11 Best Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in Florida

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Images courtesy of Coast-to-Coast Barnwood, Old Florida Lumber Company, G&H Reclaims on Facebook, and Sarasota Architectural Salvage (SAS).

Are you looking to add a natural warmth and rustic vibe to your home by building with reclaimed wood in Florida?

If so, you’re making a crucial decision — reclaimed wood is a timeless, attractive, and eco-friendly material since it’s reused. However, before making the final decision, you want to know the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Florida that can provide you with the excellent service and materials you need.

Expertise, reputation, and sustainability are things to consider when choosing the best reclaimed wood construction company. You want a company that guarantees quality, sustainability, and durability.

Without considering these factors, you risk compromising your structure’s quality, safety, and sustainability.

In this article, I’ll discuss the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Florida based on the above factors. You’ll know what makes each company sustainable and unique for your vintage wood project.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Coast-to-Coast Barnwood

A screenshot of the Coast-to-Coast Barnwood website.
Image courtesy of Coast-to-Coast Barnwood.

This is a family-owned company specializing in authentic reclaimed barn wood.

Coast-to-Coast Barnwood aims to make reclaimed wood affordable and accessible to the general public. Therefore, it’s a company that targets people in all economic classes — high, middle, and low earners.

Since its opening in 2017, the company has remained steadfast in preserving eco-friendly products from different barns across the U.S.

The company focuses on sourcing authentic salvaged wood with hundreds of years of American history. It extracts these pieces of wood from cabins, warehouses, and barns.

The unique colors and textures of wood supplied by this company make it stand out from the crowd.

By stocking different species and sizes that can be repurposed into any project, Coast-to-Coast Barnwood is a one-stop shop for your reclaimed wood projects.

2. Old Florida Lumber Company

A screenshot of the Old Florida Lumber Company website.
Image courtesy of Old Florida Lumber Company.

Founded by Randy Shropshire in 2008, Old Florida Lumber Company is the largest seller of reclaimed wood in South Florida.

The company sells reclaimed wood and manufactured products like beams, flooring, and paneling.

Besides selling salvaged lumber to DIYers, the company provides a wide range of professional hands-on services. Its team of millwork associates and craftspeople is highly skilled and experienced in handling reclaimed wood.

To ensure quality, the company handles every aspect of the manufacturing process. From sourcing and reclamation to grading and custom fabrication, Old Florida Lumber Company guarantees the sustainability and durability of its products.

What makes this company special is that it treats every order uniquely. Its products and lumber are specified and approved. Moreover, the wood is fumigated for wood-boring insects.

3. G&H Reclaims

A screenshot of the G&H Reclaims Facebook page.
Image courtesy of G&H Reclaims on Facebook.

Founded by Buddy Higginbotham and Shari, G&H Reclaims is one of the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Florida. It’s located in Callahan, Florida.

The company focuses on having the best historic salvaged wood for its customers. Its unique approach allows customers to choose among products salvaged from old barns, bowling alleys, warehouses, skating rinks, and estates throughout the Eastern part of the U.S.

Its products include:

Due to its diverse sources of salvaged wood, G&H Reclaims provides customers with unique products that are hard to find elsewhere.

The company offers pre-finished and unfinished wood options for those who want a specific look or finish for their projects.

Furthermore, it provides custom milling services. These extra services make this company unique among its competitors in Florida.

4. Sarasota Architectural Salvage (SAS)

A screenshot of the Sarasota Architectural Salvage (SAS) website.
Image courtesy of Sarasota Architectural Salvage (SAS).

Founded in 2003, Sarasota Architectural Salvage specializes in preserving valuable and historical materials from houses and other structures.

Jesse White, the company’s founder, combines his experience working with governmental recycling entities with his penchant for the environment to provide customers with truly unique salvaged wood.

SAS offers a wide array of services, from deconstruction and hauling to reclamation and repurposing.

The company has a unique approach to wood reclamation that involves collaborating with preservation groups and historical societies. This way, it creates an eclectic mix of architectural antiques, garden art, décor, furniture, and other building materials.

