Best 15 Sustainable Building Material Companies in Indiana

Screenshots of the websites of four of the Best 15 Sustainable Building Material Companies in Indiana. In the center of the image is an outline map of the state of Indiana filled with green.

Images courtesy of The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association, Rammed Earth Works, Indiana Bamboo, and BYXS Commercial.

The climate change crisis that unsustainable construction practices contribute to is a sobering reminder that if we don’t act now, the consequences of our negligence will be catastrophic.

As a result, more people in states like Indiana are shifting towards green building to help conserve the environment. However, knowing the best sustainable building material companies in Indiana for the best results is essential.

Although eco-friendly building entails using materials with minimal environmental impacts, most of these materials are still considered alternatives in most U.S. states.

Therefore, it’s imperative to only source the materials from a company that guarantees quality. Moreover, you want to hire an experienced contractor to ensure your abode is structurally sound and meets Indiana’s building code requirements.

In this article, I’ve rounded up a list of the best 15 sustainable building material companies in Indiana. This list will help narrow your search to the companies that guarantee quality and longevity. Let’s dive right in!

Rammed Earth Construction Companies in Indiana

Rammed earth is an eco-friendly material made by mixing aggregates like gravel, silt, sand, clay, and water in appropriate proportions. The mixture is then trampled into a homogenous solution for building walls.

The solution is rammed into place in formworks to create strong and durable walls.

Unlike concrete, rammed earth has a high thermal mass that helps conserve energy. It also has a low carbon footprint.

The best rammed earth construction companies in Indiana include:

1. The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association

A screenshot of the The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association website.
A screenshot of the The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association website. Image courtesy of The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association.

The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association (NAREBA) is among the best rammed earth construction institutions in Indiana. Its mission is to promote the use of rammed earth in construction projects.

As a non-profit organization, NAREBA serves all North American states by ensuring the free flow of information among its members.

The organization aims to empower construction professionals and the general public to conserve the environment by shifting to rammed earth construction.

NAREBA’s unique approach entails establishing a comprehensive and unique research program to facilitate the creation of high-quality rammed earth structures in line with building code standards in each state.

With a resource base of over 150 years’ worth of building information, NAREBA is the go-to facility for Indiana contractors interested in adopting sustainable building practices.

The organization stipulates the highest rammed earth building standards to be adopted by its members. It does this to ensure all structures are fit for human occupation.

NAREBA provides a standards and specifications document to make construction easier. Contractors, builders, and homeowners can refer to this document for the minimum building standards required in Indiana.

2. Rammed Earth Works

A screenshot of the Rammed Earth Works website.
A screenshot of the Rammed Earth Works website. Image courtesy of Rammed Earth Works.

Established in 1976, Rammed Earth Works is one of Indiana’s best sustainable building material companies. It specializes in rammed earth panels for different construction projects.

The company prides itself as the original rammed earth builder in the U.S. It ships its rammed earth panels across the U.S. and worldwide.

Rammed Earth Works’ global reputation in technology refinement, research, information dissemination, and promoting the creation of credible structures makes it one of the go-to companies for rammed earth panels.

With hundreds of years of rammed earth panel construction, Rammed Earth Works guarantees unmatched quality for structurally-sound houses.

It stands out due to its refined mix design, forming system, soil characterization, and efficient deliveries. The company achieved these through years of research, innovation, and customer feedback.

Standard rammed earth panels from this company are 3 inches (7.62 cm) thick, 5 inches (12.7 cm) high, and 12 inches (30.48 cm) long. However, if your requirement dimensions don’t fall within this category, you can request a customized option to match your project’s needs.

The best part is that Rammed Earth Works manufactures samples for a client’s confirmation. Therefore, you only approve shipment if the material meets your needs. Consequently, there is no waste of money on materials you don’t like.

Bamboo Building Companies in Indiana

Bamboo is a green building material because it regenerates after harvesting. Moreover, since it proliferates faster than trees, it helps reduce demand for wood, consequently lowering deforestation.

The best bamboo building companies in Indiana include:

3. Indiana Bamboo

A screenshot of the Indiana Bamboo website.
A screenshot of the Indiana Bamboo website. Image courtesy of Indiana Bamboo.

