The Best 15 Recycled Steel Companies Out There (And Where)

Screenshots of the websites or photographs of the premises of four recycled steel companies. In the lower center of the image is a textured steel plate with green recycling arrows. Across the top are the words "The Best 15 Recycled Steel Companies Out There (And Where)" written in black on a partially transparent steel-colored background.

Images courtesy of Yle, GLE SCRAP METAL, S&P Global, and Canada Iron and Metal Company, Canada on Facebook.

Recycled steel is a helpful step in the right direction in a world where unsustainable construction practices are responsible for up to 34 percent of carbon dioxide emissions.

This material helps the construction industry meet the demand for strong, durable structures while also addressing sustainability concerns from eco-conscious clients by facilitating more sustainable construction.

It uses much less energy in its production than virgin steel and avoids having to mine iron ore and coal, which often causes habitat loss and pollution.

This explains why many recycled steel companies are prospering as more and more people start building with this material.

It’s worth noting that quality control during the recycling process is crucial to recycled steel’s quality. Although recycled steel retains its strength and durability, sorting and separation enhance its quality by eradicating impurities and reducing the process adjustments required to meet the composition specified by the customer. Sourcing recycled steel from an established company with robust processes in place helps to guarantee quality.

In this article, I’ll discuss the 15 best recycled steel companies to help you understand what makes each company unique before approaching any of them to order your steel. Let’s get started!

1. Outokumpu in Finland

A photograph of the premises of Outokumpu in Finland.
A photograph of the premises of Outokumpu in Finland. Image courtesy of Yle.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Outokumpu is one of the best recycled steel companies.

It prides itself as a global leader in stainless steel with a focus on eco-consciousness.

The company focuses on fostering innovation through sustainable stainless steel products.

Since its inception, Outokumpu has centered its operation around the circular economy — reducing, reusing, and recycling. It achieves this by manufacturing sustainable stainless steel from steel scrap.

This company’s stainless steel contains over 90% recycled content, making it a leader in promoting a circular economy and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

By using more recycled content in its products, Outokumpu makes a significant contribution toward conserving energy and natural resources that would otherwise go into producing virgin steel.

Moreover, Outokumpu boasts the lowest carbon footprint in the industry — up to 70 percent lower than most companies. It achieves this milestone in the following ways:

  • Using more recycled content: The company lowers its carbon emissions by using over 90% recycled materials in its processes. Relying on recycled steel scrap as a raw material instead of virgin materials like iron ore and coal minimizes carbon emissions due to the use of raw materials.
  • The latest technology: Outokumpu has a chromium mine and ferrochrome production facilities equipped with modern technologies that reduce carbon emissions.
  • A new revolutionary product line: The company’s Emission-minimized Stainless Steel “Circle Green ®” has the lowest carbon footprint in the stainless steel sector.

2. Great Lakes Electronics Corp. (GLE Scrap), USA

A screenshot of the Great Lakes Electronics Corp. (GLE Scrap), USA website.
A screenshot of the Great Lakes Electronics Corp. (GLE Scrap), USA website. Image courtesy of GLE SCRAP METAL.

Located in Michigan and Florida, Great Lakes Electronics Corp. has a proven track record in steel recycling.

GLE Scrap is a premier electronics and scrap metal recycler. It focuses on environmentally-friendly recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals like steel.

The company handles every process to guarantee quality. From purchasing scrap metals to processing and reintegration, GLE Scrap leaves no stone unturned.

As a family-owned and operated firm, GLE Scrap bases its operations on landfill conservation. Therefore, it maintains a zero landfill policy for all scrap metals it receives to preserve natural resources and minimize CO2 emissions.

Since its inception in 2000, the company has consistently provided quality steel scrap recycling services. GLE Scrap is a full-service, all-in-one recycling firm with facilities across the U.S.

The company prides itself on excellent staff who guarantee honest and upfront service. The staff includes a top-notch logistics team that ensures efficient and timely deliveries.

Finally, you can rest assured of excellent customer service from this company because it treats its customers with the utmost respect.

Its main services include:

  • Ferrous processing
  • Non-ferrous processing
  • Brokerage and trading
  • Electronics recycling
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Copper processing

3. United States Steel, USA

A photograph of the premises of United States Steel, USA.
A photograph of the premises of United States Steel, USA. Image courtesy of S&P Global.

United States Steel focuses on sustainable building materials to conserve natural resources.

With its growing mini mill capacity, it’s been able to expand the production of sustainable steel, removing waste from landfills and conserving natural resources like iron ore, coal, and limestone.

Founded in 1901, United States Steel boasts a team of experienced employees who understand what goes into steel recycling. With decades of experience, the team guarantees the production of high-quality recycled steel to meet the different needs of the construction industry.

