Best 15 Sustainable Building Material Companies In Georgia

Screenshots taken from the websites of the best sustainable building companies in Georgia, and an image showing a construction manager with a yellow hard hat and clipboard pointing towards a map of the state of Georgia with green leaves arranged in a circle.

Images courtesy of dasso USA, Champion Buildings Inc., and QRRI.

Sustainable building materials are quickly gaining traction as homeowners become increasingly aware of their role as world citizens.

But too often, people opt for conventional materials as the companies offering these are easier to find. Luckily, I have taken care of this problem for you!

So, if you’re looking for sustainable building materials or services for your next project in Georgia, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a list of the state’s 15 top sustainable building material companies.

These companies have everything you need to make your building project eco-friendly and sustainable, from bricks and wood to steel and green insulation.

Best Sustainable Building Material Companies In Georgia

A photograph of a construction manager holding a clipboard and wearing a smart shirt, trousers, glasses, and a yellow hard hat. He is pointing up and to the right. To his left is an outline map of the state of Georgia with green circularity leaves drawn on.
There are plenty of sustainable building companies to choose from in Georgia, but finding the right one for you can be a challenge.

The compiled list of the 15 best sustainable building companies in Georgia are:

  1. Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture
  2. dasso USA
  3. Champion Buildings Inc.
  4. QRRI
  5. Natural Wool Insulation
  6. Bates Precast Concrete
  7. Whitmire Homes
  8. Mountain View Home Builders
  9. Patrick Construction Inc.
  10. GCP
  11. Georgia-Pacific
  12. Georgia Hempcrete
  13. Brightwater Homes
  14. ARTFX Woodworks
  15. Atlanta Specialty Woods

1. Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture

A screenshot of the Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture website.
A screenshot of the Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture website. Image courtesy of Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture.

Specialty: Adobe/Rammed Earth Construction

The first company on our list is Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture. It is a leading Adobe building company specializing in ecologically self-sustainable homes.

Their innovative approach goes beyond LEED standards, utilizing locally sourced materials and earth-sheltering techniques to create stylish, high-quality structures.

Sustainability Efforts

Georgia Adobe homes are designed to be off-grid and can capture solar power and collect and filter rainwater. These homes are energy-efficient and cost-effective, potentially reducing regular construction expenses by 75%.

Additionally, they offer services for off-grid equipment and fuel systems, making them a comprehensive solution for sustainable living.

2. dasso USA

A screenshot of the dasso USA website.
A screenshot of the dasso USA website. Image courtesy of dasso USA.

Specialty: Bamboo Building Products

Next on the list is dasso USA, based in Georgia. This company is part of the much larger China-based dasso Group.

dasso Group specializes in creating and producing innovative products made from Bamboo. They have 10 manufacturing facilities and 2,700 acres of Bamboo forest in China.

Top product categories include flooring, decking, siding, and furnishings. They have a Design and R&D center too, which holds numerous patents.

Sustainability Efforts

Bamboo, by nature, is a sustainable product, but harvesting it properly is key. dasso only harvests the Bamboo when it is at its peak hardness to get the highest quality.

During their production process, they follow strict environmental and health standards. The end result is products like Traditional, Strand Woven, and Ecosoild Bamboo that have different applications.

Dasso’s manufacturing facilities also have the Chain of Custody certification, which means their products are 100% FSC certified. These efforts show dasso’s commitment to creating eco-friendly bamboo building products.

3. Champion Buildings Inc.

A screenshot of the Champion Buildings Inc. website.
A screenshot of the Champion Buildings Inc. website. Image courtesy of Champion Buildings Inc..

Specialty: Steel Building Products

Champion Buildings is a well-established company serving in multiple states in the US since 1999. They specialize in providing low-cost, high-quality buildings made using commercial-grade steel.

Their buildings feature prefabricated steel beams, high-strength bolts, and optional seam roofs. The company also provides a variety of metal building accessories and a wide range of colors for walls, roofs, and trims.

Champion Buildings have a customer-centric approach and avoid gimmicky claims, which has resulted in a strong base of repeat buyers and referrals.

