10 Best Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in New York

Screenshots of the websites of the 10 best reclaimed wood construction companies in New York. In the center of the image is a golden crest with "High Quality" written on it.

Images courtesy of Sawkill Lumber Company, Pioneer Millworks, NY City Slab, and M. Fine Lumber.

Are you a New York resident in love with reclaimed wood but can’t find what you’re looking for?

Or perhaps you’re a professional home builder looking for a reliable supplier for all your reclaimed wood needs.

Either way, the best reclaimed wood construction companies in New York can provide what you need.

When looking for the best reclaimed wood companies, you want an option that guarantees authentic reclaimed wood without additives like plastics. This is the only way to ensure a long-lasting rustic charm for your dwelling.

That said, it can be tedious to go through each company’s profile, comparing sustainability, authenticity, and overall service.

I’ve rounded up the ten best reclaimed wood construction companies in New York to make your life easier.

Each company has something unique to offer; from outstanding reclamation and exceptional customer care to unbeatable prices, you’ll get one that meets your needs. Let’s explore these companies together!

1. Sawkill Lumber Company

A screenshot of the Sawkill Lumber Company website.
Image courtesy of Sawkill Lumber Company.

Sawkill Lumber Company reclaims its wood from buildings around New York City and beyond.

The company selects spectacular and rare old-growth wood species ideal for modern design.

Sawkill Lumber Company supplies quality and unique salvaged lumber, some of whose history dates back 1,000 years.

With a focus on rehabilitating and transforming, the company aims to ensure its customers receive original and safe reclaimed wood.

By salvaging its wood pieces to preserve knotholes, nails, and aging marks, it aims to maintain the rustic patina and charm of the wood.

Its mission is to supply premium reclaimed wood while preserving history through upcycled materials.

The company’s primary services include:

  • Flooring and paneling: Milling reclaimed wood in a controlled environment to ensure quality flooring and paneling.
  • Custom milling: Customizing the wood to match the specifications of a given project. Since the company supplies the timber to woodworkers, architects, homeowners, and builders, it seeks to satisfy the diverse needs of this customer base while maintaining quality.
  • Lumber and beams: The company offers customers a wide array of timber and beams in various shapes and sizes that can be modified to suit unique projects. These products are available in rough and smooth-sawn options.

2. Pioneer Millworks

A screenshot of the Pioneer Millworks website.
Image courtesy of Pioneer Millworks.

Pioneer Millworks is one of the best reclaimed wood construction companies in New York.

With a focus on sustainable building, the company employs creativity to source and reclaim wood for various construction projects.

After sourcing the wood and getting it to the workshop, the company mills it to remove any obstacle that can hinder its use.

Pioneer Millworks’ uniqueness is based on the following features:

  • On-time delivery: With millions of reclaimed board feet, the company has ready-to-ship inventory to fulfill delivery requests with the shortest lead times.
  • Precision and quality: The company mills, grades, and dries its salvaged lumber for precision, quality, and stability respectively. This is done to ensure a headache-free construction site.
  • Competitive pricing: Since Pioneer Millworks sources and mills its wood in-house, customers are assured of low and sustainable prices.
  • Custom pre-finishing: You can request pre-finishing for your order to save on installation time. The company uses nano options, standard oils, and polys to match the desired look.
  • Excellent customer service: The company has a top-notch customer service team ready to handle your delivery, installation, acclimation, and finishing queries.

3. NY City Slab

A screenshot of the NY City Slab website.
Image courtesy of NY City Slab.

NY City Slab aims to promote sustainable building by reclaiming and repurposing wood from demolished buildings in New York.

The company works with contractors to source the best vintage lumber and beams from demolished buildings, meaning no new trees are cut for their projects.

It then mills the wood at its facility in Brooklyn before supplying it across New York City and beyond.

NY City Slab offers the following services:

  • Woodturning: The company specializes in wood turning, a process of shaping the wood to make spindles and other decorative elements. With several lathes at the facility, talented woodworkers can create unique works of art from salvaged lumber.
  • Onsite lumber milling: This is a unique service whereby, instead of milling your wood in the company, it’s milled onsite for accurate measurements. This ensures the highest level of precision.
  • Kiln-drying: Subjecting the salvaged wood to a drying process with controlled air circulation, temperature, and relative humidity to kill pests and bugs.
  • Sanding and flattening: The team uses special sanders to flatten the wood before pre-finishing.