What sets this company apart is its continuous investment in modern technologies to enhance its efficiency and production capacity.

It invests in mini mill and integrated steelmaking technologies to manufacture recycled steel products that help customers meet their needs while minimizing carbon emissions.

This company is a greener steel provider with sustainability and excellent customer service at the heart of its mission.

It incorporates an innovative approach to producing high-quality recycled steel products that guarantee customer satisfaction. The approach entails:

  • Process technology: It has an experienced team that leverages its technological-based know-how to create the most effective and environmentally friendly steel products. The team leverages computation modeling, failure analysis, and technical assistance to produce the best recycled steel.
  • Product technology: The plant has experienced engineers and other professionals who use advanced, highly sophisticated testing, modeling, and failure assessment equipment to develop the best products.

4. Canada Iron and Metal Company, Canada

A photograph of the premises of Canada Iron and Metal Company, Canada.
A photograph of the premises of Canada Iron and Metal Company, Canada. Image courtesy of Canada Iron and Metal Company, Canada on Facebook.

Based in Toronto, Canada Iron and Metal Company is one of the best recycled steel companies.

It was founded in 1937 and specializes in recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It also accepts scrap cars and e-waste materials.

Since its inception, Canada Iron and Metal Company has remained steadfast in its quest for environmental stewardship, safety, amazing customer relations, and integrity. These values have made it the go-to firm for recycled steel in Canada.

It’s a fully-integrated scrap metal recycling plant that serves customers in Brampton, Mississauga, and Etobicoke for over 40 years.

Canada Iron and Metal Company focuses on metal recycling to:

  • Promote sustainability and resource conservation for future generations.
  • Maximize its prices for scrap metals to ensure customers can profit from the recycling process.

It buys and recycles the following:

  • Ferrous metals: Cast iron, steel, stoves, stainless steel, appliances, microwaves, and rotors.
  • Non-ferrous metals: Aluminum, copper, brass, transformers, batteries, cables, catalytic converters, molybdenum, tungsten carbide, and nickel.
  • Electronic waste: DVDs, VCRs, computers, printed circuit boards, keyboards, and televisions.

5. Radius Recycling, USA

A photograph of the premises of Radius Recycling, USA.
A photograph of the premises of Radius Recycling, USA. Image courtesy of GIE Media, Inc.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Radius Recycling focuses on the circular economy.

Having been in the recycling business for over a century, Radius Recycling has developed efficient systems to collect, sort, process, and deliver high-quality metals to its customers.

The company boasts 100 operating locations worldwide and over 50 recycling facilities to serve its customers better.

Radius Recycling is one of North America’s largest metal recyclers. It has 7 shredding operations and 54 metal recycling facilities, making it possible to produce recycled steel in large quantities.

It collects, sorts, and recycles ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The company’s core values are essential in defining its work culture. These values include:

  • Safety: It keeps its employees and customers safe through shared accountability and constant vigilance.
  • Sustainability: Working to reduce waste generation while conserving natural resources like water, coal, and iron ore. It achieves this by balancing the needs of humans, the planet, and profit.
  • Integrity: The company holds itself to the highest standards of ethical behavior.

6. Malahat Metal Recycling, Canada

A screenshot of the Malahat Metal Recycling, Canada website.
A screenshot of the Malahat Metal Recycling, Canada website. Image courtesy of  Malahat Metal Recycling, Canada and AMP+.

Located in Malahat, Malahat Metal Recycling focuses on eco-friendly recycling processes.

The company recycles ferrous and non-ferrous metals to foster environmental sustainability.

It’s one of the best recycled steel companies because it incorporates an efficient recycling process to guarantee top-notch quality.

From metal scrap collection, sorting, and separation to melting, Malahat Metal Recycling ensures everything meets the required standards. Therefore, you can rest assured the company supplies quality recycled steel for green building projects.

Malahat Metal Recycling accepts the following types of metal scrap:

  • Ferrous: Cars and trucks, cast iron, mixed steel, mattress springs, steel cables and borings, wrought iron, municipal scrap, oversized steel, rebar, and plates.
  • Non-ferrous: Batteries, brass, lead, aluminum, stainless steel, catalytic converters, and batteries.

Its main services include:

  • Roll-off bin services
  • Scrap car and truck removal
  • Demolition and clean-up services
  • On-site purchasing
  • Asset destruction and removal

7. Highett Metal, Australia

A screenshot of the Highett Metal, Australia website.
A screenshot of the Highett Metal, Australia website. Image courtesy of Highett Metal, Australia.

With over 50 years of experience, Highett Metal guarantees high-quality recycled steel that stands the test of time.

As a family-owned and operated business, Highett Metal prioritizes customer satisfaction to build long-term relationships. It prides itself on offering same-day services for scrap and new metal products.

