Best 13 Sustainable Building Material Companies In Ohio

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As sustainability becomes increasingly important, builders and architects are paying more attention to the type of material used for their projects.

Earlier traditional construction methods like adobe building and rammed earth construction were once very popular in some parts of the world. But as awareness increases that some modern building methods are less eco-friendly, people are looking for companies that build sustainable buildings using traditional approaches and recycled materials.

To help you narrow down the choice of companies that can help you build more sustainably, I have extensively researched 13 sustainable building material companies in Ohio. Some of the companies on the list also offer sustainable building services.

So read on to learn more about what makes these companies stand out from the competition and why they are among the most popular choices in Ohio.

Best Sustainable Building Material Companies In Ohio

A photograph of a construction worker wearing a yellow hard hat, protective glasses, tool belt, and work clothes, assembling a timber frame for a building. In the lower left of the image is a green sustainability badge with recycling arrows and the word "sustainable."
The sustainability of a building project can be achieved in many ways, and the companies on my list approach this in their own particular ways.

The following is my list of the 13 sustainable building companies in Ohio:

  1. M. Bohlke Corp.
  2. Advanced Drainage Systems
  3. Owens Corning
  4. Ironrock Capital
  5. Garland
  6. Roppe
  7. Kokosing
  8. Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood
  9. Triple B Enterprises
  10. Ludowici
  11. Graybach
  12. Hensley Group
  13. Lincoln Construction

1. M. Bohlke Corp.

A screenshot of the M. Bohlke Corp. website.
A screenshot of the M. Bohlke Corp. website. Image courtesy of M. Bohlke Corp..

Specialty: Wood Building Materials

M. Bohlke Corp. was established in 1966 and has become a renowned producer of architectural wood products under the ownership of Manfred Bohlke. They specialize in wood/bamboo building materials, veneer, lumber, and multi-layered panels.

Their products are heavily used in residential and commercial building projects. With a strong headcount of 240 employees, M. Bohlke has a good presence all across the United States.

Sustainability Efforts

Committed to sustainability, M. Bohlke Corp. ensures the responsible harvesting of trees. This is done in collaboration with timberland owners and state-certified foresters, leaving smaller trees for future growth.

They have also invested in cutting-edge technology and hold patents to maximize log utilization. The company aligns with leading organizations and is dedicated to preserving natural resources. They can also assist you in obtaining LEED credits for your building project.

2. Advanced Drainage Systems

A screenshot of the Advanced Drainage Systems website.
A screenshot of the Advanced Drainage Systems website. Image courtesy of Advanced Drainage Systems.

Specialty: Drainage Products

Advanced Drainage Systems is focused on innovative stormwater and onsite septic wastewater solutions. With 50+ years of experience, ADS and its subsidiary, Infiltrator Water Technologies, have served a variety of markets. ADS currently operates 70 manufacturing plants and has 40 distribution centers.

Their very first product was a corrugated plastic pipe. Since then, they have continued improving their existing product line, which primarily consists of pipes. Though headquartered in Ohio, the company is global and has a client base beyond its borders.

Sustainability Efforts

Advanced Drainage Systems has planned to achieve ambitious goals over ten years. The company will use 1 billion pounds of recycled material annually by 2032. Interestingly these goals also align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

The focus is on six key areas:

  1. Recycled Plastic Construction
  2. Environmental Impact Reduction
  3. Accountability
  4. Social Purpose
  5. Operational Excellence
  6. News

Since plastic is used for most of their products, ADS ensures that most plastic is recycled.

Thus, ADS demonstrates dedication to addressing this critical environmental issue, which is especially important for a company that builds plastic products.

3. Owens Corning

A screenshot of the Owens Corning website.
A screenshot of the Owens Corning website. Image courtesy of Owens Corning.

Specialty: Roofing/Insulation/Composites

Owens Corning is a company that has a 200+ year history. It started in the 1800s and focused mainly on the insulation industry. During the late 20th century, the company launched its roofing and composites business.

Today Owens Corning is focused on three key areas:

  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Composites

The company has more than 19,000 employees in over thirty countries worldwide. They have been part of premium projects worldwide that show the level of trust their clients have in them.

Sustainability Efforts

Owens Corning has made a mammoth effort to ensure complete transparency regarding the products they offer to their customers. They use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to accurately measure their products’ environmental footprint. This assessment is done at each stage of the product life cycle.

This assessment’s outcome helps their customers understand the impact their products can have on the environment.

Most of their products are made with recycled content, so the company can confidently do such assessments. One of their popular products includes Thermafiber, a mineral wool insulation that is one of the most sustainable options for insulation purposes.

