential factors to consider when looking for a sustainable construction company. However, putting all these factors together can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the sustainable building industry.

Unfortunately, relying on an inexperienced contractor will result in a poor structure that won’t stand the test of time.

In this article, I’ve rounded up a list of the best 15 sustainable building material companies in Maryland to help you narrow down the search. From rammed earth and cob to straw bales and bamboo, you’ll get a company offering your preferred material. Keep reading!

Rammed Earth Construction Companies in Maryland

Rammed earth is a building material made from sand, gravel, silt, and a small amount of clay mixed with water to form a homogenous mixture. The mixture is then rammed into place between formworks to create walls.

Sometimes, rammed earth is stabilized with a small amount of cement, typically 5 to 10%, for strength and stability. It’s a sustainable building material due to its high thermal mass which helps conserve energy.

Moreover, rammed earth has a low carbon footprint.

The best rammed earth construction companies in Maryland include:

1. Rammed Earth Works

A screenshot of the Rammed Earth Works website.
A screenshot of the Rammed Earth Works website. Image courtesy of Rammed Earth Works.

Rammed Earth Works is one of the best sustainable building material companies in Maryland due to its expertise and international presence. It specializes in rammed earth panels for different construction projects.

Since its inception in 1976, this company has worked on some high-profile projects in the U.S. Its decades of experience in the industry means it has what it takes to create the best rammed earth panels.

Over the years, the company has continually enhanced its systems to serve customers better by manufacturing high-quality products. Consequently, its soil characterization, forming system, mix design, compaction techniques, and delivery methods are the most efficient and accurate.

What sets Rammed Earth Works apart is its continuous value engineering process throughout the concept design and design development stages to identify cost and complexity-reduction opportunities. This fundamental approach helps customers save money while getting timely, quality products.

The company’s standard rammed earth panels are 3 inches (7.62 cm) thick, 5 inches (12.7 cm) high, and 12 inches (30.48 cm) long. However, you can request a customized option based on your project’s specifications.

What’s more, the company produces samples to confirm the quality and specifications of its products before working on the order. Therefore, you’ll be certain that the panels will meet your requirements.

Rammed Earth Works ships its products throughout the U.S.

Cob Building Companies in Maryland

Cob is a natural building material made from clay, sand, water, and straw. These ingredients are mixed in a given proportion to make suitable construction cob.

Cob walls have excellent thermal mass, thanks to their thickness, which ranges from 18 to 24 inches (45.72 to 60.96 cm). The high thermal mass facilitates heat absorption from the sun during the day and releases it at night to maintain a conducive indoor environment without relying on central heating.

The best cob building companies in Maryland include:

2. Earth-Bound Building

A screenshot of the Earth-Bound Building website.
A screenshot of the Earth-Bound Building website. Image courtesy of Earth-Bound Building.

Earth-Bound Building is a worker-owned construction cooperative established in 2014 in Brandywine, Maryland.

The cooperative comprises craftspeople with a common love for land and deep respect for natural resources. Therefore, their main aim is to help build affordable, ecological, and functional homes that exist in harmony with nature to conserve the planet for future generations.

Earth-Bound Building relies on natural and locally-sourced materials like cob to achieve its goals. It incorporates timber framing and traditional joinery into its cob projects to give them a unique touch.

The company is knowledgeable, experienced, and well-equipped to undertake any cob project — small or large.

What makes Earth-Bound Building stand out is its commitment to complete green building. After constructing any natural structure, the company applies clay plasters to make it attractive and durable.

Earth-Bound Building also creates earthen floors that meet its ecological building standards. These floors are made from clay-rich soil, sand, and other local aggregates.

Finally, the company offers workshops where interested people can learn the basics of cob construction and gain hands-on skills.

3. This Cob House

A screenshot of the This Cob House website.
A screenshot of the This Cob House website. Image courtesy of This Cob House.

This Cob House is a consulting firm that targets builders, architects, and engineers looking to build with earth masonry materials. It offers consulting services to those who want to build with materials like cob.

This Cob House works with its clients through the pre-consultation, design, and construction phases of the project.

