Best 15 Green Building Material Companies in New Jersey

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Images courtesy of Rammed Earth Works Construction, PSE Consulting Engineers, INC., Bamboo Bob, and Hemp Block USA.

Embracing green building has been all the rage in the construction industry for a good reason — it helps mitigate the negative environmental impacts of conventional building materials.

However, looking for the best eco-friendly materials isn’t enough — finding reliable builders and suppliers for those materials in your state is also vital. That said, how can you find the best green building material companies in New Jersey?

Realistically, most green building materials are still considered alternatives; therefore, finding reliable suppliers and builders can be challenging. Unfortunately, unscrupulous builders and suppliers may take advantage of this fact to provide sub-par materials and services. This jeopardizes your structure’s quality and longevity.

In this article, I’ll discuss the best 15 green building material companies in New Jersey. You can rely on these established firms to provide and install high quality sustainable building materials. Let’s dive into the details.

Rammed Earth Construction Companies in New Jersey

Rammed Earth is a building material made by mixing sand, silt, gravel, clay, and water. The resulting homogeneous mixture is then rammed into place within formworks to build walls.

Walls built with rammed earth have a high thermal mass that helps regulate indoor temperatures. Moreover, they’re incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance.

The best rammed earth construction companies in New Jersey include the following:

1. Rammed Earth Works Construction

A screenshot of the Rammed Earth Works Construction website.
Image courtesy of Rammed Earth Works Construction.

As the original rammed earth builder in the United States, Rammed Earth Works Construction has a global reputation in rammed earth building.

With over a hundred years of experience in rammed earth construction, the company has developed a unique forming system, soil characterization, and mixing design for durable panels.

Rammed Earth Works Construction specializes in rammed earth panels. These panels are 3 inches (7.62 cm) thick, 5 inches (12.7 cm) high, and 12 inches (30.48 cm) long.

For specific requirements, you can request customized rammed earth panels that meet your project’s requirements.

This company has a unique value engineering approach that starts from concept design to development. It does this by collaborating with clients and architects throughout the process to find opportunities to reduce complexity and costs. This means customers get quality panels at fair prices.

To ensure all panels are high-quality, the company starts by producing small test cylinders and blocks which are then tested in a compression machine.

The best part — Rammed Earth Works Construction provides samples for customers to visualize what they should expect. This way, you order their rammed earth panels knowing they’re ideal for your project.

Adobe Building Companies in New Jersey

Adobe is another green building material gaining traction in different places around the globe.

Adobe bricks are made by trampling sand, clay, silt, and water to form a homogenous mixture. This mixture is then formed into bricks using a wooden mold.

The difference between adobe bricks and conventional bricks is that while the latter is fired, the former is sun-dried for at least two weeks.

The best adobe building companies in New Jersey include:

2. PSE Consulting Engineers, INC.

A screenshot of the PSE Consulting Engineers, INC. website.
Image courtesy of PSE Consulting Engineers, INC..

Founded in 1998, PSE Consulting Engineers, INC. specializes in quality engineering services throughout the United States.

It’s among the few companies that provide sustainable construction services in the country.

Licensed to operate in all 50 states of the U.S., this company specializes in adobe and other eco-friendly building materials.

The company’s reputation as a provider of quality building services is also evident in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia in Canada.

To expand its services to many people in need of sustainable building projects, PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. combines existing and emerging technologies to build structures that meet clients’ expectations.

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. prides itself on building structurally sound and energy-efficient homes.

High professionalism and timely services have earned the company a 96% positive client satisfaction rating. Therefore, you can expect high-quality services from the company.

Bamboo Building in New Jersey

Bamboo is a sustainable building material due to its fast growth, carbon sequestration ability, and low embodied energy.

The ability to proliferate faster than trees makes bamboo a renewable material that can be harvested without depleting the earth’s natural resources.

Bamboo building companies in New Jersey include:

3. Bamboo Bob

A screenshot of the Bamboo Bob website.
Image courtesy of Bamboo Bob.

Founded in 1974, Bamboo Bob is a premier provider of bamboo services in the U.S.

The company is based in New Jersey and specializes in bamboo installations, maintenance, containment, and removal.

