Best 15 Green Building Material Companies in Pennsylvania

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Images courtesy of The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association (NAREBA), The Rammed Earth Works Company, PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc., and Earth-Bound Building.

If you’re a Pennsylvania resident looking to lower your carbon footprint, relying on green building materials will help you achieve that goal.

However, due to the limited number of companies offering green building material services, getting a reliable option for a durable house can be challenging. That’s why you need to know the best green building material companies in Pennsylvania.

Green building materials are eco-friendly since they have a minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. Therefore, building with these materials is an excellent way to help lower the 37 percent carbon emissions from the construction industry.

However, you must only contract a company with a proven track record to get a long-lasting green home and value for your money.

In this article, I’ll discuss the best green building material companies in Pennsylvania. From rammed earth and adobe to cob and bamboo, you’ll know what each company offers and if it meets your needs. Let’s get started!   

Rammed Earth Construction Companies in Pennsylvania

Rammed earth is a construction technique that entails compacting damp soil mixed with gravel and sand in wooden frames to create sturdy walls.

Rammed earth is a better and greener alternative to using concrete because it generates only a 40th of concrete’s carbon footprint. Moreover, using rammed earth reduces the embodied energy of your construction project by up to 240 percent.

The following are the best rammed earth construction companies in Pennsylvania:

1. The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association (NAREBA)

A screenshot of the The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association (NAREBA) website.
Image courtesy of The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association (NAREBA).

The North American Rammed Earth Builders Association aims to promote rammed earth as a green building material.

Since it’s a nonprofit organization, NAREBA strives for the free flow of information regarding rammed earth construction. Its focus is to be a center for reliable and research-based knowledge to ensure members can build quality rammed earth structures.

With a rammed earth building knowledge base spanning over 150 years, NAREBA is a go-to resource to learn the ins and outs of this sustainable construction method.

The organization fosters the highest building standards for rammed earth. These standards are ideal for residential, commercial, and institutional projects since they align with the rammed earth building code stipulations throughout North American states like Pennsylvania.

By participating in research to improve the performance of rammed earth walls, NAREBA plays a critical part in this sustainable construction approach.

2. The Rammed Earth Works Company

A screenshot of the The Rammed Earth Works Company website.
Image courtesy of The Rammed Earth Works Company.

With over 47 years of experience in the construction industry, The Rammed Earth Works Company is among the best rammed earth building service providers in Pennsylvania.

Since 1976, this company has been working on high-profile rammed earth projects worldwide.

The company’s founders used their vast knowledge in building with this material to write the book, “The Rammed Earth Experience by David Easton,” first published in 1982.

The Rammed Earth Works Company specializes in rammed earth panels for global construction projects.

Through decades of experience, the company has refined its forming system, soil mixing and compaction techniques, and delivery method to ensure efficient, precise, and beautiful rammed earth structures.

The company also offers a comprehensive design and consultation service to ensure the success of each project.

With a focus on capturing the essence of what draws homeowners and architects to rammed earth, The Rammed Earth Works Company makes its panels to highlight this sustainable building material‘s elegant, emotive, and timeless qualities.

3. PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc.

A screenshot of the PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. website.
Image courtesy of PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc..

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. is one of the best green building material companies in Pennsylvania.

Since the company is licensed to offer its services in all 50 states of the U.S., it provides a comprehensive range of services for commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a certified rammed earth company in Pennsylvania with over 25 years of experience working with sustainable building products.

At PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc., the goal is to help clients actualize their dream of owning sustainably-built homes. Therefore, the company combines existing and emerging technologies to provide green engineering solutions for its clients.

The team comprises experienced professionals who strive to ensure each project meets the highest standards of excellence in sustainable building practices and materials.

With a focus to aid in creating designs with the highest structural integrity and energy efficiency, this company takes pride in ensuring the safety of lives and property while minimizing energy consumption.

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. has a unique approach that incorporates creative touch home design with safe and reliable engineering. Its creative touch home designers collaborate with structural engineers to create a home that meets the client’s expectations from start to finish.

The company uses state-of-the-art software to create immersive designs per customers’ needs. These designs help customers visualize how their projects will look once done.

Cob Building Companies in Pennsylvania

Cob is a green building material made by mixing and trampling clay, sand, straw, water, and sometimes lime.

The smooth, sinuous cob forms are laid in courses to create the walls of the building.

Each course is left to dry completely before laying the next. This is necessary to create a strong monolithic wall that can withstand seismic activities.

The material has a low embodied energy and carbon footprint. Therefore, it’s an excellent alternative to conventional building for those looking to conserve the environment.

The best cob building companies in Pennsylvania include the following:

4. Earth-Bound Building

A screenshot of the Earth-Bound Building website.
Image courtesy of Earth-Bound Building.

Founded in 2014, Earth-Bound Building is a company of craftspeople, skilled builders, and farmers. These are people with a common interest in land and natural building systems for a better future.

The company focuses on designing and building ecological, functional, and affordable structures using local materials.

It has experienced staff specializing in timber framing with traditional joinery and cob construction. They’re also experienced in general carpentry, a technique that comes in handy when building tiny homes.

