10 Best Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in Texas

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Reclaimed wood provides an excellent way to add a unique and rustic touch to your home and furniture. The wood’s patina and distressed appearance due to weathering and aging add a sense of history to the wood, contributing to its rustic appeal.

If you’re based in the Lone Star State and are interested in using reclaimed wood in your next project, you’ll want to find the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Texas to work with.

Whether you want to build shelves, frame out walls, or create furniture, you need reclaimed wood sourced from an authentic company. This way, you can rest assured the wood is free of pests and bugs and has been de-nailed thoroughly to prevent accidents.

Failure to observe these requirements risks you getting substandard wood and, even worse, health problems.

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Texas. By discussing each company’s unique approach to wood reclamation, you’ll have a better idea of which one to choose. Let’s get started!

1. Old World Lumber

A screenshot of the Old World Lumber website.
Image courtesy of Old World Lumber.

Old World Lumber is committed to supplying the highest quality reclaimed wood in Texas.

The company’s unique approach to wood reclamation ensures each piece is inspected and selected by experts.

After the selection, Old World Lumber maintains the safety of its customers by fumigating, brushing, and washing all reclaimed wood. It undertakes these processes as follows:

  • Cutting: The wood is cut to the client’s desired length. The company also offers straight-line ripping for easy installation.
  • Fumigation: All Salvaged lumber is fumigated to kill pests and bugs. Clients receive their wood with a certificate of fumigation.
  • Pressure washing: This is done to enhance the timber’s rustic beauty.
  • Brushing: Removing debris and softwood to reveal the grain pattern before staining or clear coating.

With that in mind, you can rest assured the wood you bought from this company for your construction needs is safe and of the highest quality.

2. Reclaimed Space

A screenshot of the Reclaimed Space website.
Image courtesy of Reclaimed Space.

This company reclaims wood from old-age barns to build sustainable, modular living spaces.

Founded in 2007, Reclaimed Space sources its wood from historic barns across the U.S.

The company focuses on using eco-friendly materials to build customizable modular structures.

Initially, the prototype was designed to create modular structures based on the following principles:

  • Proper orientation.
  • Sustainability through the use of reclaimed and nontoxic materials.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Transportable structures.

As time passed, the company expanded its services to incorporate customizable floor plans with the possibility of off-grid living.

Although Reclaimed Space designs and builds its spaces in Austin, they are delivered throughout the U.S.

3. Old Texas Wood

A screenshot of the Old Texas Wood website.
Image courtesy of Old Texas Wood.

This is one of the best reclaimed wood construction companies in Texas since 1992. It reclaims wood flooring salvaged from homes and buildings earmarked for demolition.

Once Old Texas Wood receives the wood, its experienced staff embark on removing the nails, inspecting for quality, and preparing the pieces for reuse in cabins, new homes, and furniture.

The company is dedicated to preserving old lumber for future generations to appreciate its unique characteristics.

The main reclaimed wood products supplied by Old Texas Wood include pine, oak, maple, pecan, walnut, and wood furniture.

Besides supplying quality antique wood, the company also offers excellent installation services. With an experience of over 25 years in the wood flooring installation industry, Old Texas Wood guarantees excellent results.

4. Reclaimed DesignWorks (RDW)

A screenshot of the Reclaimed DesignWorks (RDW) website.
Image courtesy of Reclaimed DesignWorks (RDW).

Reclaimed DesignWorks is a family-owned and operated company specializing in quality reclaimed wood supplies.

With design specialists and showrooms all over the U.S., this company aims to reach as many people as possible with its products and services.

Besides providing the best products and services, RDW offers expert advice to its customers on reclaimed wood, design, and installation.

What sets RDW apart is its wide range of product lines and unlimited geographic reach. It provides whatever customers need and gets everything shipped wherever needed. Thus, you can rely on this company to deliver anything anywhere in the U.S.

To make it even better, RDW has the largest wide plank flooring collection. The company has got you covered from antique reclaimed and traditionally-milled woodland cut to wide plank European oak flooring.

5. This Old Wood

A screenshot of the This Old Wood website.
Image courtesy of This Old Wood.

This Old Wood reclaims its lumber from pre-20th century structures in Texas and beyond. It uses this wood to build custom furniture, floating shelves, walls, accent walls, fireplace mantels, doors, windows, wooden countertops, and flooring.

Besides making furniture, the company also sells raw reclaimed wood to DIYers who want to use it for construction.

The company specializes in custom-built and ready-to-order furniture. The custom-built pieces are made to order in any size and shape, while the ready-to-order ones are already built for immediate shipment.

This Old Wood is dedicated to providing quality products and services at competitive prices. It has a team of experienced craftsmen who have extensive knowledge of woodworking techniques. This ensures your project meets the highest quality standards.

