10 Best Engineered Wood Construction Companies in Massachusetts

Screenshots of the websites of four of the Best Engineered Wood Construction Companies in Massachusetts. In the center of the image is an outline map of the state of Massachusetts filled with brown.

Images courtesy of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, Specialty Forest Products, Hardwood Flooring Direct, and Kaswell Flooring Systems.

Are you in Massachusetts and planning to build or renovate your home with the best engineered wood?

If so, you must know the companies that have established themselves as experts in this area. Relying on some of the best engineered wood construction companies in Massachusetts will see you get a quality structure with guaranteed durability.

Engineered wood is among the best green building materials due to its strength and versatility. However, its strength and versatility are based on its structure which must encompass the wear, core, and bottom layers structurally bonded appropriately.

Therefore, sourcing the material from one of the most authentic suppliers in the state guarantees that you’ll get an option that meets this structural standard.

In this article, I’ve rounded up a list of the 10 best engineered wood construction companies in Massachusetts. By discussing each company’s unique approach to sustainable construction, you’ll be able to make the right decision for your project. Let’s get started!

1. Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

A screenshot of the Carlisle Wide Plank Floors website.
A screenshot of the Carlisle Wide Plank Floors website. Image courtesy of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

With over 50 years of experience, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is among the best engineered wood construction companies in Massachusetts due to its expertise.

The company is located in Beacon Hill, Boston, and specializes in various hardwood flooring, including engineered wood.

The company boasts itself on time-honored approaches that ensure quality service and products to customers.

From sourcing the most reliable American timber to incorporating high-level craftsmanship, their approach focuses on performance and sustainability.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors stands out by measuring its customer service through surveys. The company sends its clients simple surveys asking them to rate how likely they are to recommend its services to relatives and friends.

The responses from clients are then recorded into a rolling Net Promoter score. Based on scores, the company takes action to improve customer satisfaction.

Its engineered wood flooring has its wear layer made from hickory, walnut, maple, cherry, and oak. Since these are hardwoods with guaranteed strength, they make the floors highly resistant to foot traffic and abrasions.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors’s engineered hardwood flooring is also unique in the following ways:

  • It’s thicker: While the industry’s standard engineered floor is between 0.25 to 0.5 inches (0.64 to 1.27 cm) thick, this company’s standard version is 0.75 inches (1.91 cm) thick.
  • Stronger: The company makes engineered wood flooring stronger by adding a backing material.
  • Wider and longer: The company’s options are up to 10 inches (25.4 cm) wide and 12 inches (30.48 cm) long.
  • Careful craftsmanship: It employs a slow craft approach monitored by experienced personnel to ensure quality.

2. Specialty Forest Products

A screenshot of the Specialty Forest Products website.
A screenshot of the Specialty Forest Products website. Image courtesy of Specialty Forest Products.

Located in Hopedale, Massachusetts, Specialty Forest Products boasts a combined experience of over 100 years, making it one of the most experienced companies in the flooring industry.

The company’s dense line of prefinished and unfinished flooring products is tailored to meet clients’ needs. It provides solid and engineered wood flooring in different colors and styles.

The best part is that the company has a virtual showroom that makes finding the right flooring product easier. Therefore, you don’t have to travel to the company’s facility to pick your preferred engineered wood flooring.

Specialty Forest Products targets floor stores, flooring contractors, and lumber yards. It stocks and supplies quality engineered wood products from renowned U.S. manufacturers like:

  • Planchers Wickham Flooring
  • Riva Floors
  • Boen
  • Mirage
  • Appalachian Flooring
  • Somerset Hardwood Flooring
  • Armstrong
  • Missouri Hardwood
  • Turman Hardwood Flooring

3. Hardwood Flooring Direct

A screenshot of the Hardwood Flooring Direct website.
A screenshot of the Hardwood Flooring Direct website. Image courtesy of Hardwood Flooring Direct.

Hardwood Flooring Direct boasts the largest flooring selection in Greater New England.

Established in 1992 in Pembroke, Massachusetts, this family-owned company focuses on helping consumers with their flooring needs. It has an experienced staff that helps customers throughout the selection process to get the best option for their needs.

The company guarantees the lowest prices in the market through its high-volume inventory, which gives it an advantage over its competitors. As a result, most customers realize a saving of between 15 to 70%.

Besides its friendly prices, Hardwood Flooring Direct provides first-class quality, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. Its engineered hardwood flooring is unique in the following ways:

  • Wear layer in various thicknesses: The company provides different wear layer thicknesses, depending on where you want to install the floor. While a thicker wear layer comes in handy for high-traffic areas prone to abrasions, a thinner wear layer is ideal for areas with minimal foot traffic. Buying it this way helps save money.
  • Customer’s choice of species: You get to choose the species that best suits your needs. The company stocks a variety of hardwood species, such as oak, cherry, maple, hickory, and walnut.
  • High dimensional stability: The floor is dimensionally stable to withstand expansion and contraction due to temperature and moisture variations.