Earth-Bound Building is also committed to preserving the environment with its green building materials. All of the company’s materials are sourced sustainably and locally.

The team has a unique approach that values people over profit. Therefore, it uses the business to achieve long-term sustainability goals.

Besides its role in construction, the company offers workshops for those interested in cob, timber frame construction, and sustainable agricultural infrastructure for a better future.

5. The Cob Studio

A screenshot of the The Cob Studio website.
Image courtesy of The Cob Studio.

Founded by Cara Graver in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, The Cob Studio is a center for different cob-related activities.

After developing an interest in cob building, Cara enrolled at the North American School of Natural Building to improve her knowledge in this technique.

With the relevant cobber’s skills, she built a cob studio intending to use it to offer classes and workshops to those interested in building with cob.

Cara has since been teaching workshops and working on several projects that highlight the beauty of natural building materials.

The company specializes in cob walls and plaster finishes.

It also offers gift certificates in all denominations to those interested in attending the workshops and classes.

The Cob Studio’s DIY guides and other products are essential for those looking to undertake cob projects.

Overall, The Cob Studio is the perfect place for anyone looking to learn the cob building technique in Pennsylvania. It focuses on preserving the environment while creating beautiful works of art.

Bamboo Building Companies in Pennsylvania

Bamboo is a natural renewable material ideal for green building. Its quick replenishing nature means it can be harvested and replaced without impacting the environment negatively.

It’s also incredibly versatile with many uses, including flooring, walls, furniture, roofing, and other structural elements.

The best bamboo building companies in Pennsylvania include:

6. Chester County Bamboo

A screenshot of the Chester County Bamboo website.
Image courtesy of Chester County Bamboo.

Chester County Bamboo is the leader in bamboo management, installation, and removal in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

By growing and harvesting its bamboo locally, the company focuses on meeting the highest sustainability standards.

The company has professional foresters and arborists who help clients with all their bamboo-related needs. This includes educating the public about bamboo’s benefits as a sustainable plant.

Chester County Bamboo also offers educational programs to inform people about tree and shrub installation, excavation, and grading.

The business is built on three key principles:

  • Sustainability
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability

The company specializes in bamboo poles for construction and fencing. It also offers complete landscape design and build services.

The best part is that Chester County Bamboo doesn’t use chemicals and pesticides to grow its bamboo. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about off-gassing and exposure to volatile organic compounds when you choose this company.

Overall, Chester County Bamboo is a great choice when looking for bamboo building materials in Pennsylvania. Its commitment to sustainability and responsibility makes it stand out from the competition.

Earthbag Building Companies in Pennsylvania

Earthbag building is a green technique that involves filling sandbags with earthen materials and stacking them to make walls and other structures.

This type of building is incredibly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, earthbag building requires minimal energy for construction, making it an excellent option for sustainable living.

Filling the sandbags with local materials eliminates the need for manufacturing and transportation, lowering the embodied energy associated with building using this material.

The best earthbag building companies in Pennsylvania include:

7. PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc.

A screenshot of the PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. website.
Image courtesy of PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc..

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a green home design and construction leader.

As a company licensed in all 50 states of the United States, PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. specializes in green building techniques like earthbags.

Although working in different states poses a challenge when it comes to adhering to local building codes, PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. makes its work easier by collaborating with local agencies. This way, the company merges code enforcement with its sustainable construction activities in each state.

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. designs its earthbag structures to offer antique aesthetics while providing the highest level of durability.

Hempcrete Construction Companies in Pennsylvania

Hempcrete is a green building material made from the hemp plant’s woody core (hemp shives).

The shives are mixed with water and a lime-based binder to create a durable building material.

Hempcrete has excellent insulation properties that make it an energy-efficient and eco-friendly material. It also requires minimal maintenance and offers superior acoustic performance, making it optimal for green buildings.

The best hempcrete construction companies in Pennsylvania include:

8. Coexist

A screenshot of the Coexist website.
Image courtesy of Coexist.

Coexist is a team of innovators, architects, and problem solvers with the aim of transforming the built environment using regenerative materials.

By researching, designing, and manufacturing eco-friendly building materials, the company strives to create a more sustainable future.

As a Pennsylvania-licensed architect-led company, Coexist is determined to create a long-lasting change in the construction industry. It aims to revolutionize conventional construction through healthier materials for a clean and natural coexistence between humans and nature.

The company manufactured its first hempcrete factory-made block in 2020. However, it was not until 2021 that it built a structure with these blocks due to the many tests to confirm the material’s viability for construction.

Through its research and innovation, Coexist was the first company to receive a USDA grant for hemp-based construction in Pennsylvania.

9. Americhanvre

A screenshot of the Americhanvre website.
Image courtesy of Americhanvre.

Americhanvre is a green building material company in Pennsylvania specializing in hempcrete materials and installations.

The company’s unique approach to green building is creating walls with high carbon storage capacity to improve energy efficiency. It relies on hempcrete to achieve this goal because of its excellent insulation and low environmental impact.