Finally, you can request a tear-down service. Professionals at This Old Wood will tear down your existing structure at a fraction of the prices of other companies.

6. Supreme Hardwood Floors

A screenshot of the Supreme Hardwood Floors website.
Image courtesy of Supreme Hardwood Floors.

With over 25 years of experience in flooring, Supreme Hardwood Floors is an excellent company for installing and refinishing floors in Austin, Texas.

The floors are custom and handcrafted to your specifications to ensure the best results.

Supreme Hardwood Floors has a wide selection of reclaimed and sustainable wood products, including maple, hickory, walnut, and oak.

The company guarantees quality services for every project it undertakes. It uses high-grade sealants and finishes for floor installation.

Supreme Hardwood Floors is a premier supplier of reclaimed wood best for mantels, planking, and flooring.

The company can also custom-mill the wood into box beams, flooring, and planking based on your requirements.

Other services include sanding, refinishing, and removing dustless floors.

7. Delta Millworks

A screenshot of the Delta Millworks website.
Image courtesy of Delta Millworks.

Delta Millworks sources quality vintage lumber throughout Texas.

After receiving the wood, the company de-nails, saws, and mills it into beautiful, finished products.

Delta Millworks is unique in that it uses premiere charred and uncharred finishes to make the wood aesthetically compelling.

The benefits of sourcing your reclaimed wood from this company include the following:

  • It maintains the original salvaged materials.
  • It allows custom color matching.
  • It provides charred options.
  • Delivery to the site, ready for installation.
  • High quality and consistency guaranteed.

Finally, Delta Millworks guarantees durability by employing burning and staining methods that ensure strength and longevity. This makes the end product perfect for any construction project.

8. Reclaimed Wood Solutions

A screenshot of the Reclaimed Wood Solutions website.
Image courtesy of Reclaimed Wood Solutions.

Based in Keller, Texas, Reclaimed Wood Solutions is one of the most popular reclaimed wood companies.

The company ships its products throughout the U.S.

Reclaimed Wood Solutions has a unique approach to wood reclamation. It processes its wood to be easy for use in any project.

You can buy raw vintage wood from this company for use in construction or buy ready-made furniture. The main reclaimed wood furniture supplied by this company include:

  • Fireplace mantels
  • Countertops
  • Center island tops
  • Flooring
  • Veneers
  • Dining tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Benches
  • Bars
  • Doors
  • Shelves

9. Antique Lumber Company

A screenshot of the Antique Lumber Company website.
Image courtesy of Antique Lumber Company.

Nestled in rural North Texas, Antique Lumber Company reclaims the finest 100-year-old long-leaf pine. Why long-leaf pine?

The company’s unique approach is specializing in long-leaf pine because it’s the finest wood ever grown. Moreover, long-leaf produces the most durable wood due to its slow-growth process that takes between 400 and 500 years.

Furthermore, these trees have large heart centers with little sapwood around them; thus, they provide superior strength and stability.

The company recovers this wood from buildings and barns all over Texas.

After the reclamation, the Antique Lumber Company uses the timber to make doors, windows, flooring, wall cladding, and siding.

10. Trinity Valley Floors

A screenshot of the Trinity Valley Floors website.
Image courtesy of Trinity Valley Floors.

Trinity Valley Floors specializes in durable reclaimed wood flooring.

Established in 2002, the company has been demolishing homes and buildings for reclaimed wood for over twenty years.

The company’s primary focus is to make its products easier to install. As a result, it mills its vintage timber into tongue and groove flooring and shiplap for use in accent walls and DIY projects.

The main feature that makes this company unique is that it assesses buildings before demolition. This enables it to know the types of material available for demolition.

Luckily, Lance, the company’s founder and his crew have been in the wood reclamation industry for a long time. Therefore, they can tell what materials the building was made from, in part by knowing when it was built.

Once the wood arrives at the facility, it goes through the following processes:

  • Rigorous inspection: The company subjects the wood to a thorough inspection to ensure it’s usable. They inspect for rot, mold, and other signs of instability. Any pieces found with these issues are discarded.
  • Removing the nails: Experienced staff remove nails and other fasteners from the wood by hand. The pieces are then passed through a metal detector to ensure they’re completely free from fasteners.
  • Milling: After inspection, the pieces are milled into the desired size and shape. The milling is done using precise machinery that leaves an excellent finish to every piece of wood.

You can request customization and get the exact size, shape, and finish you need for any project.

Final Thoughts On Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in Texas

Reclaimed wood construction companies in Texas make your work easier by salvaging the best wood for use in your projects.

Since these companies specialize in reclaimed wood, you don’t have to worry about quality or durability. Each company has its own approach and guarantees high quality and consistency.

The parting shot — always consider the company’s specialty, experience, and products when buying reclaimed wood.

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