Adobe Brick Calculator (With Your Own Dimensions)

An adobe wall made from brown adobe bricks with lighter brown mortar between the bricks and decorative stones placed into the mortar. Across the top of the image are the words "Adobe Brick Calculator (With Your Own Dimensions)" In the center of the image is a cartoon pocket calculator with red and blue buttons on a red-brown body.

Adobe bricks are made from clay, sand and straw mixed together and formed into bricks in wooden molds before being dried in the sun.

Adobe is a cheap and easy way to build a house with few tools, and with raw materials that are available locally to most building sites.

We’ve built a calculator to help you estimate how many bricks you need to build an adobe wall of a particular size.

The number of bricks is calculated in the following way:

  • Calculate the volume of each brick, including mortar.
  • Calculate the volume of the wall you’re going to build.
  • Divide the volume of the wall by the volume of each brick, including the mortar.
  • Add 10% for wastage.

Our adobe brick calculator does this for you automatically once you’ve entered the required information about the size of your bricks, thickness of the mortar you’ll place between the bricks, and the dimensions of your wall.

Here is our calculator:

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