9 Best Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in California

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Images courtesy of Reclaimed Wood San Diego, Heritage Salvage, Jackel Enterprises, and The Lumber Baron.

Reclaimed wood is a green building material used to build homes, furniture, and other structures with minimal environmental impact.

It’s obtained from barns, old buildings, ships, and other structures that have been demolished or discarded.

So, why should you look for the best reclaimed wood construction companies in California?

If you’re a California resident looking to build with reclaimed wood, you want to get nontoxic and original reclaimed wood for peace of mind and added character. Unfortunately, as reclaimed wood becomes popular due to its rustic patina, some unscrupulous companies are rumored to sell fake versions.

This is where knowing the best reclaimed wood companies comes in handy to ensure you get authentic salvaged lumber.

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss the best reclaimed wood construction companies in California. I’ll discuss what makes each company unique to help you pick the right one for your project. Let’s get started!

1. Reclaimed Wood San Diego

A screenshot of the Reclaimed Wood San Diego website.
A screenshot of the Reclaimed Wood San Diego website. Image courtesy of Reclaimed Wood San Diego.

Reclaimed Wood San Diego is one of the best reclaimed wood construction companies in California.

The company boasts more than 30 years of experience in the wood reclamation field.

It collaborates with architects, designers, commercial business owners, and DIY weekend warriors to build safe structures using nontoxic and sustainably sourced salvaged lumber.

Since this company sources its reclaimed wood sustainably, it meets the requirement for green building by ensuring each project is eco-friendly.

Reclaimed Wood San Diego provides custom woodworking services like accent walls and wall siding using reclaimed wood.

You can also submit special requirements for the type of wood and patina you want for the project.

Moreover, if you don’t find what you want, the team goes on a mission to find it.

The company’s services include the following:

  • Custom milling: The company is among the few with a resaw machine. Instead of selling reclaimed wood in its original shape, the company can mill pieces to meet your desired specifications and dimensions.
  • Selling reclaimed wood at wholesale prices: Those who order large quantities of reclaimed wood receive wholesale discounts. Moreover, these wood pieces have a history, dimension, and personality that differentiates each piece.
  • Custom furniture: The company customizes salvaged wood tables, bed frames, shelves, and wood art to meet the needs of each client.

2. Heritage Salvage

A screenshot of the Heritage Salvage website.
A screenshot of the Heritage Salvage website. Image courtesy of Heritage Salvage.

Heritage Salvage is a full-service reclaimed building materials company.

Using reclaimed and salvaged materials, the company offers custom design and building services for homes, gardens, offices, and restaurants.

It also incorporates recycled steel building components into its designs.

The company has a woodshop, sawmill, and metalworking area to customize the products to meet clients’ needs.

Salvage Heritage has a unique approach to service delivery, whereby it keeps adding a blend of talented designers and builders to its team. This ensures that they craft beautiful spaces and furniture from reclaimed lumber.

Some custom-made-to-order products by this company include:

  • Tables
  • Benches
  • Bars and countertops
  • Mantels
  • Wine cabinets
  • Dog houses
  • Treehouses
  • Birdhouses
  • Hat racks
  • Doors
  • Sheds

When it comes to flooring, the company chooses the best Douglas fir shiplap, and maple tongue and groove plank. This is done on purpose to ensure durability.

Finally, you choose the type of furnishing you want for your wood. However, leaving the wood in its natural state maintains the rustic patina due to its aging.

3. Jackel Enterprises

A screenshot of the Jackel Enterprises website.
A screenshot of the Jackel Enterprises website. Image courtesy of Jackel Enterprises.

Jackel Enterprises is a company with over 45 years of experience in wood.

The company sources quality reclaimed wood to fulfill its customers’ residential and commercial project needs. It supplies wood to architects, builders, designers, and craftspeople throughout Northern California.

Jack Enterprises’ reclaimed materials include Douglas fir, oak, teak, redwood, and barn board. The good thing is that all reclaimed materials from this company are FSC-certified.

Besides supplying reclaimed lumber for construction, the company manufactures counters, table tops, box beams, and mantels using salvaged lumber.

