The 8 Best Places to Buy Your Earthbag Building Supplies

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Earthbag construction is becoming a sought-after building method due to its affordability, sustainability, and diverse choice of designs.

However, the quality of the supplies plays a crucial role in the success and longevity of an earthbag house. As a result, you need to know the best places to buy your earthbag building supplies for your project’s success.

With quality earthbag building supplies, you won’t have to worry about compromising the integrity of your earthbag structure.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy the full benefits of earthbag construction, like less energy consumption, cost-effectiveness, and a longer lifespan of your build.

This article discusses the eight best places to buy supplies for earthbag buildings.

Whether you’re an experienced architect or a first-time builder, these eight suppliers will provide you with the best materials and prices. Let’s dive in!

1. Sandbaggy

A screenshot of the website showing its logo and featured image, which is a field partially covered with a geotextile membrane to protect crops.
Image courtesy of SandBaggy.

Earthbags (sandbags) are crucial in earthbag construction. You need these bags to act as the outer protective layer and be filled with compacted soil or gravel, with each course held in place by strands of barbed wire.

Sandbaggy is a Christian-based company in California that offers premium quality earthbags that can be used for vertical walls, an earthbag dome, and other elements of earthbag structures.

These bags come in various sizes, shapes, and colors that are perfect for any project.

What makes Sandbaggy one of the best places to get your earth bags?

Besides quality, Sandbaggy offers their sandbags in price categories to make them affordable. The more bags you buy, the less you pay per bag.

Here are the main price categories at the time of writing:

  • 5 sandbags at $1.60
  • 10 sandbags at $1.20
  • 25 sandbags at 88 cents
  • 100 sandbags at 49 cents
  • 200 sandbags at 43 cents
  • 500 sandbags at 37 cents
  • 3,000 sandbags at 36 cents

2. Amazon

A screenshot of the Amazon website with a search for products relating to earthbags.
Image courtesy of Amazon.

The Amazon eCommerce store is not left behind when it comes to earthbag building supplies. The store offers various earthbags, including burlap, natural fiber, and even furniture-grade fabric bags, perfect for construction.

Moreover, Amazon has a great selection of building accessories like fillers, barbed wire, strings, tools, and ties that you can use to construct your earthbag house project.

Due to the excellent customer service and fantastic prices at Amazon, you can expect to have a seamless shopping experience.

3. The Sandbag Store

A screenshot of the Sandbag Store website showing its logo.
Image courtesy of The Sandbag Store.

The Sandbag Store is a U.S.-based earthbag supplier founded in 2012. Its founders, Chris Haas and Steve Burcham realized a distinct need for sustainability in the U.S. construction industry.

As military personnel, Haas and Burcham brought their military and industry experience together to create The Sandbag Store.

The store provides quality earthbags in various sizes and colors for residential and commercial projects.

What makes The Sandbag Store stand out? Their bags are made from polyethylene mesh fabric, a durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions without compromising the build’s structural integrity.

For easy navigation, the store has the following categories for its products:

  • Empty sandbags
  • Sandbags filled by weight
  • Sandbags filled by the pallet
  • Bag-filling machines

4. Bundaberg Bag Company

A screenshot of the Bundaberg Bag Company website.
Image courtesy of Bundaberg Bag Company.

Bundaberg Bag Company is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of woven polypropylene bags in Australia. The company stocks various sizes and colors of earthbags perfect for different earthbag house projects.

The company chose polypropylene for its bags since it’s durable and lasts longer than conventional bag materials.

Besides being eco-friendly, woven polypropylene has the following benefits:

  • It’s resistant to acids, alkalis, and organic solvents
  • It’s lightweight and breathable
  • It’s easy to coat the bags for anti-slip
  • They have a high melting point of 167°C (332.6°F) that allows a high operational temperature suitable for construction projects.

Finally, the company uses UV earthbag technology to treat its bags and increase their lifespans.

Besides earthbags, the company also supplies:

  • Ground covers
  • Woven tubings
  • Plastic sheets
  • Geo-textiles

5. Green Building Supply

A screenshot of the Green Building Supply website.
Image courtesy of Green Building Supply.

Green Building Supply was founded in the U.S. in 1991. The company’s mission was to become the leading supplier of non-toxic and sustainable materials.

The company is the best supplier of eco-flooring, natural paints, and roofing utilities for different construction projects, and is an excellent place to buy sustainable building materials to complement your home’s earthbag construction.

The best part is that the company tests its products before supplying them to customers. Therefore, you are guaranteed quality products from the Green Building Supply.

Since the company has a variety of eco-flooring supplies, you can choose any that meets your taste and aesthetics. For instance, you can go with cork flooring if you want something that’s moisture-resistant, soft, sustainable, and natural.

6. Lowe’s: Clay Bricks

Screenshot of the Lowes website showing clay brick products.
Image courtesy of Lowes.

You can use clay bricks for your earthbag building’s foundation. Clay bricks provide strength and durability to the structure.

Lowe’s is a renowned supplier of clay bricks made from natural clay. The bricks come in different colors, sizes, and shapes to match the different needs of a building.

Despite having high embodied energy, clay bricks can be made more eco-friendly by reusing them. They are also one of the more sustainable materials since they are made from soil, an abundant resource.

Finally, clay bricks are versatile; you can use them to construct walls, fireplaces, platforms, and steps.

Lowe’s is also a great place to pick up any tools or other materials, such as lime plasters to finish your vertical walls or barbed wire to help hold each course of earthbags together.

7. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Screenshot of the Elmwood Reclaimed Timber website.
Image courtesy of Elmwood Reclaimed Timber.

In addition to bags for its earthbag walls, your earthbag construction project will need wood for the roof, windows and other building components.

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber is one of the leading suppliers of quality reclaimed timber in the U.S.

As opposed to building with fresh hardwood timber contributing to deforestation, reclaimed timber is a sustainable method that conserves the environment.

The company treats the reclaimed timber for pests and other hazardous materials before selling it to customers. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your structure’s safety.

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber has different sizes and textures. This makes it easier to choose suitable timber for different building components like beams, shingles, flooring, ceilings, and wall treatments.

Finally, you can request custom-made timbers if you have specific requirements.

8. Cali Bamboo

A screenshot of the Cali Bamboo website.
Image courtesy of Cali Bamboo.

Bamboo is one of the sustainable building materials suitable for roofing and flooring.

Cali Bamboo is an excellent supplier of bamboo flooring materials you can use on your earthbag project.

Cali Bamboo’s flooring supplies undergo proprietary fossilized manufacturing that increases their density, making them harder. To make it even better, the company offers a 50-year warranty on its flooring materials.

Furthermore, the company provides different colors and sizes for its floors, allowing you to choose any that meet the needs of your building project and suit your taste.

Final Thoughts On Earthbag House Supplies

Earthbag building works with different supplies that may not be available at your local store. However, that shouldn’t get in the way of the success of your dream project.

The best places to buy your earthbag building supplies listed in this article should get you started. Remember to do your due diligence and compare prices and quality from different suppliers before purchasing.

Most importantly, prioritize sustainable building materials to blend with your earthbag construction.

Finding a shop to buy sustainable building materials can be challenging but don’t let this put you off using natural materials such as earth plasters.

Sometimes you can use materials from your building site, for example, soil from the building site, to make earth plasters for wall finishing.

If you’re having this problem, check out this article for 21 shops to buy sustainable building materials, which might help.

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