Sustainability Efforts

Champion Buildings is actively focused on recycled steel building. Their pre-built structures are built using recycled steel, and any excess material is recycled to reduce waste.

Such buildings have several benefits:

  • They are sturdy.
  • Require little upkeep.
  • They can be customized according to specified needs.

Thus, Champion Buildings stands out from other construction firms due to their dedication to sustainability and eco-friendliness.


A screenshot of the QRRI website.
A screenshot of the QRRI website. Image courtesy of QRRI.

Specialty: Recycled Rubber Products

Established in 1987, QRRI is a Georgia-based business. Over the years, QRRI has become a top manufacturer and distributor of rubber products for different industries.

The company utilizes recycled rubber and provides end-to-end product development, manufacturing, and marketing solutions. Their products are utilized in various sectors like equine, agriculture, retail, home, and transportation.

Sustainability Efforts

QRRI uses recycled rubber for all its products, thus establishing its identity as a responsible company promoting sustainability.

Most of these products provide flooring solutions to their customers. The company recycles over 4 million car and truck tires annually to get the rubber for manufacturing.

One example of their products is their Interlocking flooring mats and pavers made with recycled rubber. The resulting product is non-toxic and can be used for flooring in residential and commercial settings.

5. Natural Wool Insulation

A screenshot of the Natural Wool Insulation website.
A screenshot of the Natural Wool Insulation website. Image courtesy of Natural Wool Insulation.

Specialty: Sheeps Wool Insulation

If you’re looking for a natural insulation company for your project, this should be the only option in Georgia. Wool Life insulation products, part of the parent company Natural Wool Insulation, offers natural options to keep your building green.

Wool Life’s insulation is completely eco-friendly and does not involve using harmful chemicals. This makes them the only 100% green insulation option available in the state.

Sustainability Efforts

What’s unique about these products is that they achieve flame resistance and self-extinguishing properties without using harmful chemicals found in other insulation products.

Wool Life uses a unique manufacturing technique to interlock sheep and lamb’s wool fibers. This process produces many small air pockets that trap air for insulation.

  • This innate characteristic of wool protects sheep from harsh weather conditions and can also regulate temperatures in homes and buildings.
  • This insulation helps keep your home warm and purifies the air by removing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde.
  • That’s not all; in case of a fire, it also reduces toxicity levels and enhances safety.
  • Finally, it has one of the lowest carbon footprints, making it an attractive eco-friendly choice for homeowners.

6. Bates Precast Concrete

A screenshot of the Bates Precast Concrete website.
A screenshot of the Bates Precast Concrete website. Image courtesy of Bates Precast Concrete.

Specialty: Precast Concrete Construction Products

Bates Precast Concrete Inc. has a huge 6.4-acre facility, including a 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing area. They also have the necessary tools for material hauling and customized concrete mixes.

In the business for over 30 years now, they attract clients by offering super competitive prices. They also have a skilled team focused on offering valuable project insights.

Sustainability Efforts

The National Precast Concrete Association recognized the company as the 1st Place winner during the 2019 Sustainability Awards. Bates was awarded this honor due to its effective recycling practices to minimize waste.

Bates uses a sustainable approach by recycling their mixer truck washout water. They also sell the washout to contractors for driveway fill, repurpose test cylinders, and use damaged concrete for fill.

The company also recycles tires, cardboard, and wooden pallets, thus making their yard safer and reducing the costs of water, electricity, and waste removal. Bates has also gone an impressive 1,000 days without a recordable incident, demonstrating their dedication to safety.

7. Whitmire Homes

A screenshot of the Whitmire Homes website.
A screenshot of the Whitmire Homes website. Image courtesy of Whitmire Homes.

Specialty: Green Home Building

Let’s not forget green builders that believe in sustainable practices. One of these is Whitmire Homes, with more than 40 years of experience creating custom-designed homes.

Whitmire has a team of professionals to help them deliver on the plans approved by the customers. They are also known for their exceptional interior styling, which has earned them numerous awards.