Alex Sumerall, the company’s founder and lead consultant, is well-versed in earth masonry and has been in the industry since 2011.

In 2013, Alex graduated from the Aprovecho School of Natural Building in Oregon. Therefore, he is professionally trained to handle complex cob projects.

This Cob House designs earth masonry structures like natural plasters, wattle and daub, and earthen floors.

A 30-minute one-on-one consultation with Alex costs $75.

The company also offers workshops for those interested in learning the cob building technique.

Bamboo Building Companies in Maryland

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is stronger than steel, making it a suitable construction material.

Bamboo is one of the best renewable building materials because it proliferates after harvesting. Moreover, unlike trees, bamboo grows faster, thereby reducing the demand for construction timber and, consequently, deforestation.

The best bamboo building companies in Maryland include:

4. John K. Eareckson & Co.

A screenshot of the John K. Eareckson & Co. website.
A screenshot of the John K. Eareckson & Co. website. Image courtesy of John K. Eareckson & Co..

John K. Eareckson & Co. boasts itself as the premier installer and refinisher of hardwood floors across Maryland.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the company focuses on sustainable flooring to help conserve the environment.

Since its inception in 1917, John K. Eareckson & Co. has diligently served its customers in Maryland and Washington.

Throughout its over 95 years of operation, the company has been known for its personalized service, professional approach, and quality flooring products and services.

John K. Eareckson & Co. supplies and installs bamboo hardwood flooring.

The company’s experienced installers craft a personalized approach for each flooring they install. Usually, these installers visit a client’s premises to assess and ascertain the best installation technique for the best results and longevity.

The best part is that the company moisture-acclimatizes the flooring in the building’s environment for 72 hours before installation. This makes the bamboo flooring durable, with minimal expansion and contraction when exposed to temperature and humidity changes.

5. Columbia Tree & Lawn Service

A screenshot of the Columbia Tree & Lawn Service website.
A screenshot of the Columbia Tree & Lawn Service website. Image courtesy of Columbia Tree & Lawn Service.

With over 40 years of experience, Columbia Tree & Lawn Service boasts itself as an experienced bamboo remediation and consulting firm.

The company is professionally licensed as a tree and landscaping expert through Maryland Home Improvement Commission.

It prides itself on excellent customer service and attention to detail. Therefore, it ensures the highest customer satisfaction for all projects.

Located in Simpsonville, Maryland, Columbia Tree & Lawn Service offers bamboo remediation and landscaping services. Its experienced staff know how to handle bamboo without affecting the surrounding landscape or plants.

The company has the latest equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently. Some of its landscaping services include:

  • Vegetation removal
  • Grading
  • Lawn rejuvenation
  • Weeding
  • Grading
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Bush and hedge pruning

6. Ambient

A screenshot of the Ambient website.
A screenshot of the Ambient website. Image courtesy of Ambient.

Ambient is one of the best sustainable building material companies in Maryland due to its vast product inventory.

Located in Jessup, Maryland, Ambient prides itself on being among the first companies to produce strand-woven bamboo flooring.

Strand-woven bamboo flooring has an unrivaled reputation for eco-friendliness, durability, and affordability.

What sets Ambient apart is that it’s among the few firms that send product samples via mail. Therefore, it allows customers to see and feel the flooring before purchasing.

Throughout its operation, Ambient has built a positive reputation as the world’s preferred brand by architects, homeowners, designers, and builders. Its main core principles are:

  • Sustainability
  • Value
  • Excellent customer service

Finally, the company ensures customer satisfaction and peace of mind by offering a lifetime finish and structural integrity warranty.

Earthbag Building Companies in Maryland

Earthbag is a sustainable building technique that entails filling sandbags with soil, sand, or gravel for construction.

The technique involves building walls using layers of earth-filled bags and reinforcing them with barbed wire. The resultant structure is not only economical but also environmentally friendly.

Here are the best Earthbag Building Companies in Maryland:

7. PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc.

A screenshot of the PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. website.
A screenshot of the PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. website. Image courtesy of PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc..

Founded in 1998, PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. is among the companies specializing in green building techniques in the U.S.

