8 Best Engineered Wood Construction Companies in Wisconsin

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Images courtesy of Amerhart, Timber Technologies, Aacer Flooring, and Hardwoods of Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, engineered wood is gaining popularity as a strong, green building material.

Most Wisconsinites prefer engineered lumber for their projects due to its unmatched dimensional strength and durability. However, you’ll only enjoy these benefits if you source the material from one of the best engineered wood construction companies in Wisconsin.

Unlike solid wood, structurally-bonded engineered timber is highly resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

However, bonding the engineered wood’s layers requires expertise to guarantee excellent dimensional strength. This explains why sourcing the material from an authentic and experienced manufacturer is essential.

In this article, I’ll discuss the eight best engineered wood construction companies in Wisconsin. I’ll help you make the right decision by discussing each company’s products, services, and expertise. Stay tuned!

1. Amerhart

A screenshot of the Amerhart website.
A screenshot of the Amerhart website. Image courtesy of Amerhart.

Established in 1940, Amerhart is one of America’s largest independently-owned building material suppliers.

The company prides itself on an extensive inventory of building materials ranging from engineered lumber, panels, plywood, siding, roofing, cabinet hardware, and lighting.

Most builders choose Amerhart due to its unique “Beyond the Order” service for materials, customizations, and excellent customer service. This approach means the company is focused on supplying quality products to customers at the right time.

Amerhart’s “Beyond the Order” service entails:

  • Top brands: The company uses its industry expertise to create strong relationships with suppliers to source the best brands for its customers. Such brands include Amerimax, Armadillo, A and M Wood Products, Arauco, Biewer Lumber, Atlas, and Boise Cascade.
  • Fabrication: Employing top-notch fabrications to produce unique building materials for one-of-a-kind exteriors and indoors.
  • Academy: Online courses that teach contractors about the leading building material brands and how to use their products. Those participating in this program earn a maximum of six Wisconsin Contractor Continuing Education Credits.
  • Amerhart Foundation: A foundation to give back to society. Since the company is 100% local, it relies on the communities in which it operates to provide excellent customer service.
  • Retail sales support: Amerhart has a dedicated and professional team that helps customers get the best products by providing the necessary support and advice.

What sets Amerhart apart is its unique financing option tailored to work for customers’ business models. However, you must have a physical location like a shop or storefront where customers can purchase building materials like engineered wood to qualify.

The company’s agenda of exceeding customer expectations in all projects makes it a preferred choice for many. Its Wisconsin-based facilities are in the following localities:

  • Green Bay
  • West Salem
  • Sun Prairie
  • Sheboygan Falls
  • Wind Mill Slatwall Products

You can order the following engineered wood products from Amerhart:

  • I-Joists
  • Laminated columns
  • Engineered wood studs
  • Glulam
  • LSLs
  • LVLs
  • Rim boards

2. Timber Technologies

A screenshot of the Timber Technologies website.
A screenshot of the Timber Technologies website. Image courtesy of Timber Technologies.

Timber Technologies is one of the best engineered wood construction companies in Wisconsin due to its focus on sustainable construction. It engineers its wood products to be highly resilient and durable.

Founded in 2003 in Colfax, Wisconsin, Timber Technologies specializes in the highest-quality laminated wood products to meet the demands of the modern building industry.

The company’s founders, Dale and Tom, are highly experienced in the lumber industry.

Before establishing Timber Technologies, Dale was working as a glulam product manufacturer.

On the other hand, Tom was an employee of a lumber wholesaler in Minneapolis. Therefore, the two were well-equipped with the knowledge to make quality engineered lumber products.

What sets Timber Technologies apart is its commitment to excellence in engineered wood construction.

The firm focuses on saving its clients’ labor, time, and money by engineering its wood products to carry the specified load. It achieves this by manufacturing its products with the following qualities:

  • Glulam: It’s laminated on each plywood’s face to create a stronger bond.
  • Waterproof: The company uses a two-part urethane adhesive that permanently seals the edges of each plywood, making it resistant to water damage.
  • Stronger: Creating glued and finger-jointed timbers with enhanced strength and durability.
  • Lighter: Unlike nail lams or solid-sawn timbers, products from Timber Technologies are lighter, making them easier to work with.