Sustainability Efforts

They use several eco-friendly materials to help them deliver an eco-friendly house. Products such as radiant barrier sheathing and engineered wood help them toward that goal. The company also uses reclaimed lumber, hardwood, doors, masonry, quartz countertops, and low-flow plumbing.

They use geothermal heating, cooling systems, solar panels, and other sustainable systems to take care of energy efficiency. Combining all these elements, Whitmire creates custom-built green homes that save money while providing a beautiful living space.

8. Mountain View Home Builders

A screenshot of the Mountain View Home Builders website.
A screenshot of the Mountain View Home Builders website. Image courtesy of Mountain View Home Builders.

Specialty: Green Home Building

Mountain View Home Builders is a Georgia-based company focusing on green home building. For the past 28 years, they have created energy-efficient homes with superior quality and workmanship.

They are also certified as an ENERGY STAR and EarthCraft House builder, highlighting their commitment to sustainability. They work with clients to create sustainable structures that are in line with the budget provided. They are thus one of the go-to options for building sustainable homes on a budget.

Sustainability Efforts

The company implements practices like air sealing and insulation to make their sustainable structures perform efficiently. During these practices, they try to conform to the Georgia Energy Code and Energy Star guidelines. This helps them achieve up to 50% energy savings during construction.

Additionally, Mountain View also uses zero-VOC paints and construction practices that are aimed at enhancing the overall indoor air quality.

9. Patrick Construction Inc.

A screenshot of the Patrick Construction Inc. website.
A screenshot of the Patrick Construction Inc. website. Image courtesy of Patrick Construction Inc..

Specialty: Green Home Building

Patrick Construction Inc. is another top company in Georgia that designs sustainable homes. Their process involves extensive research at the start of the project. This research answers the question as to which products, methods, and materials can be brought in at reasonable prices.

Their team of skilled professionals has consistently provided high-quality craftsmanship to their clients. Patrick Construction has also ensured its workforce is constantly updated with new technological developments.

Sustainability Efforts

The company’s true goal is to reduce the environmental impact of construction by using energy-efficient practices.

Some of their choices of sustainable elements are:

  • Solar electricity
  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Energy-efficient doors and windows
  • Low/no VOC materials
  • Passive Solar Design

Through their focus on green building, they aim to assist clients in saving money, minimizing eco-impact, and growing property value.

10. GCP

A screenshot of the GCP website.
A screenshot of the GCP website. Image courtesy of GCP.

Specialty: Construction Products

GCP Applied Technologies have made a name for themselves by providing specialized construction chemicals and building materials worldwide. They are well-known for their innovative solutions that have helped construct many iconic structures.

GCP aims to continuously improve its products, benefiting its end-users and the environment. Today, it is the go-to choice for global architects, builders, and cement producers.

Sustainability Efforts

A lot goes into concrete which makes it harmful to the environment. This is where GCP comes in. They have created chemicals specifically designed to make the concrete industry more eco-friendly. They provide grinding aids and quality improvers that make cement production more efficient, thus lowering CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, they manufacture water reducers that help evenly distribute cement particles within the concrete mix. This resulted in more effective usage and reduced the amount of water required.

This overall action helps to decrease the carbon footprint in the concrete industry while retaining the strength needed for construction projects.

11. Georgia-Pacific

A screenshot of the Georgia-Pacific website.
A screenshot of the Georgia-Pacific website. Image courtesy of Georgia-Pacific.

Specialty: General Building Products

Georgia-Pacific is involved in the manufacturing and marketing a wide range of products. These products include packaging products and household items in addition to building materials.

With a history of nearly 100 years, the company has over 150 facilities and employs around 30,000 people.

Sustainability Efforts

They are mainly known as a company that specializes in forest products. This is why they are dedicated to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. GP works alongside suppliers and NGOs to safeguard forests and water sources while restoring wildlife habitats to achieve this goal.

Over the years, their use of non-renewable resources (fossil fuels, chemicals, gypsum rock) has decreased, with an increase in their manufacturing efficiency.

They create products that minimize environmental impact by carefully selecting appropriate materials and supporting recycling and composting.

