12 Best Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in Washington

Screenshots of the websites of four of the Best Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in Washington. In the center of the image is an outline map of the state of Washington filled with brown.

Images courtesy of PNW Barnwood Supply, E.T. Moore, Bingham Lumber, and Vintage Lumber.

If you live in Washington and are looking to give your home or office an eco-friendly, rustic appearance, reclaimed wood is an excellent option.

Besides being a sustainable building material, reclaimed wood is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. That said, what are the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Washington to get the job done?

There are two critical factors to consider when choosing a reclaimed wood company — its material source and reclamation process. The company must source authentic and original old-growth wood. Moreover, it must have experienced staff who understand repurposing services like de-nailing, kiln-drying, and fumigating the wood for safety.

In this article, I’ve considered the above factors to create this list of the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Washington. I’ll discuss each company, including what makes its offering unique and sustainable.

Keep reading to find the best option for your salvaged wood needs.

1. PNW Barnwood Supply

A screenshot of the PNW Barnwood Supply website.
A screenshot of the PNW Barnwood Supply website. Image courtesy of PNW Barnwood Supply.

Based in Ferndale, PNW Barnwood Supply is one of the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Washington. It specializes in deconstruction and salvaging old-growth wood from barns.

PNW Barnwood Supply is unique because it only targets old-growth wood from the pre-1940s. Therefore, it only searches for these barns and carefully dismantles them to salvage as much reusable lumber as possible. This is an excellent process of preserving and repurposing the wood while maintaining its original charm.

The company’s experienced staff prepare the salvaged lumber for reuse. The wood goes through careful inspection and hand-cleaning, de-nailing, and remanufacturing to meet the desired standards.

PNW Barnwood Supply is committed to sustainable construction by manually undertaking all its reclamation processes. It hand-deconstructs, de-nails, and processes its reclaimed wood on-site to reduce the environmental impact.

Besides supplying reclaimed wood, PNW Barnwood Supply offers the following services:

  • Deconstruction: Hybrid and hand-deconstruction of outbuildings, barns, and other structures in Skagit and Whatcom Counties in Washington. It prefers structures built before the 1940s.
  • Historic barn restoration and materials sourcing: Preserving the history of barns in the Pacific Northwest region. It achieves this by separating materials from each source with a unique history.
  • Consultation: Barn-related consultations, including renovation, restoration, deconstruction, and demolition.
  • Custom building and design: Creating and designing structures like barn doors, accent walls, paneling, countertops, and flooring.

2. E.T. Moore

A screenshot of the E.T. Moore website.
A screenshot of the E.T. Moore website. Image courtesy of E.T. Moore.

E.T. Moore boasts itself as the provider of authentic reclaimed wood that adds charm and elegance to different spaces.

Founded in 1969, E.T. Moore focuses on green building by supplying beautiful, quality salvaged wood with a unique American history.

As the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of vintage heart pine products, the company specializes in custom-ordered salvaged wood to ensure clients get products suited to their projects.

E.T. Moore scours the Eastern Seaboard in Washington for authentic antique lumber and other reclaimed wood materials. Its staff is trained to identify quality and original heart pine and sinker cypress for reclamation.

Once in the processing plant, the wood is repurposed to be highly flexible and suitable for various applications.

From reclaimed wood walls and period doors to kitchen countertops and dining room tables, E.T. Moore has a wide selection of vintage lumber for your unique project.

The company is committed to preserving American history and culture through its reclaimed wood products. It also encourages environmental sustainability by supporting green building projects with salvaged materials.

E.T. Moore’s reclaimed wood products include:

  • Flooring
  • Lumber
  • Lumber specials
  • Fireplace mantels
  • Wood beams
  • Wood panels, skins, and shelves

3. Bingham Lumber

A screenshot of the Bingham Lumber website.
A screenshot of the Bingham Lumber website. Image courtesy of Bingham Lumber.

Established in 1946, Bingham Lumber is among the most experienced reclaimed wood construction companies in Washington. It specializes in wide plank flooring, antique wood, and wainscot.

The company has state-of-the-art facilities that aid in repurposing reclaimed wood for different uses. It has a millwork shop for customized furniture pieces and other services.

Its showroom depicts period wall sheathing, flooring, and molding in classic pine and antique hardwoods.

What sets Bingham Lumber apart is its collaboration with renowned international companies specializing in natural surfaces. These collaborations have enabled it to manufacture some of the best wood wall sheathings that have won several international awards.

Bingham Lumber’s main products include:

  • Reclaimed flooring
  • Custom millwork and tables
  • Wide plank floors
  • hand-hewn beams
  • Kitchen flooring
  • Barn siding and paneling
  • Lumber barns

4. Vintage Lumber

A screenshot of the Vintage Lumber website.
A screenshot of the Vintage Lumber website. Image courtesy of Vintage Lumber.