Based in Corydon in the beautiful Southern Indiana, Indiana Bamboo is one of the best companies you can rely on for your bamboo supplies.

The company specializes in bamboo canes for privacy screening, crafts, ornamental gardening, and construction. It also provides live bamboo plants for privacy screening and landscaping.

Indiana Bamboo boasts many bamboo species suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Since it offers a custom cut-to-size service, it makes it easier for customers to purchase products in their exact dimensions. You don’t have to waste money buying longer bamboo poles that will eventually go to waste.

Remember, bamboo’s prices are based on the species and length. Therefore, keeping the species constant, the longer the pole, the more costly it is.

The best part about Indiana Bamboo is that it provides pickups seven days a week. Therefore, if you need bamboo urgently, you can pick it up from the company’s facility regardless of the day.

Moreover, there is no minimum order — whether you want a single cane or a truckload, the company is willing to serve you.

4. BYXS Commercial

A screenshot of the BYXS Commercial website.
A screenshot of the BYXS Commercial website. Image courtesy of BYXS Commercial.

Established in 2002, BYXS Commercial boasts itself as America’s best themed construction material supplier.

Although the company is headquartered in San Diego, California, it ships its products across the U.S., including Indiana.

The firm prides itself on a wide inventory of bamboo building materials. It maintains this inventory by shipping hundreds of containers from different countries annually.

The vast inventory is the reason BYXS Commercial has a broader clientele. The company attracts a diverse clientele from individual homeowners and contractors to large corporate clients due to its exceptional quality.

The company’s commitment to its customers makes it one of the best in the country. It’s among the few firms that offer additional services like material selections, blueprint take-offs, samples, and specifications free of charge.

BYXS Commercial specializes in different bamboo building products ranging from flooring and fencing to poles and roofing.

What sets this company apart is that it partners with zoos, spas, resorts, restaurants, and other businesses on different projects. Thus, its team is familiar with code compliance for bamboo construction.

BYXS Commercial guarantees its bamboo products are of high quality. Therefore, it doesn’t just sell any type of bamboo materials; it only stocks the best in the market.

Its products guarantee sustainability, eco-friendliness, and an organic appearance.

Thanks to the company’s wide selection of bamboo building materials, you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable option for your project.

Earthbag Building Companies in Indiana

Earthbag is a sustainable building technique that entails filling polypropylene or burlap bags with soil and other inorganic materials. The bags are then placed in layers and packed tightly by tamping to create sturdy walls.

The fact that the material is generated at the building site eliminates carbon emissions due to transportation. It also helps save money.

The best earthbag building companies in Indiana include:

5. PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc.

A screenshot of the PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. website.
A screenshot of the PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. website. Image courtesy of PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc..

Founded in 1998, PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. is one of the best sustainable building material companies in Indiana. It specializes in different green materials, including earthbags.

As an industry leader in sustainable design and engineering, PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. offers a wide selection of green building services based on a client’s stipulations. Its primary services include:

  • Residential structural engineering
  • Commercial building design
  • Sustainable structural design
  • Municipal engineering
  • Civil engineering

The company’s unique approach entails balancing a customer’s needs with the available technology to stay within budget and schedule. Therefore, whether you’re on a tight schedule or a fixed budget, the company can help you find practical solutions that align with your needs.

Since PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. is licensed to offer its services across the 50 U.S. states, you can rely on it for your earthbag construction needs in Indiana.

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. collaborates with local contractors from different states to merge code enforcement for eco-friendly building. This means that all its structures meet building code stipulations in every state.

Earthship Construction Companies in Indiana

Earthships are self-sustaining structures made with upcycled and renewable materials like earth-packed tires. They’re self-sustainable because they address the six main areas that should be dropped from the grid. These areas include:

  • Food production
  • Temperature regulation
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Housing
  • Sewage treatment

The best earthship building companies in Indiana include:

6. Earthship Biotecture

A screenshot of the Earthship Biotecture website.
A screenshot of the Earthship Biotecture website. Image courtesy of Earthship Biotecture.