Moreover, it provides interior and exterior bamboo landscaping design services tailored to meet clients’ requirements.

At Bamboo Bob, you can expect a professional team of bamboo experts with extensive knowledge and experience in bamboo.

With a passion for aesthetics for every project, Bamboo Bob supplies the best bamboo poles for construction.

From privacy hedges and building poles to bamboo installation, Bamboo Bob is an expert in all bamboo-related services.

Earthbag Building Companies in New Jersey

Earthbags are building materials made by filling fabric bags with soil and other earthen materials.

Once the bags have been stuffed with soil, they’re staggered like masonry and solidly tamped to make walls.

The Earthbag building technique was developed by architects Illiona Ourram and Nadel Khalil of the California Earth Art and Architectural Institute (Cal-Earth).

This building method is popular in some parts of the world due to its natural, sustainable, and affordable nature.

Earthbag building companies in New Jersey include:

4. PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc.

A screenshot of the PSE Consulting Engineers, INC. website.
Image courtesy of PSE Consulting Engineers, INC..

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a recognized structural engineering service provider throughout the U.S.

The company prides itself on providing the best green home design and consulting services throughout the country.

Although PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. is headquartered in Klamath Falls, Oregon, it’s licensed to provide green home building services throughout the 50 U.S. states.

The company provides quality engineering services to commercial, residential, and industrial clients in the U.S.

As one of the best green building material companies in New Jersey, PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides earthbag construction services tailored to meet client needs.

The company is unique in that it aims to build earthbag homes in line with the building codes in each state. To achieve this, it collaborates with local agencies to merge code enforcement with earthbag construction.

Consequently, if you hire this company, expect an earthbag project that meets New Jersey’s building codes.

Hempcrete Construction Companies in New Jersey

Hempcrete is a biocomposite material made from lime, hemp hurds, pozzolans, and sand.

Due to its carbon-negative nature, hempcrete is a green building material ideal for homes and other structures.

Moreover, it’s an excellent insulator, thanks to its combination of hemp shives and lime binders.

Hempcrete construction companies in New Jersey include:

5. Hemp Block USA

A screenshot of the Hemp Block USA website.
Image courtesy of Hemp Block USA.

As the leading supplier of America’s load-bearing hemp block walling system, Hemp Block USA specializes in all-natural building materials.

The company aims to help reduce the carbon footprint attributed to the construction industry.

With a focus on sustainability and minimizing expenditure, Hemp Block USA wants to help its customers conserve the environment and build long-lasting and affordable structures.

Besides supplying hempcrete blocks, the company also offers the following services:

  • Architecture: Hemp Block USA has an in-house team of architects that provides integrated architecture services for different projects. The team is experienced in concept development, plan production, and advancement.
  • Engineering: The company has a team of experienced engineers who can liaise with your engineers to create durable hempcrete walls.
  • Logistics, quotation, and technical support: Upon receiving your order, the company provides a quotation for suitable hempcrete blocks and render products. It also organizes logistics like transportation and installation guidance.

The best part is that these hemp blocks are designed to be highly energy-efficient. If installed properly, they’ll save you up to 70% in energy costs due to reduced central heating and cooling requirements.

Straw Bales Construction Companies in New Jersey

Straw bale construction uses bales of straw (wheat, rice, oats, and rye) to build walls. These bales provide excellent structural integrity and insulation, the two crucial wall components.

Straw bale construction companies in New Jersey include:

6. CnS Contracting LLC

A screenshot of the CnS Contracting LLC website.
Image courtesy of CnS Contracting LLC.

Located in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, CnS Contracting LLC specializes in residential, commercial, and interior designing services.

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, the company boasts extensive project management skills needed for residential and commercial structures.

CnS Contracting LLC designs and builds straw bale structures that meet the following requirements:

  • Energy efficiency: With a heating and cooling energy reduction of up to 90%, the company manufactures straw bales to help clients save on energy costs.
  • Excellent acoustics: The straw bales used by CnS Contracting LLC provide insulation against noise. The company creates straw bale walls with superior sound insulation by combining its straw bales with over 3.5 cm (1.38 inches) earthen plasters.
  • Fire resistance: CnS Contracting LLC manufactures tightly-packed straw bales and combines them with earthen plasters to eliminate oxygen, a necessity for fire to burn. This is why its straw bale structures take three to four times longer to burn than conventional structures.

