11 Earthbag House Kits, House Plans (Plus Off-Grid)

A plastered earthbag house with a partially-constructed earthbag house in the background. There are trees and mountains in the distance. Across the bottom of the image are the words "11 Earthbag House Kits, House Plans (Plus Off-Grid)." In the top right corner is a house plan front elevation with "approved for construction" written on it.

Image courtesy of New Society Publishers.

Like any other construction project, you need a plan for your earthbag house to aid in budgeting and scheduling and to seek permissions, approvals, and direct work on site.

With the many house plans out there, it can be challenging to identify the right one that meets your needs.

An earthbag house plan must be designed by a qualified architect who understands what goes into building a sustainable earthbag home. You can also pick up an earthbag house kit to help speed you on your way and avoid headaches with sourcing the right materials.

An excellent house plan must be adequately detailed and specify the different features accurately. Quirks and faults in your earthbag house plan will most likely cause problems during building and, ultimately, could waste your entire investment.

In this article, I’ll list 11 earthbag house kits and plans you can use for your next project.

The list incorporates off-grid earthbag home plans for those planning for an energy-efficient home. So, let’s get started!

1. Earthbag Arc House

An image showing a computer-generated image of the earthbag arc house with its house plan beneath to illustrate what you can get from an earthbag house kit.
Image courtesy of EarthbagBuilding.com.

Designed by Owen Geiger, this earthbag house plan is suitable for off-grid construction. It’s designed with gentle curves to leverage solar energy during the day.

The curved walls capture and store solar energy to stabilize the house’s temperature when it gets cold.

The Earthbag Arc House plan has a 672 square feet interior, one bath, and one bedroom.

It costs $200 for a PDF version and $400 for AutoCAD files.

2. Eco Nest 1200

A house made from earthbags plastered in gray with natural wood eaves and pillars.
Image courtesy of Dream Green Homes.

Designed by architect Touson Saryon, the Eco Nest 1200 earthbag house plan is ideal for an off-grid building.

The floor is designed for easy heating via solar gain. It also accommodates a wood stove for heating at night or when it gets extremely cold.

The house occupies 1,434 square feet, making it an ideal plan for a family.

The plan is sold in 5 Sets of 18″x24″ Prints for $995. You can buy extra prints for $40.

3. Baca Hybrid

A colored pencil drawing of the front elevation of the Baca Hybrid home. It has a green and brown facade with lots of large windows. There is a metal flue mounted on the roof. In the bottom left corner is a set of house plans.
Image courtesy of EarthbagBuilding.com.

This is a plan for a 1,250 square feet earthbag house.

The Baca Hybrid plan features two bedrooms and two hybrid stories.

The kit has a solar greenhouse, a combination of earthbags and straw bales, and a naturally-cooled pantry.

It’s also designed to be energy-efficient and will need less backup heating.

The digital PDF version of this plan costs $100.

4. Earthbag Roundhouse

An earthbag roundhouse set in green parkland with square windows running around its entire circumference. It has a pitched roof. In the bottom right of the image is a set of plans for the earthbag roundhouse.
Image courtesy of Dream Green Homes.

The Earthbag Roundhouse by Owen Geiger is designed with a south-facing window for excellent solar gain.

It has an 855 square feet interior, one bathroom, and one bedroom.

An excellent fact about building a roundhouse is that they are highly resistant to storms.

The PDF version of this plan costs $200, and the AutoCAD version goes for $400.

5. Barn-Style House

A barn-style house in a computer-generated image with a set of plans beneath.
Image courtesy of Dream Green Homes.

The Barn-Style House is a plan designed by Owen Geiger. It occupies 1,506 square feet (1,260 square feet interior and 246 square feet upper floor).

This design is ideal for family living due to its three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The unique feature of this design is its elevation which enables access to all floors.

You can get the plan as a PDF for $300 or AutoCAD files for $500.

6. Beachcomber House

The beachcomber house by Green Dream Homes.It is a single story with a pitched roof and porch area.
Image courtesy of Dream Green Homes.

This is an ideal kit for large families.