Earthship Biotecture boasts itself as the best eco-friendly autonomous design-build company worldwide. It’s a global company that builds earthship structures for people.

The company has an online store where you can buy building plans to build on your own or contract its experienced professionals for the job.

If you hire the company’s building services, they’ll charge you approximately $275 to $375 per square foot based on your preferred model.

Alternatively, you can opt for an Earthship building consultation with Michael Reynolds, the company’s founder and developer of the Earthship construction technique. Consultations cost $400 per hour and $200 for 30 minutes.

Earthship Biotecture specializes in a global earthship design that performs well in any climate. This design incorporates a double-glass layer, skylights for ventilation, and underground cooling tubes for natural air conditioning.

Besides this, the company also has an Earthship Academy, where it teaches people how to build autonomous structures.

Straw Bale Construction Companies in Indiana

Straw bale building is a technique that uses bales of straw to build walls and for insulation. The most commonly used straw types are rice, rye, oat, and wheat.

Contrary to popular belief, straw bales are structurally strong, especially when built in the Nebraska style. This style offers excellent load-bearing capabilities, with walls of up to three stories being constructed.

The best straw bales construction companies in Indiana include:

7. Earth Charter Indiana

A screenshot of the Earth Charter Indiana website.
A screenshot of the Earth Charter Indiana website. Image courtesy of Earth Charter Indiana.

Founded in 2001, Earth Charter Indiana is among Indiana’s best sustainable building material companies due to its focus on the 2000’s Earth Charter declaration at the Peace Palace in the Hague, Netherlands. The charter focuses on sustainable, peaceful, and just building worldwide.

The organization offers intergenerational education on building with natural materials like straw bales to combat climate change.

With a mission to advance sustainable, peaceful, and just living in Indiana, Earth Charter Indiana strives to promote social justice and ecological sustainability. Its guiding principles include:

  • Ecological integrity
  • Respect and care for the community
  • Non-violence, democracy, and peace
  • Social and economic justice

8. Arbor Farms Nursery

A screenshot of the Arbor Farms Nursery website.
A screenshot of the Arbor Farms Nursery website. Image courtesy of Arbor Farms Nursery.

Based in Fort Wayne, Arbor Farms Nursery is among the few companies you can rely on for your straw bale needs in Indiana. It boasts an outstanding selection of straw bales for landscaping and other building projects.

With an inventory of over a thousand different bale species, you can rest assured of finding the perfect bale for your project.

Straw bales from Arbor Farms Nursery are unique because the company invests continuously in new, disease-resistant plants for quality straw.

It also stocks bulk and bagged straw for sale.

Arbor Farms Nursery boasts a knowledgeable staff who help customers throughout their material selection journey.

9. Keller Farms Supply

A screenshot of the Keller Farms Supply website.
A screenshot of the Keller Farms Supply website. Image courtesy of Keller Farms Supply.

Keller Farms Supply is a premier producer of high-volume straw and hay for different industries. Although it only has production facilities in Florida and Michigan, it ships its products throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The company produces straw bales in different sizes and shapes for easy shipping. The varying sizes and shapes create a comprehensive inventory to meet customer needs.

It guarantees timely deliveries on schedule.

Certified by the National Hay Association, Keller Farms Supply offers premium hay and straw products at competitive prices.

Its professional staff also provide excellent customer care service. Therefore, you can expect a hassle-free shipping experience and high-quality straw bales.

10. Musselman Landscape Solutions

A screenshot of the Musselman Landscape Solutions website.
A screenshot of the Musselman Landscape Solutions website. Image courtesy of Musselman Landscape Solutions.

Founded in 1989 in Noblesville, Musselman Landscape Solutions is among the best sustainable building materials in Indiana due to its vast product inventory.

This family-owned company supplies straw bales and mulches for landscaping, nursery, construction, and lawncare industries.

Over the years, the company has continuously added top talent to its team, making its products and services more reliable.

The company’s core values of quality, integrity, and excellent services make it a top-quality straw bale supplier in Indiana.

11. Flack Farms Inc.

A screenshot of the Flack Farms Inc. website.
A screenshot of the Flack Farms Inc. website. Image courtesy of Flack Farms Inc..