Sheep’s Wool Insulation Companies in New Jersey

Sheep’s wool is an alternative sustainable insulator due to its low net embodied energy and environmental impact.

It’s worth mentioning that sheep are sheared for welfare reasons and would suffer if they weren’t shorn, so sheep’s wool is a humane material, too.

The best sheep’s wool insulation companies in New Jersey include:

7. Natural Wool Insulation

A screenshot of the Natural Wool Insulation website.
Image courtesy of Natural Wool Insulation.

Natural Wool Insulation specializes in pure wool life insulation. This is a type of insulation made from pure sheep’s wool.

The company manufactures its wool with enhanced insulation for better performance even in extremely cold climates.

Like most people, you might be worried about the risk of sheep’s wool catching fire. However, it’s worth mentioning that sheep’s wool is naturally flame-resistant due to its high nitrogen level.

Moreover, the Natural Wool Insulation company manufactures its insulator to be self-extinguishing. Therefore, its wool insulation products are safe and fire-resistant.

The company utilizes a unique process that involves entangling sheep’s and lamb’s wool. This means the insulator is free of harmful chemicals that can harm the environment and your home’s inhabitants.

Pure wool life insulation has the following benefits:

  • High insulation performance.
  • Indoor air purification.
  • Protection against fires.
  • Excellent moisture and mold control.
  • Resistance to pests and bugs.
  • Is a humane use of animal products.
  • Easy installation.
  • Lifetime warranty.

8. Atticare

A screenshot of the Atticare website.
Image courtesy of Atticare.

With over nine years of experience in home improvement projects in New Jersey, Atticare specializes in green insulation materials like sheep’s wool.

As one of the few sheep’s wool insulation companies in New Jersey, Atticare treats every home with utmost care to ensure clients get the best insulation services.

The company offers insulation services with a focus on the following:

  • Comfort: Whether insulating the attic or walls, the company aims to achieve a comfortable indoor environment for its clients.
  • Safety and health: Its insulation enhances a home’s air quality by preventing moisture accumulation and potential hazards. The insulation is also free of volatile organic compounds that can escape into the air, causing headaches and dizziness.
  • Energy efficiency: The insulation is designed with a high R-value of between 3.5 and 3.8 per inch to ensure exceptional resistance to heat flow. This makes it highly energy efficient, helping clients to reduce their energy bills due to reduced demand for central heating.

Besides insulation, Atticare also offers the following services:

  • Attic air-sealing and rodent proofing.
  • Crawl space vapor barrier installation.
  • Radiant barrier installation.
  • Air duct repair and replacement.
  • Disinfection and sanitation.

The best part is that Atticare guides its clients in choosing suitable insulation materials. Therefore, even if you’re new to insulation materials, the company’s experienced staff will guide you through the selection process based on your requirements.

Precast Concrete Construction Companies in New Jersey

Precast concrete is an eco-friendly material that’s economical and highly durable. It reduces waste by reusing products like slag and fly ash, which would have otherwise been discarded into landfills.

A few of the best precast concrete construction companies in New Jersey include:

9. Garden State Precast Inc.

A screenshot of the Garden State Precast Inc. website.
Image courtesy of Garden State Precast Inc..

Founded in 1999, Garden State Precast Inc. has been an industry leader in precast products in the U.S.

Headquartered in Wall, New Jersey, the company also supplies its products to other states like New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Garden State Precast Inc. has a unique approach that involves customizing precast concrete products to meet its clients’ needs.

The company creates high-quality products with proven durability by combining proven manufacturing and engineering skills.

Its products include:

  • Box culverts
  • Precast concrete
  • Specialty block walls
  • Specialty infrastructure

Garden State Precast Inc. is among the few NPCA-certified companies in New Jersey. This certification means the company is highly dedicated to hard work and consistent quality.

10. Northeast Precast

A screenshot of the Northeast Precast website.
Image courtesy of Northeast Precast.

Located in Vineland, New Jersey, Northeast Precast is the state’s go-to supplier of precast building materials.