Timber Technologies specializes in the following two main engineered wood products:

  • Glulam beams: They are ideal for ridge beams, basement beams, window headers, stair stringers, rafters, and garage door headers.
  • Treated glulam beams: They are suitable for porches, exterior decks, crane mats, boardwalks, trellises, and bridge decking.

3. Aacer Flooring

A screenshot of the Aacer Flooring website.
A screenshot of the Aacer Flooring website. Image courtesy of Aacer Flooring.

Located in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, Aacer Flooring prides itself on manufacturing high-caliber Northern hardwood flooring. It targets residential, recreational, commercial, and sports markets.

Aacer Flooring boasts itself as the manufacturer of authentic Northern hardwood flooring. It achieves this by sourcing its wood from Northern Wisconsin and Michigan.

What sets this form apart is its extensive investment in modern technologies to create the best products.

Its 350,000-square-foot (32,516.06-square-meter), environmentally-controlled facility ensures the highest precision in the industry.

Being environmentally controlled means the company can continuously monitor and control its production process. Consequently, it creates superior-quality solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

What’s more, Aacer Flooring has 15 modern kilns that dry the wood using low temperatures to ensure consistent moisture for durability.

With consistent moisture, the wood becomes highly resistant to warping and shrinking due to fluctuations in weather conditions.

The best part is that this firm is a fully-integrated hardwood flooring manufacturer. Thus, all processes, from wood selection, precision milling, drying, and hand-grading to prefinishing, are undertaken under one roof. This guarantees high-quality control for all products.

Finally, since Aacer Flooring is certified by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), customers can be assured of its quality.

4. Hardwoods of Wisconsin

A screenshot of the Hardwoods of Wisconsin website.
A screenshot of the Hardwoods of Wisconsin website. Image courtesy of Hardwoods of Wisconsin.

Hardwoods of Wisconsin is one of the best engineered wood construction companies in Wisconsin due to its pursuit of the most unique products. It specializes in different types of flooring.

Located in Nathan Lane Elkhorn, the company works with manufacturers directly to get superior quality products.

Its three generations’ worth of experience means it has the necessary expertise to manufacture quality engineered wood products.

Hardwoods of Wisconsin’s engineered French oak flooring is wider and longer than the standard boards. Therefore, it adds a truly unique look to any project.

What sets this firm apart is that it combines its intimate flooring knowledge with decades of experience to craft engineered hardwood flooring that addresses customers’ challenges.

The company employs a unique cross-finger construction technique, making its floors stronger and more durable.

The technique entails bonding a 5 mm (0.20-inch) sawn face (not peeled or sliced) on solid wood core and back layers.

Besides being durable, the resulting floor is highly versatile, with engineered wood’s stability and solid lumber’s sanding capability.

5. Builders FirstSource

A screenshot of the Builders FirstSource website.
A screenshot of the Builders FirstSource website. Image courtesy of Builders FirstSource.

Builders FirstSource boasts itself as America’s largest supplier of structural building materials and value-added components.

Its focus on ensuring unparalleled services and customer satisfaction has made it one of the best engineered wood construction companies in Wisconsin.

What sets this company apart is that it invests in value-added products, innovation, and top-notch manufacturing capabilities. This approach has enabled it to outperform the competition.

With a presence in 42 states, this firm boasts an extensive clientele who trust the quality of its products.

Moreover, Builders FirstSource has a talented nationwide team that’s highly experienced in the industry. Therefore, it helps solve building challenges and streamline customers’ projects.

The company’s team is aided by cutting-edge automation that guarantees job site efficiency. Thus, this is the ideal company for precise, accurate products.

Its engineered wood product line includes:

  • I-Joists
  • Rim boards
  • Glue-laminated timber (Glulam)
  • Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
  • Laminated strand lumber (LSL)

The company has facilities in different cities in Wisconsin. The common ones are:

  • Germantown
  • Fort Atkinson
  • Monroe
  • Madison
  • Platteville
  • New Richmond
  • Wausau
  • Greenwood

6. Nelson Young Lumber Company

A screenshot of the Nelson Young Lumber Company website.
A screenshot of the Nelson Young Lumber Company website. Image courtesy of Nelson Young Lumber Company.

Founded in 1913 in Edgerton, Wisconsin, Nelson Young Lumber Company is a family-owned and operated firm specializing in engineered wood products.

The company boasts itself on timely deliveries and excellent customer service.