The company’s reclaimed wood siding is one of the best in the market. The siding results from a large inventory of fine vertical grain high-grade western red cedar. This wood is suitable for customizing beautiful sidings in different patterns.

Other unique reclaimed wood species used for siding include select tight knot redwood, Alaskan yellow cedar, machiche, mahogany, ipe, and sapele.

4. The Lumber Baron

A screenshot of the The Lumber Baron website.
A screenshot of The Lumber Baron’s website. Image courtesy of The Lumber Baron.

The Lumber Baron is known for being the leading supplier of reclaimed Bay Bridge Redwood in Northern California since 1978. It supplies real reclaimed wood with no plastic additives.

Reclaimed wood by The Lumber Baron is unique because the company goes out of its way to acquire the best old-growth reclaimed redwood. Due to the prolonged growth period of old-growth wood, these trees develop more fibers per unit area, making them denser.

High-density woods are more durable and long-lasting.

The unique approach of this company is that all its salvaged lumber is hand-selected. This ensures you get the finest wood from different locations with nostalgic and historical value.

Although the company supplies its reclaimed lumber in original milled sizes, you can request re-milling to meet your needs.

Besides wood, you can buy ready-made siding, beams, and paneling from this company for your project.

The Lumber Baron sources its wood from:

  • Reservoirs: Reservoir projects from the early 1900s are the primary source of reclaimed redwood. For instance, the company reclaimed more than 35,000 board feet of reclaimed wood from the Almaden Reservoir.
  • Water and wine tanks: These sources have durable, knot-free old-growth wood. Wood from these tanks has a unique appearance with a scaly and feathery surface. Timber salvaged from wine storage often contains unique coloring due to wine tannins.
  • Barns: The company also salvages wood from old barns. Wood salvaged from these sources is ideal for exposed beams and mantels. The original saw and ax marks on these finely aged pieces of lumber make for an excellent show in a room.
  • Bridges: Since ancient bridges were built with durable wood, they make an excellent source of reclaimed lumber. The Lumber Baron assesses these bridges for viable reclamation. For instance, the company reclaimed over 40,000 board feet from the Bay Bridge and Plier 31.

5. TNT Reclaimed Lumber

A screenshot of the TNT Reclaimed Lumber website.
A screenshot of the TNT Reclaimed Lumber website. Image courtesy of TNT Reclaimed Lumber.

This is one of the leading reclaimed wood construction companies in California.

TNT Reclaimed Lumber salvages a wide variety of high-quality timber from barns and other wood products.

It supplies vintage wood across the Inland Empire, San Bernardino County, San Diego, Riverside County, and Los Angeles.

The company boasts decades of reclaimed wood services. From sourcing, transporting, inspecting, storing, and deconstruction, TNT Reclaimed Lumber ensures that customers receive quality salvaged wood.

With the opportunity to request custom designs, the company ensures that every client’s needs are met.

You can also request special finishing for your wood if you don’t want to maintain the natural patina due to aging, nails, and weathering.

Finally, the company supplies custom furniture for commercial and residential uses. Therefore, whether you’re running a restaurant or looking for kitchen seats, TNT Reclaimed Lumber is your go-to place.

6. The Vintage Wood Floor Company

A screenshot of the The Vintage Wood Floor Company website.
A screenshot of The Vintage Wood Floor Company website. Image courtesy of The Vintage Wood Floor Company.

This is a company that specializes in reclaimed wood flooring.

The Vintage Wood Floor Company’s unique approach is that it has a milling plant for clients to visit and specify their designs. Therefore, it’s a one-of-a-kind company that allows customers to witness their reclaimed wood flooring being made.

An opportunity to witness the kind of flooring being made means you can control the dimensions and appearance. As a result, you leave with a floor that meets all your preferred specifications.

With more than 15 years of experience making reclaimed hardwood flooring, this company knows what goes into making durable flooring.

A point worth noting is that this company sources its reclaimed wood locally. The wood is then handcrafted and converted at the company’s manufacturing facility. This ensures you can be confident that imitation aging has not been performed on new wood to introduce an antique appearance.

Reclaimed wood that goes through the imitation aging process lacks the authenticity and strength of the original aged timber.

