The 11 Coolest Bamboo Houses In The World (to Visit)

A row of bamboo huts on stilts with pent roofs and a covered decking area that overlook a spectacular view of a misty plan below. Across the top are the words "The 11 Coolest Bamboo Houses In The World (to Visit)."

Bamboo houses offer an alternative accommodation solution that is surprisingly sturdy and eco-friendly.

Although Bamboo houses are yet to achieve worldwide popularity, these building materials are commonly used in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia.

If you’re planning to visit a bamboo house, this guide has got you covered with the 11 coolest bamboo houses in the world.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

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1. Le Sabot – Indonesia

Bamboo houses with palm trees around them and a swimming pool in front. There is also a field of lush grass out front and two pool loungers with rolled up blue towels on them.
Image courtesy of Le Sabot – Bali.

Le Sabot is at the center of Ubud, a town situated in the heart of Bali, Indonesia.

This one is a large resort composed of various small villas and privacy-friendly houses made exclusively from bamboo.

The best part about this property is that each house features a private bathroom with a dedicated showering area.

The facility’s rooms are large and contain double beds, with various houses featuring two bedrooms for larger families.

The pricing is also surprisingly reasonable, even by Bali standards, which is one of the unique aspects of Le Sabot.

2. Wind and Water Bar – Vietnam

A large bamboo building in a dome shape. The structural bamboo members are clearly visible and there are lanterns hanging from them in a ring. There is a hole in the roof at the top to allow light in also. Many tables and chairs are arranged on the ground floor and a mezzanine floor that has a bamboo balcony and stairs leading up to it.
The Wind and Water Bar in Vietnam is an impressive bamboo structure. Image courtesy of VTN Architects.

When it comes to unique structures that utilize bamboo in construction, there aren’t many places that would beat the Wind and Water Bar in Vietnam.

This building is designed by the renowned Vietnamese architect “Vo Trong Nghia.” The dome-shaped bamboo house is 15 meters in diameter and built in the center of a small lake with stepping stones leading inside.

The bamboo dome is also thatched to insulate the interior from wind and rain, with a central opening at the ceiling to allow sunlight inside.

3. Khao Sok (Surat Thani) Hotel – Thailand

The Bamboo House Hotel, Khao Sok (Surat Thani) Hotel - Thailand. It has a pitched roof and two signs outside saying "Bamboo House" and "Free WIFI."
Image courtesy of agoda and Khao Sok (Surat Thani) Hotel – Thailand.

Although there aren’t many bamboo houses outside Indonesia, the Khao Sok hotel in Thailand is one of the few examples of how sustainable bamboo houses could be.

What makes these houses unique is that they’re built on stilts to overcome the rainy conditions of the Thai jungles.

Despite being small, staying in these bamboo houses is quite an enjoyable and calming experience, as you’ll get to listen to the rainforests all day long.

Also, the houses are near a huge variety of beautiful wildflowers.

4. Veluvana Bali – Indonesia

A bamboo house which is open on three sides and has three stories and a swimming pool on the ground floor. A woman is perched on the top floor with her feet dangling over the edge and there is a man walking around the edge of the swimming pool. The roof resembles a tortoise shell shape and hangs down lower at the back to form a wall.
Magical accommodation is avialable at Veluvana Bali. Image courtesy of VELUVANA BALI.

This bamboo house is in Sidemen, a highly underrated spot for anyone who enjoys bamboo architecture.

The Veluvana house is relatively small but luxurious, composed of two floors with a balcony overlooking the rice fields around Mount Agung in Eastern Bali.

The bamboo used to build this lovely bamboo house was entirely sourced from local bamboo. Not only that, but the entire structure and the furniture inside were designed and built by local artisans.

The house features a lounging area on the ground floor and a full bathroom with a shower area.

The bedroom is on the upper floor and features a double-size bed and a reclining sofa. Veluvana Bali also features a small pool outside the house to chill out and enjoy the view.

5. Camaya Bali Suboya – Indonesia

A stylish two-story bamboo house with irregular geometry and strings of outdoor lights at dusk. There is a palm tree outside and a woman wearing a white dress made of light material walking along the path the leads to the house.
Image courtesy of Camaya Bali.

Camaya Bali includes some of the most attractive bamboo houses in Bali. The remarkable architecture and design of the house made it a popular tourist spot with hundreds of visitors every year.

This one is located in Selat, a small town 1.5 hours away from Ubud. Besides the bold design of the bamboo house, it’s also characterized by its eco-friendliness, privacy, and calm atmosphere.

The bamboo houses are similar on the inside, as they all feature two bedrooms, a lounging area, and a hanging net on the upper floor.

Another unique aspect of the Camaya Bali Suboya also features an outdoor bathroom, but don’t worry; it’s entirely secluded for privacy and comfort.

6. H&P Architects Blooming Bamboo Home

A square bamboo house on stilts above an area of dense shrubbery. The roof is pitched and has open vents that allow for ventilation.
Image courtesy of H&P Architects.

This bamboo home is made entirely from bamboo in the Hoan Kiem District, Vietnam. The house was built in 2013 and has a total area of around 473 square feet.