Americhanvre has experienced staff in designing and installing hempcrete features in corporate offices, homes, and retail locations. It specializes in the following:

  • Hempcrete services: Supply logistics, project support, and installation.
  • Spray application: Hempcrete application using the Baumer Ereasy Spray system.
  • Cast hemp: Eco-friendly decor and planters for modern living.
  • Building materials: Supplying lime-based binders and building-grade hemp hurds.

10. Healthy Materials Lab

A screenshot of the Healthy Materials Lab website.
Image courtesy of Healthy Materials Lab.

Healthy Materials Lab is an organization that prioritizes people’s health in all design decisions.

With a commitment to raising awareness about toxic chemicals in conventional building materials, this organization researches and develops green building materials that pose no health risks.

It focuses on creating healthier environments through greener and more sustainable construction projects.

The Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design brings together alumni and graduate students with a background in architecture, community development, design, and education to work on hempcrete-based projects.

The organization is proud of actualizing a hemp-lime home renovation in Pennsylvania.

Straw Bales Construction Companies in Pennsylvania

Straw bales make an excellent building material due to their high insulation and low cost. These bales also make good structural elements as they’re packed with dense fibers and air pockets that provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

The best straw bale construction companies in Pennsylvania include:

11. Down to Earth Design

A screenshot of the Down to Earth Design website.
Image courtesy of Down to Earth Design.

Down to Earth Design is a company that focuses on building naturally and living sustainably.

The company designs natural buildings that comply with U.S. building codes. Moreover, its designs have details that guarantee durability in wet and humid climates.

Down to Earth Design offers pre-designed straw bale house plans for those on a tight budget.

Alternatively, you can opt for customized plans with finer details and specific requirements.

Besides these straw bale designs, the company also conducts workshops on building with straw bales. It covers insulation, roofing, plumbing, and wiring for an immersive learning experience.

Recycled Steel Building Companies in Pennsylvania

Unlike new steel, recycled steel is a sustainable building material because it eliminates the high amount of waste, energy, and emissions associated with extracting iron ore, limestone, and coal to manufacture steel.

Recycled steel building companies in Pennsylvania include:

12. STEVENS Engineers and Contractors

A screenshot of the STEVENS Engineers and Contractors website.
Image courtesy of STEVENS Engineers and Contractors.

Founded in 1970, STEVENS Engineers and Contractors prides itself as the best pre-engineered metal building company in Pennsylvania.

The company specializes in custom-engineered steel structures to meet the unique needs of every client.

STEVENS Engineers and Contractors uses 90 percent recycled American-made Nucor steel. This steel is also 100% recyclable. Thus, you don’t need to worry about leaving a huge carbon footprint with your projects.

13. CDMG

A screenshot of the CDMG website.
Image courtesy of CDMG.

CDMG is the best metal building company in Philadelphia.

The company specializes in cost-effective and eco-friendly metal building.

By focusing on highly-customizable and energy-efficient projects, CDMG guarantees superior building performance.

Not only do its buildings provide comfortable interiors, but they also create healthier environments by reducing the amount of harmful emissions attributed to steel manufacturing.

CDMG sources its recycled steel from Nicor, the leading U.S. producer of recycled steel. This partnership has enabled CDMG to create innovative metal building products with a minimal carbon footprint. Consequently, you can rest assured your structure is built with high-quality recycled steel from an American company.

Precast Concrete Construction Companies in Pennsylvania

Precast concrete is a green building material because it’s manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, is economical, and facilitates socially responsible application.

Precast concrete construction companies in Pennsylvania include:

14. Monarch Precast Concrete

A screenshot of the Monarch Precast Concrete website.
Image courtesy of Monarch Precast Concrete.

Monarch Precast Concrete is the largest producer of precast concrete in Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1949, the company has remained steadfast, with a focus on quality products and loyalty to customers.

One of the company’s values is protecting the environment. As a result, it employs ACI level 1 certified technicians to monitor each step in the company’s precast concrete production. This is done to ensure aggregates perform in a climate-controlled, dust-free environment.

Monarch Precast Concrete also uses sustainable manufacturing processes like recycling and reusing concrete materials.

The above eco-conscious production processes earned the company NPCA’s certification in 2021.

15. M&W Precast and Construction Supply

A screenshot of the M&W Precast and Construction Supply website.
Image courtesy of M&W Precast and Construction Supply.

M&W Precast and Construction Supply is a company with a focus on sustainable and green building materials.

The company uses recycled and reclaimed components to manufacture its precast concrete products.

It also uses local materials to minimize transportation that would otherwise contribute to carbon emissions.

You can rely on this company for any precast product. From retaining walls and concrete tanks to drainage and other construction supplies, M&W Precast and Construction Supply has got you covered.

Final Thoughts On Green Building Material Companies in Pennsylvania

These are the best green building material companies in Pennsylvania and offer cost-effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly building products.

These companies aim to minimize negative environmental impacts emanating from their construction processes by employing green technologies.

Before selecting any of these companies, check its project portfolio to ensure it will meet your specific needs.

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