Although PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. is headquartered in Klamath Falls, it’s licensed to offer its products and services across the 50 U.S. states. Therefore, you can hire it for your Earthbag project in Maryland.

The company offers high-quality engineering services to residential, industrial, and commercial projects.

The firm’s innovation makes it one of the go-to options for the best services. PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. creates durable and cost-effective solutions for its clients by combining existing and emerging technologies.

The company’s unique approach entails covering its earthbag structures with earthen plasters. This enhances durability by protecting the bags against deterioration due to exposure to the sun’s rays.

Hempcrete Construction Companies in Maryland

Hempcrete is a biocomposite building material made from sand, lime, and hemp hurds. It’s a sustainable building material due to its low environmental impact.

Moreover, hempcrete helps reduce waste generation from construction projects.

The best hempcrete construction companies in Maryland include:

8. Hempire Builds

A screenshot of the Hempire Builds website.
A screenshot of the Hempire Builds website. Image courtesy of Hempire Builds.

Since its inception in 2021, Hempire Builds has maintained its position as one of the best hempcrete construction companies in Maryland.

The company has been serving its Maryland-based customers with the best hempcrete blocks for construction.

The firm’s approach to using hemp is based on the fact that this is a renewable material suitable for cleaner building projects.

Besides hempcrete, Hempire Builds specializes in hemp insulation, an eco-conscious alternative to conventional insulation.

Hemp insulation is made by processing hemp plant fibers into a mat. The mat is installed in walls, floors, and ceilings for insulation.

9. Hempitecture

A screenshot of the Hempitecture website.
A screenshot of the Hempitecture website. Image courtesy of Hempitecture.

Hempitecture is a public benefit corporation dedicated to sustainable construction for a better future. Its mission is to enhance the idea that healthy, sustainable materials are integral to building a better world.

It focuses on biobased building materials, including hempcrete blocks and hemp wool.

The company works with architects, builders, and designers to offer the best solutions for green construction projects.

Hempcrete is the company’s most popular material. It’s made from lime-hemp composite and offers a sustainable alternative to concrete bricks.

The hempcrete bricks are lightweight and durable. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance and are fire-resistant.

The best part is that these blocks incorporate a cast-in-place design for easy installation.

Hempitecture also makes hemp wool insulation. The insulation is designed to offer superior thermal insulation and is made of 90% natural wool. Thus, it’s healthy, safe, and sustainable.

The company’s Mid-Atlantic distribution center is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. This facility distributes Hempitecture’s materials to states like Maryland.

10. Hemp Block USA

A screenshot of the Hemp Block USA website.
A screenshot of the Hemp Block USA website. Image courtesy of Hemp Block USA.

Hemp Block USA boasts itself as the manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly building materials across the U.S.

The company designs its hemp-based blocks for load-bearing benefits and carbon-negative construction.

The firm’s expertise is the reason for its excellence in hempcrete building blocks throughout the 50 U.S. states.

What sets Hemp Block USA apart is that it engineers its hempcrete bricks to be weather-resistant and durable.

The best part is that hempcrete blocks from this company reduce construction time and, therefore, cost by up to 60%. Other benefits include:

  • Indoor temperature regulation
  • Less energy consumption
  • Fire resistance
  • Sound insulation

Besides manufacturing and supplying hempcrete bricks, Hemp Block USA specializes in the following services:

  • Integrated architectural designing.
  • HBU block engineering services.
  • Quotation, logistics, and technical support.

Straw Bale Construction Companies in Maryland

Straw bale building is a sustainable approach that uses bales of rice, rye, wheat, and oat straw to build walls and for insulation.

Straw bales enhance sustainability because the material is natural and readily available. The Nebraska straw bale construction technique is also efficient for load-bearing walls.

The best straw bale construction companies in Maryland include:

11. Down to Earth Design

A screenshot of the Down to Earth Design website.
A screenshot of the Down to Earth Design website. Image courtesy of Down to Earth Design.

Down to Earth Design is among the best sustainable building material companies in Maryland due to its focus on natural building designs.

What sets this company apart is that it designs its structures to comply with U.S. building codes.

Moreover, its designs come with details that ensure durability in all climates, including wet and humid.