Besides offering the above services, the company also manufactures and sells the following products:

  • Fireplace mantels.
  • Mirrors and frames.
  • Flooring.
  • Stumps and flares.
  • Water tank wood.

4. M. Fine Lumber

A screenshot of the M. Fine Lumber website.
Image courtesy of M. Fine Lumber.

M. Fine Lumber prides itself on providing New York’s finest reclaimed wood since 1933.

With the experience of over 85 years of lumber reclamation and repurposing, the company supplies the highest quality lumber at pocket-friendly prices.

Once the wood has been sourced, the company embarks on a unique reclamation process that involves:

  • Sorting: The team sorts through the wood to determine its quality. This helps pick the best pieces for different projects.
  • De-nailing: Manually removing nails and other fasteners from the wood. The wood is then passed through a metal detector to detect other metal pieces that may cause injuries.
  • Re-sawing: The sawmill cuts the wood into usable sizes for construction projects. There is a custom-sawing option for projects that require high precision and minimal wastage.
  • Grading: The wood is graded to determine its quality and suitability for different projects. This helps customers pick suitable lumber for their projects.
  • Planing: The company has a state-of-the-art wood planing facility where wood is categorized and planed for various projects.
  • Molding: M. Fine Lumber has specialized equipment to create moldings. This is ideal for customers interested in a custom appearance.
  • Defecting: Removing any defective wood pieces before they reach the customers. The process also helps reduce wastage and protects the company’s reputation for supplying top quality lumber.

M. Fine Lumber also offers custom pre-finishing services, delivery, installation, and advice on acclimation and finishing.

You can also buy ready-made flooring, paneling, shelving, and beams from this company.

5. Bingham Lumber

A screenshot of the Bingham Lumber website.
Image courtesy of Bingham Lumber.

Bingham Lumber is a wide-plank flooring and antique wood supplier in the U.S. whose history dates back to 1946.

With a 25,000-square-foot (2,300-square-meter) showroom and an additional facility with specialized equipment to manufacture reclaimed wood products, this company is a go-to for businesses and homeowners looking to add a rustic touch to their spaces.

Bingham Lumber gets its wood from demolished structures in New York City, including homes, churches, barns, and factories.

The best part is that it sources salvaged lumber from traced and documented sources to ensure customers get legal and sustainably sourced wood.

The company’s unique approach is specializing in Scarsdale’s old hardwood. Since this wood is no longer available in the construction industry, customers can stand out with the company’s unique collection.

Scarsdale’s salvaged lumber is hardy and ideal for construction and renovation projects.

If you want ready-made reclaimed wood products, here are some of what you can get from Bingham Lumber:

  • Wide plank flooring.
  • Barn siding and paneling.
  • Custom millwork and tables.
  • Kitchen flooring.
  • Hand-hewn beams.

Finally, this company creates a collaborative atmosphere that allows it to get original and old-growth vintage wood.

6. Storied Boards

A screenshot of the Storied Boards website.
Image courtesy of Storied Boards.

Storied Boards is among the best reclaimed wood construction companies in New York. It specializes in hand-hewn reclaimed wood beams.

Boasting a variety of robust reclaimed wood beams, the company focuses on creating durable homes and structures.

By reclaiming old-growth wood with incredible quality that can’t be replicated by today’s technology, Storied Boards provides sustainable and incomparable wood ideal for construction projects.

The company’s hand-hewn beams with a touch of New England’s countryside can be incorporated into modern and classic construction projects for optimal support. These beams are ideal for projects like ski resort chalets and lake houses where a rustic touch is essential.

What if you have an unusual reclaimed wood idea in mind? Simply contact the company and its experienced staff will be more than happy to help actualize your idea.

7. E.T. Moore

A screenshot of the E.T. Moore website.
Image courtesy of E.T. Moore.

E.T. Moore has an experience of over 50 years in wood reclamation around Rochester, New York City.

Through its excellent work in wood reclamation, the company has earned recommendations from high-profile customers looking to add a touch of rustic beauty to their construction projects. One such client is the Architectural Historian of Colonial Williamsburg.