With over 25 years of experience, Flack Farms Inc. is a full-time hay and straw producer in Indiana.

Based in North Manchester, Indiana, Flack Farms Inc. strives to meet its customers’ needs by stocking only the best quality products.

The company started with small square bales but quickly progressed into large balers to maximize efficiency and meet customer demands.

Flack Farms Inc. can source any straw needs due to its vast expertise in the industry. It also offers fast deliveries for customers in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

The company also ships its products across the U.S.

Recycled Steel Building Companies in Indiana

Recycling steel is a sustainable approach that reduces energy waste and harmful emissions from iron ore extraction to make new steel.

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, recycling steel saves enough energy for over 18 million homes.

Moreover, the use of coal and limestone to make new steel causes air, water, and land pollution.

The best recycled steel building companies in Indiana include:


A screenshot of the STEVENS website.
A screenshot of the STEVENS website. Image courtesy of STEVENS.

With over 75 years of experience, STEVENS is a premier provider of pre-engineered metal buildings. It provides custom-engineered steel buildings to match the needs of every client.

Boasting itself as the sole-source provider of design and build services, the company ensures outstanding engineering, technical, management, and construction services.

STEVENS uses Nucor’s recycled steel for its projects, making it an excellent sustainable building material company.

Nucor is America’s leading supplier of recycled steel. Its steel is up to 90% recyclable, meaning you can safely reuse it for your building projects.

This steel also meets all building code requirements.

The best part is that STEVENS’ pre-engineered steel buildings are highly versatile. Therefore, you can expand them in the future to meet your space requirements.

The company has a supply facility in Hobart, Indiana.

13. Absolute Steel

A screenshot of the Absolute Steel website.
A screenshot of the Absolute Steel website. Image courtesy of Absolute Steel.

Absolute Steel is a famous supplier of steel building kits in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, and South Bend.

The company stands out for its unique steel building kits designed to withstand the Indiana weather. It’s among the few companies in the state whose kits have stood the test of time.

The company prides itself on supplying eco-friendly materials since its steel products are approximately 67% recycled.

Absolute Steel stands out as one of the few companies whose products have warranties. For instance, its galvanized tubular steel frame system has a 20-year warranty. Exterior panels have 20-year, 30-year, and 50-year warranties against fading, chalking, and peeling, respectively.

With more steel building kit styles, Absolute Steel ensures there is a style that meets every client’s needs.

14. Benchmark Fabricated Steel

A screenshot of the Benchmark Fabricated Steel website.
A screenshot of the Benchmark Fabricated Steel website. Image courtesy of Benchmark Fabricated Steel.

Based in Terre Haute, Benchmark Fabricated Steel is among the best sustainable building material companies in Indiana due to its focus on recycled steel specialty products.

The company’s steel building materials contain at least 25% recycled steel.

From simple decorative metal installations to large-scale architectural projects, Benchmark Fabricated Steel has the products and expertise to get everything done.

Its specialty steel products are ideal for hybrid-style structures that require the strength of steel and the look of wood.

The company’s hybrid-style components include:

  • Hollow core planks
  • Structural framing
  • Girder-slab dissymmetric beams
  • Flat plate concrete

15. CDMG

A screenshot of the CDMG website.
A screenshot of the CDMG website. Image courtesy of CDMG.

With over 30 years of experience in the metal building industry, CDMG prides itself as Indiana’s premier supplier of custom metal building components. It specializes in steel building kits in line with a client’s budget.

CDMG boasts experienced staff who design, build, and supply quality pre-engineered metal building kits.

The company strives to be among the most eco-friendly by relying on Nucor’s recycled steel products. Therefore, it’s one of the best options for your sustainable steel construction needs.

Final Thoughts On The Best Sustainable Building Material Companies in Indiana

This list of the best sustainable building material companies in Indiana provides an excellent opportunity to reduce air, water, and land pollution in your next construction project.

From rammed earth and straw bales to earthbags and recycled steel, these companies have the expertise and products to facilitate eco-conscious building. Thus, you can rest assured of sustainable services from any of these firms.

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