12. Georgia Hempcrete

A screenshot of the Georgia Hempcrete website.
A screenshot of the Georgia Hempcrete website. Image courtesy of Georgia Hempcrete.

Specialty: Hempcrete Construction Materials

Georgia Hempcrete is a part of US Hemp Hurd, a world-renowned supplier of high-quality hemp hurd. Georgia Hempcrete provides large quantities of builder-grade hemp hurd for construction.

They offer a dependable supply chain and ensure a consistent hemp hurd, fiber, and grain source. To cater to the growing demand, they cultivate vast acres of hemp for local markets.

Sustainability Efforts

  • Hempcrete is a sustainable building material with exceptional thermal mass and inertia.
  • This helps regulate moisture levels and isolate carbon dioxide resulting in a negative CO2 footprint.
  • These homes are allergy-free and resistant to dry rot, termites, pest, fire, mold, and mildew.
  • Furthermore, hempcrete homes promote a healthier living environment by eliminating sick building syndrome and off-gassing from materials.

Hempcrete is thus a future-proof solution that is better than wood in terms of strength and durability and can last hundreds of years.

13. Brightwater Homes

A screenshot of the Brightwater Homes website.
A screenshot of the Brightwater Homes website. Image courtesy of Brightwater Homes.

Specialty: Green Home Building

A Homebuilding and design firm based in Georgia, Brightware Homes offers luxury custom homes in distinctive neighborhood settings.

Most of their projects range between $500,000 – $2 Million. The approach taken for these projects is holistic, with immense detail for design and architecture. Their team has also won several awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Sustainability Efforts

The first and most important step taken by Brightwater is to ensure that construction waste is recycled. They achieve this by creating custom-designed floorplans and recycling over 80% of waste generated during construction.

They also work closely with the Georgia Native Plant Society to prioritize plant rescues and incorporate natural water and drainage features in their buildings.

Their commitment to sustainability can also be seen in their product selection. They use wood substitutes, engineered wood framing products, and sustainably- harvested lumber for their projects.

Thus, Brightwater balances luxury with sustainability to produce long-lasting homes by actively reducing waste and incorporating sustainable products.

14. ARTFX Woodworks

A screenshot of the ARTFX Woodworks website.
A screenshot of the ARTFX Woodworks website. Image courtesy of ARTFX Woodworks.

Specialty: Reclaimed Wood Products

ARTFX Woodworks sells reclaimed materials, including wood, lumber, and building supplies. They also specialize in turning reclaimed materials into unique art pieces for homes and cabins.

ARTFX ships its products nationwide and can provide custom-built pieces based on the client’s demands.

Sustainability Efforts

The company sources sustainable materials from 100-year-old structures and offers them to clients ranging from interior design firms to homeowners looking to build homes.

They offer a range of rare and hard-to-find architectural and building supplies, making them the go-to choice for such materials. They also take care when dismantling structures so that most of the wood can be reused and not thrown away.

15. Atlanta Specialty Woods

A screenshot of the Atlanta Specialty Woods website.
A screenshot of the Atlanta Specialty Woods website. Image courtesy of Atlanta Specialty Woods.

Specialty: Reclaimed Wood Products

A comparatively new company, Atlanta Specialty Woods was established in 2009 on a small scale. Through the years, they have offered the best-reclaimed wood supplies to their clients, which has helped them exceed the million-dollar mark in annual sales.

Sustainability Efforts

The issue with most reclaimed wood manufacturers is the number of products offered. Clients don’t want to go through the hassle of searching for the right raw materials for their project because most projects need several different products that fit in different applications, making the search rather time consuming.

This is where Atlanta Specialty Woods excels by offering products like beams, doors, shelves, slabs, barnwood, furnishings, and more. All these products are sourced from very old structures in a manner that ensures that the wood extracted is not wasted.

Final Takeaway

With all these sustainable building material companies in Georgia, builders and homeowners can find the desired solution for their projects.

Whether you’re a believer in hempcrete or reclaimed wood, there are plenty of options on this list to choose from.

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