4. Ironrock Capital

A screenshot of the Ironrock Capital (Metropolitan Ceramics) website.
A screenshot of the Ironrock Capital website. Image courtesy of Ironrock Capital (Metropolitan Ceramics).

Specialty: Flooring/Bricks

A fifth-generation family-owned company, Ironrock Capital Inc. has been a renowned brick and ceramic manufacturing leader since 1866. Ironrock produces a variety of products under its Metropolitan Ceramics Brand. Their top products are thin bricks and ceramic quarry tiles.

Sustainability Efforts

Ironrock’s eco-friendly practices exemplify Ironrock’s unwavering commitment to sustainable development in the industry.

Ironrock’s products are also listed in the Mindful Materials database. Products here are listed only after passing a stringent vetting process that ensures adherence to high health and environmental standards.

To manufacture their products, Ironrock recycles over 3,000 tons of waste clay, thus reducing its overall environmental impact.

5. Garland

A screenshot of the Garland website.
A screenshot of the Garland website. Image courtesy of Garland.

Specialty: Roofing Products/Services

Garland is a one-stop shop for all things roofing. They provide roofing products like fluid applied membranes and metal roofing systems, roof inspection services, and end-to-end roof-building solutions.

All their products follow strict quality control standards to ensure high-quality products. They also have a quality assurance program called GMAX (Garland Manufacturing Attention to Excellence). GMAX promotes communication and personal ownership of products and processes.

Sustainability Efforts

Garland has a line of eco-friendly products. Some of these products include roof membranes made with industrial waste. Thus Garland has taken some serious measures to reduce their eco-footprint by using self-manufactured green products.

6. Roppe

A screenshot of the Roppe website.
A screenshot of the Roppe website. Image courtesy of Roppe.

Specialty: Flooring

Roppe has an exciting range of rubber flooring products. From standard rubber tiles to wall bases, Roppe has a comprehensive range of flooring solutions, thus eliminating the need to work with multiple suppliers.

Their Single Price Point system simplifies pricing by offering a consistent price per product across their major product lines.  By choosing Roppe, you’re partnering with one of the best manufacturers in the commercial flooring industry.

Sustainability Efforts

Many top products on their list are made of recycled rubber, like the rop-cord recycled rubber tile (made of 90% post-consumer waste).

The company is also committed to enhancing sustainability within its facilities by 2025. They aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy intensity, water usage, and waste in landfills during this period.

Roppe also has environmental and health product declarations for most of their products, thus giving customers the confidence they need when choosing them.

Overall, Roppe is a company completely committed to sustainability on the back of its eco-friendly products.

7. Kokosing

A screenshot of the Kokosing website.
A screenshot of the Kokosing website. Image courtesy of Kokosing.

Specialty: General Construction

Kokosing is a family-owned construction company operating in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. Under them, they have six different companies operating in separate verticals. The group collectively makes construction materials, aggregates, and provides general construction services for public and private clients.

What really sets them apart is their ability to self-perform up to 80% of the work on their projects. Their projects are diverse, from commercial buildings to transportation and marine projects.

Sustainability Efforts

Kokosing acts as a responsible contractor and offers sustainable solutions to its customers for green build projects.

The company prioritizes resource management and constantly evaluates its processes for improvements and waste reductions. Through all these efforts, Kokosing strives to create a lasting positive impact on the environment.

8. Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood

A screenshot of the Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood website.
A screenshot of the Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood website. Image courtesy of Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood.

Specialty: Reclaimed Wood Products

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood has been a trusted supplier of old-growth lumber and reclaimed wood since 1988. With a large inventory stored in Northeast Ohio, they offer a wide range of wood products such as:

  • Hand hewn beams
  • Barn Siding
  • Wood flooring
  • Fireplace Mantels

Ohio residents can visit their showroom and discover which products are best suited to their requirements.

Sustainability Efforts

Most of its products are reclaimed, given that the company is focused on 100% sustainable products. The reclaimed wood is of high quality and is obtained from old barns. The old barns are carefully disassembled to ensure the wood obtained can go through the next process.

The wood then goes through several procedures, including pressure washing. It then has all its nails removed and treated with chlorine and pesticides.

This reclaimed wood is now ready for new applications without felling existing trees, thus conserving the environment.

9. Triple B Enterprises

A screenshot of the Triple B Enterprises website.
A screenshot of the Triple B Enterprises website. Image courtesy of Triple B Enterprises.

Specialty: Reclaimed Wood Products

Triple B Enterprises is another Ohio company with a wide range of reclaimed and engineered wood products.

Started in 2007 by Melvin Burkholder, the company purchases a staggering 150+ barns annually to meet the demands of its customers. Burkholder has years of experience in this niche and has been involved in several such projects.