The company specializes in custom-ordered reclaimed wood that’s rare to find. This is the type of wood that’s sure to give your space the ‘wow factor.’

Having been in operation since 1969, E.T. Moore has a keen eye for quality and detail. The result is reclaimed wood of the highest standards that will withstand the test of time.

What makes this company unique is its focus on salvaging vintage heart pine.

By salvaging and re-milling heart pine beams, the company aims to release the natural warmth and character of this wood species to enrich its customers’ spaces. Consequently, it’s considered the largest producer of reclaimed heart pine products in Rochester.

Besides supplying reclaimed wood, the company also builds the following:

  • Reclaimed wood flooring.
  • Reclaimed wood beams.
  • Reclaimed wood mantels.
  • Moldings and components.

It’s worth mentioning that this company also buys wood from clients in Rochester. However, the wood must be from old structures built between the 1850s and 1930s. Therefore, you can contact the company if you’re in Rochester and have wood that meets the above requirement.

8. Ghent Wood Products

A screenshot of the Ghent Wood Products website.
Image courtesy of Ghent Wood Products.

Established in 2003, Ghent Wood Products specializes in soft and hard reclaimed wood and its products.

With a production capacity of two million board feet of hemlock, pine, and other softwood annually, the company has become one of the most trusted suppliers of reclaimed wood in New York.

Ghent Wood Products manufactures standard and customized reclaimed wood products like:

  • Pine and hemlock beams and boards.
  • Finished lumber in different sizes.
  • Siding.
  • Flooring.
  • Paneling.

The best part is that the company takes its salvage lumber through a kiln-drying process to kill pets, bugs, and their eggs. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your reclaimed wood.

9. Timeless Building Materials

A screenshot of the Timeless Building Materials website.
Image courtesy of Timeless Building Materials.

Timeless Building Materials is the largest reclaimed wood supplier in Western New York.

Located in Burt, New York City, the company strives to better the environment by reusing antique and vintage building materials.

Since its establishment in 2015, Timeless Building Materials has been at the forefront of supplying vintage wood and its products throughout Western New York.

The unique fact about this company is that it employs licensed and insured professionals to demolish structures and reclaim wood sustainably. This eliminates damage during the demolition to ensure clients get the best wood quality.

The company also offers custom-made reclaimed wood suitable for the following:

  • Wooden beams, siding, and flooring.
  • Roof joists.
  • Furniture pieces.
  • Weathered roofing panels.

By offering a green building alternative to conventional construction, Timeless Building Materials is the premier destination for reclaiming and reusing vintage wood in Western New York.

10. Reclaim Everything

A screenshot of the Reclaim Everything website.
Image courtesy of Reclaim Everything.

Based in Huntington Station, Reclaim Everything reclaims vintage lumber in the Northeast region of New York City.

As one of the best reclaimed wood construction companies in New York, Reclaim Everything offers top-notch old-growth lumber for different applications.

The company also specializes in furniture building, antique accessories, custom works, and installations.

Reclaim Everything targets old barns built before 1920 for high-quality salvaged wood from America’s first forests.

It targets architects, contractors, interior designers, business owners, and homeowners with reclaimed wood projects in their minds.

Besides supplying salvaged lumber for construction projects, the company also makes furniture from old barn wood native to the upstate New York region.

Some common furniture on offer from Reclaim Everything includes:

  • Shoe racks
  • Coat racks
  • Tables
  • Shelves
  • Windows
  • Mantels
  • Chairs
  • Wrapping beams
  • Dressers
  • Night tables

If you opt to buy reclaimed lumber from this company, you can choose between the original wood (as is), finished, or custom cut to meet your needs. The decision to select any of these options should be based on your project’s needs.

Final Thoughts On Reclaimed Wood Construction Companies in New York

Reclaimed wood construction companies in New York play a vital role in green building by reducing demand for virgin timber. They also reduce the amount of waste wood that gets into landfills by reusing demolition lumber.

When looking for the best reclaimed wood construction company in New York, consider factors like pricing, reputation, service delivery, and wood quality. Considering these factors will help you choose one of the above companies that best addresses your needs.

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