Designed by Owen Geiger, the Beachcomber House plan features spacious bedrooms, a large modern kitchen, and a wood stove.

It occupies 1,352 square feet and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The plan is the true definition of a modern house due to the presence of a master bedroom with closets, photovoltaic controls, and radiant floor heating.

You can get the PDF version of this plan for $300 and AutoCAD files for $500.

7. Carriage House

An earthbag house with a domed roof in the shape of a polytunnel. The ends of the tunnel shape are closed with a wooden construction that has doors and windows in it. The walls long sides and roof of the building are plastered in gray.
Image courtesy of Dream Green Homes.

This is a design by Kelly Hart. It’s suitable for a garages, shops, and offices.

The plan occupies 900 square feet and is a hybrid design that combines earthbag walls, concrete floors, and wood-framed end walls.

The Carriage House is a two-story design with the first floor designated for storage, a garage, and a shop.

Above this, the second floor is ideal for office space.

The PDF version of this plan goes for $100.

8. Earth-Bermed Natural House

A house plan for the Earth-Bermed Natural Earthbag House by Green Dream Homes. There is an inset image showing the house as it would look when completed. The inset image is computer-generated.
Image courtesy of Dream Green Homes.

This is an energy-efficient earthbag house plan by Owen Geiger. It features a sleeping loft and an office space with a south-facing window for sufficient solar gain.

The bermed design ensures that the house blends into its environment.

The interior of the Earth-Bermed Natural House plan occupies 287 square feet, while the sleeping loft provides a further 287 square feet of living space.

You can get the plan as a PDF for $200 or AutoCAD files for $400.

9. Enviro Earthbag Dome

An artist's impression of the Dream Green Homes Environ-Earthbag Dome house. It has a red sandstone appearance and has windows high up in the dome as well as lower down the walls. The plans for the house are included as an inset picture in the top left of the image.
Image courtesy of Dream Green Homes.

The Enviro Earthbag Dome is a livable plan by Owen Geiger.

The dome occupies 811 square feet with a 23′ x 42′ footprint. It’s designed to accommodate everything you need for modern living.

This plan is ideal for any family, with everything from sleeping lofts and an office to living and storage space.

It’s also your go-to option if you’re on a tight budget.

The PDF version costs $300, while AutoCAD files cost $500.

10. Farmhouse

A set of plans for the Farmhouse earthbag house by Dream Green Homes. The plans show a bathroom and master bedroom. In the bottom left is an inset picture showing what the farmhouse looks like when completed.
Image courtesy of Dream Green Homes.

Farmhouse is an earthbag house plan designed by Owen Geiger.

It’s a two-story house with an extension for a shed and family room. The plan has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

It occupies 1,440 square feet (928 square feet interior and a 512 square feet upper floor).

As a hybrid plan, it incorporates earthbag and post-and-beam strawbale construction methods.

Alternatively, you can use perlite, scoria, or rice hulls instead of straw.

The digital PDF version of the kit costs $300, while its AutoCAD files are sold for $500.

11. Fourplex

A set of plans for the Fourplex earthbag house with an inset picture in the bottom left showing the finished building.
Image courtesy of Dream Green Homes.

This is a design for an investment property by Owen Geiger. It’s a hybrid design that combines earthbags, cob, strawbales, and wood.

The Fourplex house plan is partitioned into four units, each with an interior of 462 square feet, one bedroom, and one bathroom.

There is an additional 8-inch (20.32 cm) wrap around the porches to enhance the building’s aesthetic appeal.

The plan features the relevant elevations, cross-section details, floor plans, and other details needed to make a complete house.

You can get the PDF digital plan for $200 and the AutoCAD files for $400.

A point worth noting is that PayPal is the preferred payment mode for all the above earthbag house kits.

Final Thoughts

Proper research before purchasing an earthbag house kit or plan is essential.

Thorough research will help you understand your project’s essential features and specifications.

The above earthbag house kits and plans are an excellent way to get your project off the ground. With these earthbag house plans, you’ll save time and money.

Once you have the house plan, the next step is to buy construction materials. Here are the eight best places to buy your earthbag building supplies.

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