Most of the wood (about 90%) is used to build new homes, while the rest is used to construct other commercial projects.

Sustainability Efforts

Triple B has targeted new homeowners as its primary customer base. Melvin has been successful in his efforts to salvage old barns and provide products that can build sustainable houses without harming the environment.

You’ll be surprised to know that the company not only has reclaimed wood products to offer, but they also offer barn frames! Melvin purchases these barn frames and puts them on his website for buyers interested in disassembling the barns themselves.

This can save costs for buyers looking for oak timbers for their projects. They also acquire reclaimed materials from people that are looking to sell them. This ensures that the old products are circulated well within the community, promoting the circular economy without harming the environment.

10. Ludowici

A screenshot of the Ludowici website.
A screenshot of the Ludowici website. Image courtesy of Ludowici.

Specialty: Roofing/Flooring Products

Ludowici clay tiles have a 400-year-old history that dates back to the Ludovisi family in Rome, Italy. Today these tiles are manufactured in New Lexington, Ohio, and are renowned for their exceptional quality.

Ludowici tiles are made from 100% clay, and care has been taken not to use any kind of synthetic or petroleum-based materials during manufacturing. The result is entirely natural tiles that require minimal maintenance.

Roof and floor tiles are their main products, but they also have wall claddings and other roof accessories in their product list.

Sustainability Efforts

Ludowici actively manufactures and uses terra cotta for most of its products. Terra cotta tiles are crafted from natural materials and are designed to last over 100 years. This eliminates the need for frequent replacements, reducing landfill waste.

In addition to all these benefits, Ludowci’s tiles also offer energy savings of over 20% compared to asphalt roofs.

11. Graybach

A screenshot of the Graybach website.
A screenshot of the Graybach website. Image courtesy of Graybach.

Specialty: General Contracting

Graybach is a reputable construction management company specializing in turning building concepts into reality.

With a strong emphasis on general contracting, the company also offers pre-construction services, which include conducting feasibility studies, budgeting, and designing ideas with the help of designers.

Graybach is also well-equipped to handle multi-tenant residential complexes, LEED certification projects, and historic renovations. With their experienced team, Graybach is the ideal partner to bring building ideas to life.

Sustainability Efforts

Graybach has stayed up to date with recent eco-friendly advancements in home construction. This includes utilizing recycled materials, taking erosion control measures, and maintaining indoor air quality.

Having already accomplished numerous LEED certifications, Graybach aims to further expand its collection of environmentally responsible homes.

12. Hensley Group

A screenshot of the Hensley Group website.
A screenshot of the Hensley Group website. Image courtesy of Hensley Group.

Specialty: Custom Home Building

Cincinnati-based Hensley Group has made a name for itself in the luxury home-building segment. Their commitment to innovation has garnered them numerous accolades. Some of these accolades include the prestigious SAM Award from the Home Builder’s Association of Greater Cincinnati in 2019.

One look at their site, and you can see the luxurious homes they have constructed and delivered to their clients. Furthermore, they construct projects with sustainable materials to help you achieve LEED points.

Sustainability Efforts

Most home builders in the luxury segment aren’t interested in LEED-certified projects. Hensley sets itself apart from other builders in Cincinnati by strongly emphasizing sustainability.

LEED-certified homes have several benefits, including lower utility bills for homeowners, cleaner indoor air, etc. Thus, Hensley stands out as a trusted and leading choice for anyone seeking a custom sustainable home for themselves.

13. Lincoln Construction

A screenshot of the Lincoln Construction website.
A screenshot of the Lincoln Construction website. Image courtesy of Lincoln Construction.

Specialty: General Construction Services

Lincoln Construction is a family-owned company led by Greg and Andrea Schmitt. The company has a long-standing history of delivering exceptional results in the retail construction industry.

Their breakthrough came in 1981 when they captured Kimco Development’s attention by saving them nearly $300,000 on the Arlington Square project.

Over the years, they have successfully managed over 60 projects worth nearly $170 million, using the same collaborative and value-driven approach that first got them noticed.

Sustainability Efforts

Lincoln’s journey into sustainable construction began in 1997. This was before the establishment of LEED standards.

One of their most well-documented projects was with Denison University. Tasked with renovating an early 1990s building, Lincoln collaborated with Denison to explore innovative green construction ideas and source eco-friendly materials.

Since then, Lincoln has assisted numerous clients in achieving their goals of constructing sustainable buildings and obtaining LEED certifications.

Final Takeaway

The list above shows the level of commitment the companies of Ohio have to promote green building.

The companies listed here use recycled materials to build their products, and you’ll also find companies providing construction services to build sustainable buildings.

This mix of green contractors and manufacturers can help you minimize your next project’s environmental footprint.

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