Founded in 1973, Vintage Lumber has remained steadfast in reusing old wood dismantled from barns and other old-age structures throughout the U.S. Thus, it’s a national manufacturer and supplier of vintage wood products.

The company’s unique approach entails supplying vintage lumber “as is” for a rustic look and pre-finished options.

The pre-finished option is ideal for clients who need a product with a smooth and consistent finish.

Vintage Lumber’s salvaging and repurposing process entails the following:

  • Sourcing: The company obtains the wood from pickers who scour the country in search of derelict structures to dismantle.
  • Metal detection and removal: Searching for nails, screws, and other fasteners manually and using metal detectors. After identifying these metals, they’re manually removed to ensure the wood is safe for machines and humans.
  • Processing and kiln-drying: Sawing beams into boards and end-trimming them. After that, they’re stacked into uniform lengths and kiln-dried to reduce and equalize the moisture content. Kiln drying also helps kill pests and mold.
  • Indoor storage: The boards are unstacked and restacked for proper storage.

5. Re-Use Consulting

A screenshot of the Re-Use Consulting website.
A screenshot of the Re-Use Consulting website. Image courtesy of Re-Use Consulting.

With a presence in 44 U.S. states, 4 provinces, and 9 countries, Re-Use Consulting is one of the best reclaimed wood companies in Washington.

As its name suggests, the company specializes in sourcing reclaimed materials like wood for reuse in other projects. It also fosters sustainability by reducing construction project waste that gets into landfills.

As a consulting firm, the company advises customers on sustainable alternatives to demolition. It also supplies salvaged materials to those looking for rustic appearances in their projects.

Re-Use Consulting is also a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor for deconstruction services in Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

What sets this company apart is its deconstruction institute which educates builders and other contractors on remanufacturing, building deconstruction, creating reclaimed value-added products, disassembling and designing, operating a reuse store, and establishing a circular economy.

The company’s services include the following:

  • Manual building deconstruction
  • Hybrid building deconstruction
  • Building harvesting
  • Partial deconstructions
  • Building kits

6. Reclaimed Wood Seattle

A screenshot of the Reclaimed Wood Seattle website.
A screenshot of the Reclaimed Wood Seattle website. Image courtesy of Reclaimed Wood Seattle.

Reclaimed Wood Seattle specializes in custom reclaimed wood furniture and live edge slabs in Washington and San Diego.

The company demolishes, restores, and sources barns for its inventory of grade 1 lumber. The best part is that it only supplies 100% salvaged lumber. Therefore, you can rest assured of getting quality, authentic reclaimed wood products.

Reclaimed Wood Seattle has seasoned designers and woodworkers ready to help build your desired furniture. Its services include:

  • Milling: Salvaged wood milling services incorporating structural and aesthetic designs based on the required standards.
  • Residential: Building residential furniture to the customer’s specifications. The company’s in-house designers can help you develop a unique design based on your home’s decor.
  • Commercial: Designing and building tables, custom bars, signage, siding, walls, and other office furniture.

7. Pacific Northwest Timbers, LLC

A screenshot of the Pacific Northwest Timbers, LLC website.
A screenshot of the Pacific Northwest Timbers, LLC website. Image courtesy of Pacific Northwest Timbers, LLC.

Located in Port Townsend, Washington, Pacific Northwest Timbers, LLC specializes in ecologically-reclaimed wood for residential and commercial construction projects.

The company sources and repurposes old-growth wood from barns to meet modern construction standards.

When repurposing wood, Pacific Northwest Timbers, LLC aims to preserve its rustic patina as much as possible to maintain the aesthetic appearance.

Since the company is FSC-certified, you can rest assured of getting responsibly sourced wood. It’s also among the few firms whose wood qualifies for LEED point values.

The company’s extensive experience and collaboration with knowledgeable woodworkers enable it to manufacture high-quality products from recycled materials.

Its products and services include:

  • Paneling and siding
  • Barn wood siding
  • Wood flooring
  • Timbers
  • Mantels
  • Boat wood
  • Treehouses

8. Crossroads Recycled Lumber, LLC

A screenshot of the Crossroads Recycled Lumber, LLC website.
A screenshot of the Crossroads Recycled Lumber, LLC website. Image courtesy of Crossroads Recycled Lumber, LLC.

Established in 1981, Crossroads Recycled Lumber, LLC has been recycling and supplying old-growth wood throughout the Pacific West for decades.

The company’s goal is to promote sustainability and green building. Consequently, it collaborates with people specializing in straw bales and other natural, eco-friendly building materials.

The best part is that most of this company’s lumber is FSC-certified.