The company focuses on making fast-installation precast concrete with minimal job site restrictions.

Northeast Precast customizes its precast concrete in line with the client’s desired shape, size, and color.

Being a PCI and NPCA-certified company, you can rest assured that its products are eco-friendly and meet the highest quality standards.

11. Boccella Precast

A screenshot of the Boccella Precast website.
Image courtesy of Boccella Precast.

As the leading precast plank manufacturer in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, Boccella Precast is one of the best green building material companies in New Jersey.

Boccella Precast is among the few PCI-certified companies because it focuses on quality and sustainability.

The company prides itself in supplying precisely-customized products for each project — not too large or too small. This is done to reduce wastage and inconvenience.

Boccella Precast is a unique firm that offers complete engineered solutions, superior finish, and on-time delivery within the budget.

12. Jersey Precast

A screenshot of the Jersey Precast website.
Image courtesy of Jersey Precast.

Established in 1980, Jersey Precast boasts over 35 years of experience in supplying high-quality precast concrete products in New Jersey and beyond.

Located in Hamilton Township, Jersey Precast supplies PCI-approved products due to its excellent quality and a focus on green building.

Backed up by a strong engineering department with experienced AUTOCAD operators and engineers, this company is highly dedicated to meeting customer needs.

13. Gambale Concrete and Asphalt LLC

A screenshot of the Gambale Concrete and Asphalt LLC website.
Image courtesy of Gambale Concrete and Asphalt LLC.

With over 40 years of experience, Gambale Concrete and Asphalt LLC is a licensed and fully-insured contractor in New Jersey.

The company specializes in a wide range of precast concrete products. It serves the entire South Jersey and the surrounding communities.

Gambale Concrete and Asphalt LLC has a unique customer acquisition and retention tactic that involves giving up to four free concrete splash blocks with every job.

The company’s custom precast concrete products include:

  • Concrete bumpers
  • Air conditioning slabs
  • Concrete landings
  • Chimney caps
  • Septic lids
  • Railroad cradles
  • Concrete park benches

Recycled Rubber Companies in New Jersey

Recycled rubber is a green building material that reduces the need to harvest new rubber.

Recycling rubber uses less energy than creating new synthetic rubber. It also eliminates the risks associated with the production of virgin rubber.

The best recycled rubber companies in New Jersey are:

14. RubberForm Recycled Products, LLC

A screenshot of the RubberForm Recycled Products, LLC website.
Image courtesy of RubberForm Recycled Products, LLC.

RubberForm Recycled Products, LLC is a world-class manufacturer of recycled rubber products for different projects.

With regard to construction, the company supplies safety and site preparation risk mitigation products.

It has a unique manufacturing approach that involves combining U.S. scrap tire rubber with specially formulated compounded recycled plastics to make highly durable products.

Its focus on eco-green products facilitates the production of the following construction-based recycled rubber products:

  • Pipe and hose ramps
  • Engineered trench guards
  • Engineered rubber curbs
  • Rubber curb ramps
  • Wedge ramps

Although RubberForm Recycled Products, Inc. is based in New York, it supplies its products throughout the U.S., including New Jersey.

15. Rubberecycle

A screenshot of the Rubberecycle website.
Image courtesy of Rubberecycle.

Established in 1996, Rubberecycle has been at the forefront in ensuring safe play and sports Surfing through recycled rubber products.

With a focus on creating joy through safe play surfacing, this Lakewood-based company manufactures ready-to-install playground products with high precision.

Its product line includes the following tile systems:

  • Poured-in-place
  • Turf
  • Loose fill
  • ADA surfacing
  • Interlocking

The company’s ready-made products include:

  • Playsafer rubber mulch
  • Rubberbond elevate
  • Playsafer elevate tiles
  • Genesis turf system
  • Playsafer elevate plus tiles
  • Genaflex gym tiles

Final Thoughts On Green Building Material Companies in New Jersey

It’s high time we shift to green building materials to minimize the adverse environmental effects of the construction industry.

As a New Jersey resident, aim to be part of the green movement by embracing green building materials.

The above firms represent the best green building material companies in New Jersey and can supply you with eco-friendly solutions. Go through their portfolios and choose one that meets your needs.

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