As a member of the Australian Metal Recycling Industries Association (AMRIA), this company recycles metals with strict adherence to the set guidelines. This is the backbone of its service offering for quality recycled steel.

The best part is that the plant supplies free bins and pick-ups for industrial products. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about transporting awkward metal scrap.

Highett Metal buys and recycles all forms of stainless steel scrap. From kitchen sinks to dairy equipment, you can sell your stainless steel products to this company for recycling into other steel products.

What sets this company apart from the competition is its openness. It has a public weighbridge facility in Melbourne where customers can weigh their scrap to know how much money to expect in return. The weighbridge has a capacity of 80 tons (160,000 lb).

Highett Metal services the following areas:

  • Melbourne
  • Beaumaris
  • Carrum Downs
  • Braeside
  • Clayton South
  • Heatherton
  • Rowville
  • Dandenong
  • Springvale

8. King Scrap Metals, Australia

A photograph of one of King Scrap Metals' trucks with a hydraulic tipping mechanism in Australia.
Image courtesy of King Scrap Metals, Australia.

Since its establishment in 2015, King Scrap Metals has remained committed to delivering certified metal recycling services to its customers in Australia.

Located in Malaga, Western Australia, King Scrap Metals is a customer-focused company that provides friendly and personable services to address the diverse needs of domestic and commercial clients.

It’s an experienced recycler specializing in superalloys, ferrous, and non-ferrous scrap metals.

King Scrap Metals is among Australia’s few recycled steel companies that are PAS 99: 2012-certified.

Before getting certified, the company underwent rigorous evaluation processes, including quality and environmental management, system development, occupational health and safety, internal audits, and documentation review.

Therefore, the PAS 99: 2012 certification evidences its commitment to sustainability policies and quality recycled metals.

Its main services include the following:

  • Industrial metal recycling: It can handle everything from small worksites to major mining and demolitions.
  • Scrap metal bin delivery services: It has a fleet of trucks that offers fast and efficient bin services.
  • Material analysis: The company uses high-tech equipment to analyze the structural composition of metal scrap before recycling. This ensures the final product is high quality and adheres to industry standards.
  • Waste management: Waste disposal services like roller and skip bins.

9. InfraBuild, Australia

A screenshot of the InfraBuild, Australia website.
Image courtesy of InfraBuild, Australia.

InfraBuild is Australia’s only vertically-integrated steel manufacturing company. It specializes in recycling steel scrap metal, downstream distribution, and manufacturing.

Besides Australia, the firm owns and operates recycling facilities in the U.S., China, and Poland.

Moreover, it has global scrap metal traders supplying its products in South Africa, India, the Netherlands, the UK, and Spain.

The company’s integrated domestic supply chain has 26 scrap metal recycling sites and 4 shredders in Australia.

The supply chain contributes over 1.4 million tons of steel scrap to the company’s manufacturing processes annually and it’s one of the companies that produce steel with the highest recycled content.

Its metal recycling services encompass a broad range of scrap generators. They include local government, householders, mining, industries, demolition, waste companies, and automotive recyclers.

InfraBuild’s certification by Good Environmental Choices Australia (GECA) evidences its commitment to sustainability.

It was certified after adhering to the commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and manufacturing sustainable steel. Its electric arc furnaces are highly efficient, playing a significant role in reducing carbon emissions.

Consequently, you can rely on it for recycled steel that meets eco-friendly material standards.

The plant’s wide range of recycled steel products includes:

  • Reinforcing bars and mesh
  • Structural steel
  • Merchant bars
  • Tubular
  • Prefabrications

10. Liberty Steel, UK

A photograph of the premises of Liberty Steel, UK.
Image courtesy of Liberty Steel, UK..

Located in London, Liberty Steel has special GREENSTEEL strategies to make steel manufacturing as eco-friendly as possible.

The company’s unique approach is recycling and upcycling enormous amounts of steel scrap using electric arc furnaces powered by green, renewable energy.

It reduces waste generation by retaining high-grade alloys and engineered steel for downstream operations. It uses these components to manufacture steel for demanding sectors like automotive, marine, aerospace, defense, and agriculture.

The GREENSTEEL initiative by Liberty Steel provides a flexible and customer-focused solution in an eco-friendly way. It achieves this in the following ways:

  • Reducing its manufacturing carbon footprint.
  • Shortening the supply chain.
  • Stimulating new technologies.
  • Retaining and upgrading skills.
  • Engendering a sustainable manufacturing sector.

Its recycled steel products include the following:

  • Bars
  • Pipes
  • Plates
  • Strips
  • Powder metals

11. LCM Scrap Company, UK

A photograph of the premises of LCM Scrap Company, UK. The image shows a process line where scrap metal is handled.
Image courtesy of LCM Scrap Company, the U.K..