SAS has a wide selection of reclaimed wood, including:

  • Paneling
  • Flooring
  • Joists
  • Barn wood
  • Beams

The above products are manufactured from wood species like maple, oak, fir, pecky cypress, cypress, and heart pine.

5. Fama Creations

A screenshot of the Fama Creations website.
Image courtesy of Fama Creations.

This is an Orlando-based company specializing in reclaimed wood craftsmanship.

Founded in 2012, Fama Creations specializes in creating one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture using salvaged and antique wood.

The company differentiates its reclaimed wood products into residential and commercial.

Under the commercial category, Fama Creations aims to help businesses actualize their ideas. Besides designing and building restaurants and shop build-outs, the company manufactures furniture like desks, wood walls, and tables to enliven the space.

Under the residential sector, Fama Creations helps homeowners design and build different pieces. It has a unique approach of incorporating the client’s ideas and budget to create pieces of furniture that suit their needs.

The company’s products are made from salvaged wood, which makes them one-of-a-kind and sustainable. It’s committed to using the best sustainability practices to ensure its reclaimed wood products last years to come.

Some of its residential products include the following:

  • Custom reclaimed wood projects.
  • Reclaimed wood walls.
  • Epoxy tables.
  • Dining room tables.

Fama Creations stands out with its free consultation. You can get advice from experienced designers and craftspeople on using reclaimed wood in the most sustainable way possible.

6. Gleman & Sons

A screenshot of the G&H Reclaims Facebook page.
Image courtesy of G&H Reclaims on Facebook.

Gleman & Sons specializes in salvaged lumber from old barns and buildings.

Based on the client’s preference, the company can sell the wood in its rustic nature with a natural patina or finish it to display the grain.

With over 40 reclaimed wood species and 150,000 board feet in inventory, the company can customize furniture pieces for various projects.

It’s committed to using sustainable practices and works hard to ensure its products are environmentally friendly.

Gleman & Sons has a unique selection of salvaged lumber, including hickory, oak, and pine.

The company also has character grade boards and planks for multiple construction aspects. Due to their excellent character and visual appreciation, these boards are ideal for a specific look or finish.

Its antique lumber has endured many generations, making it a stable and excellent building material.

As a custom workshop, the company pays closer attention to detail to ensure every piece is unique with its own story.

7. Bingham Lumber

A screenshot of the Bingham Lumber website.
Image courtesy of Bingham Lumber.

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Bingham Lumber specializes in reclaimed lumber salvaged from barns, old homesteads, and other structures.

The company has a unique approach to wood reclamation that seeks to preserve the rustic patina, fascinating knotholes, insect markings, and nail holes in each product.

In addition to sourcing the lumber for customers, it custom mills the pieces into flooring and paneling for its clients.

Bingham Lumber has detailed finish and installation guidelines to help clients make the most of their projects.

Their reclaimed wood is available in species like cedar, walnut, red oak, white oak, and hickory.

You can purchase the following products and services from this company:

  • Reclaimed flooring.
  • Wide plank floor.
  • Barn siding and paneling.
  • Custom millwork and tables.
  • Lumber barn.
  • Wood recycling.
  • Kitchen flooring.
  • Hand-hewn beams.

Since this company works with salvaging professionals across the United States, it acquires original and authentic wood used to build the structures originally. Therefore, you can rest assured that any product from Bingham Lumber is indeed reclaimed without additives like plastics.

8. Anderson Lumber Company

A screenshot of the Anderson Lumber Company website.
Image courtesy of Anderson Lumber Company.

Anderson Lumber Company is one of the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Florida for a good reason — it has highly experienced staff for quality wood selection.

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, the company specializes in salvaged wood for beams, countertops, wall siding, furniture, flooring, and more.

With inventory and expertise to tackle any project, you can be assured of finding the right wood for your needs.

Due to its experience of over 100 years, it’s one of the oldest companies specializing in reclaimed wood in Florida. That means it has among the most skilled craftspeople for unique woodwork.

The company is committed to providing quality wood products while supporting sustainability efforts. Its wood species include southern yellow pine, cedar, poplar, and cypress.