Another thing that makes Down to Earth Design a great company to work with is that its straw bale designs come with support tools to make construction easier.

For instance, if you buy a straw bale plan from this company, it comes with U.S.-compliant detailed drawings. These drawings will help you build straw bale structures that comply with the U.S. building codes.

Moreover, you get online access to many tools to help in decision-making.

Down to Earth Design creates designs that are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Natural and healthy
  • Space efficient
  • Low environmental impact

Recycled Steel Building Companies in Maryland

Recycling steel is a sustainable process that helps conserve energy while reducing waste and emissions due to coal, limestone, and iron ore extraction.

The best recycled steel building companies in Maryland include:

12. Champion Buildings, Inc.

A screenshot of the Champion Buildings, Inc. website.
A screenshot of the Champion Buildings, Inc. website. Image courtesy of Champion Buildings, Inc..

Champion Buildings, Inc. is a Wilkesboro-based company specializing in steel and metal prefabricated buildings.

Although the company is based in North Carolina, it supplies its products to many states, including Maryland.

Champion Buildings, Inc. fosters sustainable construction through steel recycling. It recycles any leftover steel for use in other projects.

What sets this company apart is that all its steel buildings are 100% made in the U.S. using commercial-grade steel.

What’s more, the company offers professional concrete and erection services. This is especially important for non-DIY customers.

Earthship Construction Companies in Maryland

Developed in the 20th century by architect Michael Reynolds, earthship is a construction technique that entails building self-sustaining structures. It creates passive solar structures that exist in harmony with nature.

Earthship’s sustainability is based on the fact that the structures rely on renewable energy sources, treat their own sewage, grow their food, and collect their water off the grid.

The best earthship construction companies in Maryland include:

13. Earthship Biotecture

A screenshot of the Earthship Biotecture website.
A screenshot of the Earthship Biotecture website. Image courtesy of Earthship Biotecture.

Founded by architect Michael Reynolds, Earthship Biotecture builds earthships worldwide.

The company stocks diverse earthship designs that fit different climates at different prices.

The Global Earthship is the company’s specialty design that performs well in almost every climate. The design incorporates a double greenhouse layer between the living spaces. It also has convection skylights and underground cooling tubes for sufficient ventilation and air conditioning.

You can access these plans from the company’s online store.

Once you have the plans, you can build the earthship structure yourself or hire the company’s experienced staff.

Hiring Earthsip Biotecture’s building services will cost you between $275 and $375 per square foot for materials and labor.

Alternatively, you can opt for a consultation with Reynolds at $400 per hour.

Wood Plastic Composite Companies in Maryland

Wood plastic composite (WPC) is sustainable because it requires less wood and energy to produce.

The best wood plastic composite companies in Maryland include:

14. Louis J. Grasmick Lumber Company

A screenshot of the Louis J. Grasmick Lumber Company website.
A screenshot of the Louis J. Grasmick Lumber Company website. Image courtesy of Louis J. Grasmick Lumber Company.

Louis J. Grasmick Lumber Company is one of the leading suppliers of industrial lumber on the East Coast.

Located in Baltimore, this is one of the best sustainable building material companies in Maryland due to its undying commitment to high-quality products and services.

The company sources and supplies some of the best WPC decks in the industry.

Louis J. Grasmick Lumber Company supplies composite decking as part of its specialty products due to its ease of installation and durability.

15. Clinton Fences

A screenshot of the Clinton Fences website.
A screenshot of the Clinton Fences website. Image courtesy of Clinton Fences.

Located in Southern Maryland, Clinton Fences specializes in fences and decks.

The company has a comprehensive inventory of decking materials, including composites made to withstand extreme weather.

What sets Clinton Fences apart is that it supplies composite decks made from high-quality recycled plastic and wood fibers. These decks are weather and stain-resistant. Therefore, they don’t warp, splinter, or rot.

Final Thoughts On The Best Sustainable Building Material Companies in Maryland

Now that you know the best sustainable building material companies in Maryland, choose one closer to your location and get the project started.

When choosing a company, consider its pricing and ensure it aligns with your budget for a seamless process.

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