8 Great Cork Building Material Companies to Buy From

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Images courtesy of Manton Cork, JELINEK CORK GROUP®, BEACH BROS LTD, and Cork Flooring.

More and more people are looking to construct sustainable homes using materials like cork.

To meet this demand, many cork building material companies offer sustainable options for everything from flooring to insulation.

It’s hard to know which company to go to, and whether they meet the necessary quality requirements, so pinpointing the best cork building material companies to buy from can be difficult.

Remember, cork requires carefully controlled processing to convert it into quality building materials. From harvesting and grinding to compressing and molding, the process requires great care. Only experienced and reputable companies can handle these processes effectively.

In this article, I’ll discuss the eight great cork building material companies to buy from. I’ll discuss everything, including each company’s products and services and what makes them stand out.

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1. Manton Industrial Cork Products

A screenshot of the Manton Cork website.
Image courtesy of Manton Cork.

This is one of the great cork building material companies in the United States.

Founded in 1921, the Manton Industrial Cork Products Company is a family-operated business specializing in cork rolls and sheets.

The company prides itself as a supplier of cork rolls and sheets in all sizes. It also supplies custom cork for diverse customer needs.

Manton’s cork rolls and sheets are ideal for various construction projects like:

  • Flooring underlayment.
  • Cork Boards.
  • Wall Insulation.
  • Soundproofing commercial and residential properties.

The company stands out due to its installation guide for cork walls.

2. Sustainable Materials

A screenshot of the SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS website.

As the name suggests, this company specializes in different sustainable building materials.

Sustainable Materials bills themselves as “tree huggers at heart,” always searching for the next sustainable construction material.

Cork bricks are among the company’s products. With a three-dimensional design, a softer texture, a warmer feeling, and a sophisticated and warm style, the company ensures its bricks are a perfect fit for modern building designs.

The company stands out due to its commitment to providing top-notch quality materials sourced through sustainable methods.

3. iCork Floor

A screenshot of the iCork Floor website.
Image courtesy of iCork Floor.

This is your go-to company for cork flooring, underlayment, and wall tiles.

iCork Floor guarantees 100% customer satisfaction in terms of services and product quality.

The company’s unique approach to cork building materials is that it designs, manufactures, and tests everything to ensure customers do not have to worry about the product’s quality.

For the flooring option, you can choose between the floating or glue-down option, depending on your floor type.

The best aspect of this company is that it offers financing options for those on a tight budget. The two options are:

  • Buy now, pay later: This applies to orders under $1,000. The option gives you an extra 14, 21, or 30 days to complete your payments.
  • Pay over time with financing: You spread the cost with interest-free or interest-bearing monthly payments for this option. You can also pay the full amount.

4. Green Building Supply

A screenshot of the Green Building Supply, LLC website.
Image courtesy of Green Building Supply, LLC.

Green Building Supply is a U.S.-based company focusing on helping people create beautiful and healthier homes. It intends to achieve this by supplying high-performance and eco-friendly materials they have tested.

After working on more than 600 green buildings in the United States, the company has sufficient knowledge to offer quality materials.

As a supplier of sustainable flooring, Green Building Supply offers a range of waterproof cork floor tiles, underlayments, cork moldings, and moisture barriers.

The company stands out for its natural cork, guaranteed to be non-toxic. They also provide samples on request so customers can confirm the product’s quality before placing an order.

5. Wicanders

A screenshot of the Wicanders (Amorim Cork Flooring) website.
Image courtesy of Amorim Cork Flooring.

With a long history in the cork industry dating back to 1868, Wicanders is a giant among the cork building material companies.

The company produces high-end, quality flooring materials with an emphasis on luxury and style.

Wicanders offers natural cork visuals with unique designs ideal for commercial and residential properties.

With a focus on cork flooring in harmony with nature, the company stands out for its acoustic, thermal, and anti-allergenic properties.

Wicanders’ floor simulator allows you to visualize your preferred design before purchasing.

6. Jelinek Cork Group

A screenshot of the JELINEK CORK GROUP® website.
Image courtesy of JELINEK CORK GROUP®.

Established in 1855, Jelinek Cork Group is a renowned cork building material company headquartered in Canada. It has subsidiary warehousing, offices, and production facilities in other countries.

Dedicated to producing, promoting, and distributing cork products, Jelinek Cork stands out for its high-quality and original materials.

The company provides interior and exterior products like wall insulation, flooring, underlayment, decorative panels, ceiling tiles, rolls and sheets, and wine cork stoppers.

Jelinek Cork also offers installation support for those who want a professional finish. They also provide detailed technical information to make installation seamless.

Finally, this cork brand has a quality assurance manual that guarantees the utmost safety and technical excellence of its products.

7. Capri Collections

A screenshot of the Capri Collections website.
Image courtesy of Capri Collections.

This company deals with high-quality cork and rubber cork blends.

Capri Collections supplies highly versatile cork flooring and wall tiles. This makes it easier for customers to achieve creativity with its products.

The company’s installation gallery is an excellent inspiration source for building ideas and mixing colors.

Capri Collections’ cork building materials include:

  • Mediterra 2.0: A glue-down cork tile with an updated cork color palette for modern visuals. It’s prefinished with five coats of Capri’s TLP+ proprietary finish.
  • Eco-clicks cork floating floor: It uses the floating installation technique. The floor features unique cork patterns and colors in three layers for longevity.
  • 1860 cork wall tiles: Cork tiles with distinctive designs, natural textures, and dimensional variations.

8. Beach Bros Ltd

A screenshot of the BEACH BROS LTD website.
Image courtesy of BEACH BROS LTD.

Beach Bros Ltd is the U.K.’s largest importer and distributor of cork flooring. The company sources its products from Amorim & Wicanders – the world’s largest cork supplier.

Having been in business since 1868, Beach Bros Ltd is a reliable source of cork building materials. It offers floating and glue-down cork flooring in the following categories:

  • Cork heritage: Traditional glue-down cork tiles for high-traffic areas. It’s ideal for busy family homes and commercial buildings. They are the highest-density cork floor tiles in the U.K.
  • Cork essence: It incorporates the floating cork flooring system and is available in different designs. Its unique three-layer construction design makes it ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.
  • Cork Inspire: PVC-free and 100% waterproof cork flooring with a patented Cork Rigid Core.

Final Thoughts

The above great cork building material companies offer distinct products and services for different construction projects. Whether you’re looking for a natural and eco-friendly option or a modern solution, these companies will have something in their portfolio that meets your standards.

Since each company has unique features, it’s essential to explore and compare their options before making the final decision.

Once you’ve mulled over the information in this article, contact your preferred suppliers and discuss your project with them – they’ll be happy to help, and some offer free samples you can test.

Before leaving, here is the ultimate guide to achieve a self-sustaining home.

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