The excellent design of the house allows it to endure various natural phenomena, including floods up to 5 ft high.

The clever design of this bamboo house makes it suitable for a wide range of purposes. This means that besides residential use, you can also use it as a community center, school, or a hospital.

7. Bamboo Courtyard Teahouse – China

A square bamboo building at dusk. There are lights on inside allowing you to see through the bamboo culm uprights into the rooms inside. The building is surrounded by water that is flat calm.
Bamboo Courtyard Teahouse – China. Image courtesy of ArchDaily.

Although this one isn’t precisely a bamboo house, it’s an incredible addition to the list that you must visit at least once if you get the chance.

The Bamboo Courtyard Teahouse is a unique building designed by Harmony World Consulting and Design (HWCD) and is located in Shiqiao park in Yangzhou, China.

The building stretches over 4,300 sq ft, making it one of the largest bamboo houses on the list.

The Courtyard Teahouse embraces the traditional Chinese building style with bamboo and features plenty of open-air seating areas.

8. Balikayanas Bamboo House – Indonesia

The view from inside a bamboo house looking out. There are no walls, just a roof but the space is luxuriously appointed and there is a lush garden outside.
Balikayanas Bamboo House – Indonesia. Image courtesy of

Balikayanas Bamboo House is an amazing villa resort made entirely of bamboo. It features an impressive exterior design that gives it an iconic presence on Instagram.

The house is in Selat. This makes it incredibly close to local Indonesians and gives you a closer look at the lives of traditional Balinese people.

One thing you should know here is that the Balikayanas Bamboo House is composed of a single floor that contains a large bedroom and a ladder that leads to a small attic, so it doesn’t have a perfect view of the mountains like other bamboo houses in the area.

However, the bamboo house is unmatched when it comes to privacy and seclusion, as it’s mostly surrounded by lush greenery from all directions.

The bamboo house staff is also quite friendly and works tirelessly to keep the place clean and well-organized for all visitors.

9. Birds Hill Bamboo House – Indonesia

A stylish bamboo house in a clearing in the woods with what appears to be a gray tiled roof. There are some beautiful trees in the garden and lights surrounding the house.
Birds Hill Bamboo House – Indonesia. Image courtesy of

Next up, we have another bamboo hut that is quite popular among visitors thanks to its affordability, cleanliness, and design.

The Birds Hill Bamboo House is designed and built by local artisans using locally sourced bamboo. The bamboo house is located in Karangasem Regency in Eastern Bali.

One of the things that makes this house different from other entries is that it is built on top of a hill and raised above the ground using stilts.

It also has a large, sturdy terrace that gives you an incredible undisturbed view of Mount Agung and the nearby fields.

In addition to the large kitchen, this one-bedroom house features a cozy dining area to enjoy breakfast with a glorious view.

The bamboo house also uses traditional-style stairs that lead up to it. This might be fun to experience, but it can be a little exhausting for a senior, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to visit.

10. Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort – Indonesia

A series of bamboo houses nestled in the trees overlooking a waterfall.
Image courtesy of Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort.

If you’re all about luxury and don’t mind spending a little extra to enjoy your visit, you must consider this incredible bamboo house.

The Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort/Retreat is located in a small town called “Tabanan,” which is very close to various important landmarks in Bali, including the Tanah Lot Temple.

The retreat is almost entirely designed and built using local bamboo. While this is common among many bamboo houses on the list, you can notice the architectural difference between this resort and any other house on the list.

Furthermore, there is no compromise on the sustainability of the facilities and creating an authentic Balinese accommodation experience.

The design of the bamboo houses allows you to enjoy an interrupted view of the surrounding jungle, although it doesn’t boast an extended view of the region.

Another special aspect of the bamboo house is that it features a tree house spa with a beautiful view. Most of the rooms in the retreat are elegantly decorated single bedrooms with private bathrooms.

11. West Kowloon Bamboo Theater – Hong Kong

A view of West Kowloon Bamboo Theater - Hong Kong taken from the outside. There are colorful signs and flags surrounding it with booths outside.
West Kowloon Bamboo Theater – Hong Kong. By WiNG – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Last but not least, we have the West Kowloon Bamboo Theater, an excellent testament to bamboo’s ability to build a sustainable structure capable of holding thousands of people.

The city’s cultural district built the huge pop-up bamboo house in 2012 and has a vast area of around 1,800 square meters (around 19,375 sq ft).

The main purpose of the theater was to house performances of the 2013 Chinese New Year.

Besides its vast size, the West Kowloon Bamboo Theater also has an amazing design inspired by ancient Asian palaces and traditional theaters built in the early 20th century, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Do You Think These Are The Coolest Bamboo Houses In The World?

This wraps it up for our guide that walks you through the 11 coolest bamboo houses in the world to visit.

As you can see, while there are tons of bamboo houses out there, many of the coolest to visit are in Bali, Indonesia.

However, you can also find impressive structures in places like Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

If you’ve visited any of the bamboo houses on our list, please let us know what your experience was like in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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