It’s among the few firms in Wisconsin whose sales staff have years of industry experience. Therefore, they understand the customer’s requirements and focus on helping them find the best solutions.

Nelson Young Lumber Company is highly diversified and strategically located to serve its customers better.

The company has facilities in the following locations for efficiency:

  • Edgerton
  • Evansville
  • Deerfield
  • Nelson Truss

Nelson Young Lumber Company specializes in the following engineered wood products:

  • I-Joists: Versatile, uniform, and dimensionally-stable with long lengths. These features help in faster installations using fewer pieces to save on cost. The company achieves these qualities by combining finger-jointed sawn wood flanges or LVL with a string of Oriented Strand Board (OSB).
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL): Straight, durable, and strong with superior performance. These features make it ideal for framing. The product is dimensionally-stable to resist twisting, warping, and shrinking. Moreover, it comes with accurate sizes for easy installation.

Finally, Nelson Young Lumber Companyoffers a limited lifetime warranty on all its I-Joists and LVLs. This evidences the company’s commitment to producing quality products for a lifetime of enjoyment.

7. Floors For Less

A screenshot of the Floors For Less website.
A screenshot of the Floors For Less website. Image courtesy of Floors For Less.

Founded in 2014, Floors For Less prides itself as the best flooring firm in Madison, Wisconsin.

Located in Middleton and Brodhead, the company has an experienced team with over 30 years of combined product experience. The team is knowledgeable in different types of floors, including solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

Besides supplying flooring, the company specializes in professional repairs and installations. Therefore, it’s a full-service firm that guarantees nothing but the best.

By emphasizing knowledge, service, and excellent customer service, the firm has established itself as a leader in engineered flooring in Wisconsin.

Floors For Less is dedicated to helping customers find the perfect wood floor.

It buys its products directly from the manufacturers to help customers save more.

Floors For Less selects only the best engineered wood products with the following benefits:

  • Stability and durability: It sources options that are highly stable in humid areas and those with constant temperature fluctuations.
  • Versatility: It goes for different styles in terms of the wood species used to make the wear layer. From maple and oak to teak, there is a wide variety to choose from.
  • Cost-effective: It supplies cheaper alternatives to solid hardwood flooring. Although cheaper, these engineered wood floors look and feel the same as their solid wood counterparts.
  • Easy installation: It sources engineered wood flooring designed with a tongue-and-groove system for easy installation. The tongue-and-groove system means the floor clicks together naturally, making it suitable for DIYers.

Finally, Floors For Less offers unique flooring installation that incorporates three steps:

  1. Before: Visiting the job site for inspections. Formal measurements and consultations are also undertaken in this step.
  2. During: Cleaning and preparing the surface for installation. The flooring is then installed using the most appropriate technique — gluing or floating.
  3. After: Final inspection, cleaning, and moving household items and furniture back into the space.

8. Pukall Lumber Company

A screenshot of the Pukall Lumber Company website.
A screenshot of the Pukall Lumber Company website. Image courtesy of Pukall Lumber Company.

Pukall Lumber Company supplies a full line of construction materials to professional builders and homeowners.

Since its inception in 1937, this family-owned company has consistently supplied top-quality building materials and services to its customers.

Pukall Lumber Company has four lumber yards with showrooms in Manitowish Waters, Arbor Vitae, Woodruff, and Minocqua to serve its Wisconsin-based customers better. Therefore, you can choose a facility closer to you for convenience.

Besides supplying dimensional lumber from 2×4 to 2×12, the company specializes in sustainable building materials like engineered wood.

Pukall Lumber Company customizes its product to fit individual requirements. For instance, it custom-mills wood to exact sizes for a perfect fit on-site.

The firm’s primary services include:

  • Next-day deliveries for most products
  • Custom specialty manufacturing
  • Take-offs
  • U-Haul renting
  • Power tool repair
  • Re-keying of locks
  • Blade sharpening

What sets this company apart is its easy and efficient quote generation. Customers are only expected to choose and indicate their preferred product and quantity to receive the quote.

Final Thoughts On The Best Engineered Wood Construction Companies in Wisconsin

If your only challenge was finding the best engineered wood construction companies in Wisconsin, then your search stops here.

The above companies are knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to delivering quality products and excellent customer service.

Go through their websites for more information about services, locations, and contact details.

Once you’ve absorbed everything, choose a company best suited to your project’s needs.

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