The company’s main services include the following:

  • Milling: It has a milling facility that prepares reclaimed wood for use. This is where inspection, de-nailing, and fumigation are done.
  • Glue-ups: Since most reclaimed wood doesn’t come in extra wide widths, the company offers glue-up services for furniture. This is how it builds custom countertops and desktops.
  • Custom: Building customized furniture is one of the major services of Anderson Lumber Company. It offers a wide range of custom options for residential and commercial customers. From desktops and countertops to wall siding, the company creates unique pieces that fit perfectly with each customer’s vision.

9. Rustic Relics

A screenshot of the Rustic Relics website.
Image courtesy of Rustic Relics.

Backed by five years of experience, Rustic Relics is an excellent provider of reclaimed wood construction services in Naples, Florida.

The company specializes in 100% reclaimed American wood.

By sourcing its products from Wisconsin, Illinois, and the surrounding states, this company seeks to reduce the environmental impact of construction.

Rustic Relics has a unique reclamation approach that aims to preserve the rustic patina of its wood. It achieves this by specializing in ax cut and rough saw cut beams.

  • Ax cut beams: These are hand-shaped beams with a history spanning over 150 years. Since the ax marks are authentic and not manufactured, you get to enjoy a rustic charm with positive impressions.
  • Rough Saw Cut beams: They display the saw marks that were made when the beams were cut 100-150 years ago. Despite their age, they remain pristine for fireplace mantels, tables, countertops, bookcases, and head boards.

Rustic Relics supplies the following products:

  • Flooring
  • Doors
  • Furniture
  • Siding

10. Eco Relics

A screenshot of the Eco Relics website.
Image courtesy of Eco Relics.

Eco Relics is committed to recycling, reusing, and repurposing construction materials like wood.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Eco Relics is on a mission to reduce waste due to construction activities. One way it does that is by reclaiming and repurposing old wood for reuse. This way, it aims to provide building materials at discounted prices in Jacksonville.

Founded by Annie and Michael Murphy in 2014, the company is committed to giving back to the community. It reclaims floors, doors, windows, moldings, cabinets, and countertops.

As one of the largest antique stores in Florida, the company’s stores have a wide array of salvaged items. It’s your one-stop shop for vintage, antique, and cool relics.

Eco Relics has a creative team specializing in custom woodwork that can build virtually anything you want. You can rely on this company to build your furnishings for residential and commercial projects.

By combining old reclaimed barn wood, salvaged live edge slabs, vintage restored tools, and antiques, the company makes outstanding furnishings that are sure to impress.

11. Old Miami Pine Lumber

A screenshot of the Old Miami Pine Lumber website.
Image courtesy of Old Miami Pine Lumber.

Old Miami Pine Lumber specializes in the reclamation of Dade County pine, a subspecies of heart pine.

Dade County pine matches the strength and durability of heart pine.

Since the tree grows only in South Florida, it makes one of the hardest woods to come across. It’s dense, strong, resistant to insect damage and decay, and features extraordinary characteristics.

The above features make Dade County pine lumber one of Florida’s most highly priced woods.

The company reclaims Dade County pine and uses it to make:

  • Flooring
  • Furniture and cabinetry
  • Countertops and bar tops
  • Stair treads
  • Ceiling paneling
  • Solid beams and posts
  • Wall paneling

By reclaiming wood products cut over 100 years ago and milled into larger structural lumber components, Old Miami Pine Lumber provides a unique and sustainable solution to your construction needs.

The company’s best approach is milling decorative products to maximize square footage, making them ideal for display indoors and around patios.

Besides the ready-made products, the company can customize projects to fit your needs. For instance, you can get large beams for exposed beam construction. These beams can be re-milled to match your specs.

Final Thoughts On Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in Florida

Florida has plenty of reclaimed wood construction companies to choose from. The above are some of the best — each offering sustainable solutions and exquisite products for your projects.

Whether you’re looking for flooring, furniture, or custom millwork, these companies have got you covered.

A good rule of thumb is to go for a company with a proven track record of quality artistry, solutions tailored to your needs, and excellent customer service. That way, you can rest assured of getting the most out of reclaimed wood construction in Florida.

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