With over 40 years of providing exceptional services, Crossroads Recycled Lumber, LLC guarantees high-quality products and services to customers throughout the U.S.

The company’s services include the following:

  • Custom milling to specific dimensions
  • In-house grading that certifies most building requirements
  • Regular grading for select beams

Its reclaimed wood products include:

  • Siding and paneling
  • Timbers
  • Flooring
  • Barnwood
  • Rescued local pine
  • Mantels
  • Slabs for countertops and tables

Besides the above, Crossroads Recycled Lumber, LLC has discount sale items, including inventory closeouts, flooring, and paneling.

9. Earthwise Architectural Salvage

A screenshot of the Earthwise Architectural Salvage website.
A screenshot of the Earthwise Architectural Salvage website. Image courtesy of Earthwise Architectural Salvage.

Established in 1991, Earthwise Architectural Salvage supplies reclaimed materials, including wood, throughout Washington.

With branches in Tacoma, Seattle, and Aberdeen, this company makes it easier for orders to reach customers on time.

Earthwise Architectural Salvage scours the country in search of old-growth wood flooring and furniture for reclamation.

The company’s unique approach entails providing competitive onsite bid services for projects free of charge. This establishes long-term relationships with clients, contractors, engineers, and designers.

Earthwise Architectural Salvage offers the following services:

  • Expert material removal.
  • Free site bids.
  • Site walks.
  • Drop-off and pick up.

10. Island Reclaimed Wood, LLC

A screenshot of the Island Reclaimed Wood, LLC website.
A screenshot of the Island Reclaimed Wood, LLC website. Image courtesy of Island Reclaimed Wood, LLC.

Located in SoDo, Seattle, Island Reclaimed Wood, LLC is a company passionate about building unique furniture using reclaimed wood.

The company customizes its furniture to match your needs and preferences. It also creates custom furniture for commercial projects.

The company’s approach entails sourcing and refining exotic lumber to attain desired aesthetics for different purposes. From residential furniture to commercial projects, Island Reclaimed Wood, LLC provides quality services and products to customers.

You can rely on this company for products such as:

  • Coffee tables
  • Tables
  • Entryway tables
  • Charcuterie boards

11. Urban Reclamations

A screenshot of the Urban Reclamations website.
A screenshot of the Urban Reclamations website. Image courtesy of Urban Reclamations.

Urban Reclamations is the best supplier of reclaimed wood furnishings and fixtures in Washington and across the globe.

The company has a unique three-step process that entails reclaiming, re-imagining, and reusing.

Its reclamation process entails analyzing old barns and buildings up for demolition to ensure they meet the required standards.

The analysis aims to locate old-growth timber with a unique patina that can only be produced by mother nature. After determining the suitable wood, Urban Reclamations salvages and repurposes it into furniture and fixtures.

The firm’s experienced staff employs their craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind conversation pieces sure to make a statement.

The staff spends countless hours sanding and shaping salvaged wood pieces to portray their unique grains, colors, and story.

The final step is finishing any furniture piece with a protective coating and a natural seasoning to preserve the wood’s poetry for a one-of-a-kind appearance.

12. Second Use

A screenshot of the Second Use website.
A screenshot of the Second Use website. Image courtesy of Second Use.

Based in Seattle and Tacoma, Second Use specializes in salvaging and repurposing building materials for second use.

Established in 1994, it’s among the leading reclaimed wood construction companies in Washington due to its excellent services and quality products.

As a community business, the company salvages its materials from the local community and ensures they’re also used locally.

The company aims to provide an enjoyable shopping experience by building its capabilities in professional deconstruction and salvage services.

Second Use achieves its goal of supplying top-quality reclaimed wood by collaborating with contractors, customers, homeowners, and the community.

This firm has managed to be one of the most successful salvage businesses in Washington due to its experienced staff.

It employs professional and creative people who help customers choose ideal salvaged materials to meet their unique needs.

Second Use offers the following services:

  • Drop-off: The company’s locations have receiving departments where you can drop your salvaged building material for compensation.
  • Pick-up: If you can’t drop-off, the company offers free pick-up services for qualifying materials throughout Tacoma and Seattle.
  • Salvaging: If you need to remove certain materials from your building, Second Use employs bonded and licensed staff to help you. The company offers free removal for non-structural, renewable building materials in Seattle and Tacoma.

Finally, Second Use is a verified demolition agent according to Seattle City’s stipulations. Therefore, it’s qualified to conduct a deconstruction and salvage assessment for spaces exceeding 750 square feet (70 square meters).

Final Thoughts On The Best Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in Washington

With this list of the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Washington, you can now rest assured knowing where to source the material for your project.

Each company offers unique services, products, and experiences to make your project successful.

The parting shot is that you should only contract a company that meets your needs by considering cost, expertise, customer service, and quality.

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