Based in London, LCM Scrap Company specializes in recycling and trading ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The company services a wide customer base, including blue-chip PLCs.

LCM Scrap Company’s unique process to ensure top-quality recycled products include:

  • Hand-sorting scrap based on its type and grade.
  • Weighing metal scrap electronically.
  • Palleting and pressing the scrap.

The company has an efficient logistics system that guarantees a 24-hour turnaround. Its fleet of different-sized vehicles provides efficient product deliveries and pick-up of scrap metals.

The best part is that the company can leave customers with skips at no rental fee.

12. Trans Metal, UK

A screenshot of the Trans Metal, UK website.
Image courtesy of Trans Metal, UK..

Based in London, Trans Metal is one of the best recycled steel companies you can rely on due to its exceptional quality. It also guarantees excellent customer service.

Since its establishment in 2008, the firm has remained committed to providing high-quality products and services. Its mission is to ensure no steel is discarded or sent to landfill.

In terms of customer service, Trans Metal listens to every customer to find tailor-made solutions to address their problems.

The company’s flexible weekly collections and electronic weighing make it unique, and you can have them collect your steel scrap for recycling based on your schedule. Electronic weighing guarantees accurate weights for accurate payments.

It specializes in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as follows:

  • Ferrous metal scrap: Stainless steel, wrought iron, light iron, cuttings, cast iron, carbon steel.
  • Non-ferrous metal scrap: Brass, lead, aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel, silver, machinery, wire, and cables.

The company has scrap metal points in the following areas:

  • Enfield
  • Harrow
  • Kensington
  • Wembley
  • Barnet
  • Greenford
  • Southgate
  • Edgware

13. Jansen Recycling Group, The Netherlands

A screenshot of the website of the Jansen Recycling Group, The Netherlands.
A screenshot of the website of the Jansen Recycling Group, The Netherlands. Image courtesy of Jansen Recycling Group, The Netherlands.

Jansen Recycling Group recycles ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap to keep valuable raw materials cycling in the economy.

It processes over 500,000 tons of scrap metals from different sources each year.

Jansen Recycling Group is strategically positioned in Vlaardingen and Dordrecht to reach its customers easily.

The company buys steel, iron, and other metal scrap for recycling from demolition contractors, metal recyclers, and processing industries.

After recycling, it sells the products to metal producers and smelters worldwide.

Besides recycling, Jansen Recycling Group offers expert and eco-friendly demolition services for offshore and onshore structures.

It stands out due to:

  • A transparent way of working
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Custom logistical solutions
  • Sustainability and responsibility
  • Scrap metal value optimization

14. SA Metal Group, South Africa

An early black and white photograph of the premises of SA Metal Group, South Africa.
An early black and white photograph of the premises of SA Metal Group, South Africa. Image courtesy of SA Metal Group, South Africa.

SA Metal Group is the leading and oldest metal recycler in South Africa.

Since its establishment in 1919, the company has remained steadfast in its quest for high-quality metal recycling to enhance sustainability.

It specializes in ferrous metals like iron and steel and non-ferrous ones like aluminum, zinc, copper, lead, brass, nickel, tin, and bronze.

The company is committed to efficient metal scrap processing. It achieves this by investing in modern technologies and regular facility improvements.

SA Metal Group’s recycling process entails sorting, shearing, shredding, torch-cutting, granulating, melting, casting, and rolling.

15. Amalgamated Metals Recycling (AMR), South Africa

A screenshot of the Amalgamated Metals Recycling (AMR), South Africa website.
A screenshot of the Amalgamated Metals Recycling (AMR), South Africa website. Image courtesy of Amalgamated Metals Recycling (AMR), South Africa.

Amalgamated Metals Recycling is one of the best recycled steel companies in the world.

It specializes in all forms of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The company buys scrap metals from the general public, metal recycling merchants, manufacturing companies, construction and demolition contractors, and government entities.

AMR has a vast fleet of trucks that provide scrap collection and delivery services.

Its core values include:

  • Sustainability: Contributing to a greener future by diverting metal scrap from landfills.
  • Safety: Guaranteeing staff and customer safety by upholding the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements.
  • Integrity: Adhering and complying with all laws regarding purchasing and selling second-hand goods.

Final Thoughts On The Best Recycled Steel Companies

Recycled steel is a more eco-friendly material than virgin steel produced from iron ore, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves natural resources like coal, iron ore, and limestone.

The above firms are some of the best recycled steel companies in the world and are highly experienced in their craft. They guarantee high-quality products that stand the test of time, so if they serve your area, you might want to contact them to discuss your recycled steel needs.

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