Besides reclaimed wood flooring, the company also specializes in:

  • Reclaimed wood box beams.
  • Reclaimed solid wood beams.
  • Reclaimed wood stairs.
  • Reclaimed trim.
  • Reclaimed barn wood siding.

7. Crossroads Recycled Lumber (CRL)

A screenshot of the Crossroads Recycled Lumber (CRL) website.
A screenshot of the Crossroads Recycled Lumber (CRL) website. Image courtesy of Crossroads Recycled Lumber (CRL).

With over 40 years of experience offering salvaged wood services, Crossroads Recycled Lumber is among the best companies with quality services.

The company supplies old-growth timber, finish materials, and flooring. Its nine-acre facility has sufficient reclaimed wood products for diverse needs.

Crossroads Recycled Lumber aims to promote green building and sustainable design by working with people using straw, earth, and other eco-friendly materials. It serves homes and commercial projects that need the look and quality of old-growth timber.

The company aims to ensure each piece is re-milled to meet the required quality by employing people knowledgeable in lumber and milling.

The best part is that most products by this company are FSC-certified. This is an assurance that the company fosters sustainable harvesting of forests. 

CRL’s primary services include:

  • Custom milling: Milling reclaimed wood to specific dimensions for clients. The milling options include bandsaw, circle sawn, hand hewing, wire and nylon brushing, and moldings.
  • Grading: Providing certified grading for any state. The certification is conducted by independently certified graders based on the dictates of the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau.

Its main products include:

  • Siding and paneling
  • Timbers
  • Flooring
  • Rescued local pine
  • Barnwood
  • Mantels
  • Slabs for countertops and tables

8. American Barn and Wood

A screenshot of the American Barn and Wood website.
A screenshot of the American Barn and Wood website. Image courtesy of American Barn and Wood.

With an inventory of 1800s midwestern barns, American Barn and Wood is one of the best reclaimed wood companies in California.

The company has a diverse range of products. From planks, beams, antique barn hardware, and weathering siding, this company has something for everyone.

The American Barn and Wood company supplies hewn and rough-sawn wood. This way, it’s in the right position to meet the different wood specifications for contractors, homeowners, decorators, and woodworkers.

The best part is that wood supplied by this company is ideal for repurposing. You can use it for furniture, flooring, wainscoting, paneling, and doors. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that you bought excess pieces of wood—you can use the remainder for other purposes.

American Barn and Wood is unique in that it researches the history of each piece of reclaimed wood. Customers receive their purchases with a printout of the wood’s history and photographs. This is an excellent way to make your project unique by repurposing salvaged lumber with a history.

9. Vintage Timberworks

A screenshot of the Vintage Timberworks website.
A screenshot of the Vintage Timberworks website. Image courtesy of Vintage Timberworks.

Vintage Timberworks has over 27 years of experience supplying fine-aged reclaimed wood for residential and commercial projects globally.

The company sells antique wood in its original state or mills it based on the client’s specifications. It sells milled wood as beams, planks, flooring, or box beams.

Due to its wide selection of reclaimed wood sourced from around the world, the company ensures there are options to fit each client’s design. With a warehouse of over a million and a half board feet of salvaged wood, you can rest assured the company has your specific option.

The best part is that Vintage Timberworks has contemporary and rustic wood that can be tailored for different uses.

By sourcing its materials from antiquated wood structures, it preserves the authenticity of the reclaimed wood. This is an assurance that the wood is old-age and possesses a beautiful rustic patina for your projects.

The company’s rustic wood products are an excellent addition to any building style. From modern beach houses to modern farmhouses along the coast, these products will serve you better.

You can get the following from Vintage Timberworks:

  • Box beams
  • Timbers and beams
  • Authentic barn wood
  • Mantels and corbels
  • Planks and wall cladding
  • Timber trusses
  • Teak
  • Exterior siding
  • Ulin ironwood

Final Thoughts On Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in California

Reclaimed wood construction companies in California have emerged as trailblazers to bridge the gap between environmental consciousness and artistry.

By breathing new life into forgotten wood, these companies transform how we envision construction and design.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a reclaimed wood supplier in California, contact any of the above options and provide your specifications.

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