4. Kaswell Flooring Systems

A screenshot of the Kaswell Flooring Systems website.
A screenshot of the Kaswell Flooring Systems website. Image courtesy of Kaswell Flooring Systems.

Located in Ashland, Kaswell Flooring Systems is among the best engineered wood construction companies in Massachusetts due to its excellent quality.

For over 75 years, the company has been consistently supplying the best end-grain wood block flooring. It also specializes in professional flooring installations.

As an FSC-certified company, Kaswell Flooring Systems supplies eco-friendly materials from sustainably-sourced forests.

Moreover, since this company is a National Wood Flooring Association member, you can be sure of its adherence to the highest quality standards.

Kaswell Flooring Systems specializes in the following engineered hardwood flooring:

  • Naturfloor: It’s a low-maintenance engineered wood flooring suitable for internal use. It’s ideal for high-traffic areas like hotels, museums, offices, airports, and shops. It also features a water-resistant satin or matte surface, making it suitable for moisture-prone areas.
  • Classic engineered: It comes in different categories, such as Farmhouse, Cosmopolitan, Louis XIV, Amarosa, French Impression, TKO, and Pied-a-terre.
  • Forêt: It incorporates an innovative approach to traditional end-grain floors with multiple colors. Its main categories include Forêt Alt-X and Forêt mix. The Forêt category makes up the most aesthetically-appealing end-grain engineered wood flooring option.
  • Opus: It’s a unique pre-assembled handmade wooden surface. It features hidden repetitive patterns inspired by the mosaic in Venice of the 19th century. It also comes ready for installation due to its seamless connections.

5. Duffy Floors

A screenshot of the Duffy Floors website.
A screenshot of the Duffy Floors website. Image courtesy of Duffy Floors.

Since its inception in 1927 in Medford, Duffy Floors has remained steadfast in providing solid and engineered hardwood flooring installation, refinishing, and repairs.

Over the years, the company has built a reputation for upholding quality and offering fair pricing and timely services to customers.

Duffy Floors is among the few engineered wood construction companies in Massachusetts whose customers are protected through its insurance with worker’s compensation and general liability policies. Therefore, you can rest assured of being insured against any damage or injury during your transactions with the company.

As a full-service wood contractor, the company can address all your flooring needs. From selection and purchasing to delivery and installations, Duffy Floors can handle it all for you.

The best part is that the company’s flooring installers work with the client from start to finish to ensure results that match a customer’s needs.

Duffy Floors ensures products that exceed the industry’s standards by installing and repairing its floors in accordance with the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and National Oak Flooring Manufacturer’s Association (NOFMA) guidelines.

This company is unique because its engineered hardwood flooring has the thickest wear layer with nine-ply plywood for excellent strength and durability.

6. F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company

A screenshot of the F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company website.
A screenshot of the F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company website. Image courtesy of F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company.

Founded in 1841 in Watertown, F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company is among the best engineered wood construction companies in Massachusetts due to its extensive product inventory.

The company’s specialties include remodeling, professional lumber take-offs, commercial contracting, new home construction, and engineered beam calculations.

F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company prides itself on over 65 experienced service professionals who ensure everything goes as planned. They handle any shortcomings professionally, ensuring smooth ordering and construction processes for all customers.

As a company specializing in sustainable building materials, F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company stocks various FSC-certified engineered wood products.

What sets F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company apart is that it sources its engineered wood products from Louisiana-Pacific.

Engineered wood from Louisiana-Pacific boasts excellent strength and stability. It’s ideal for different construction projects due to its high resistance to shrinkage, twisting, and warping.

Using quality engineered lumber from Louisiana-Pacific results in quieter and long-lasting floors.

F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company stocks and supplies the following engineered wood products:

  • LP SolidStart LVL: It offers exceptional load-carrying capacity and dimensional consistency. It’s available in up to 60 feet (18.29 meters) lengths and is designed to resist warping, bowing, crowning, and twisting. It’s available in 5.5 to 24-inch (13.97 to 60.96 cm) depths and 3.5 to 7-inch (8.89 to 17.78 cm) thicknesses.
  • LP SolidStart Rim Board: Designed to ensure quick and straightforward installations with high-strength reliability. It’s available in 9.5 to 24-inch (24.13 to 60.96 cm) depths and 12 and 16-foot (3.66 and 4.88-meter) standard lengths.

7. Milford Hardwood Floors, Inc.

A screenshot of the Milford Hardwood Floors, Inc. website.
A screenshot of the Milford Hardwood Floors, Inc. website. Image courtesy of Milford Hardwood Floors, Inc..

Founded in 1988, Milford Hardwood Floors, Inc. is a full-service hardwood flooring provider. It supplies unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring services to its customers in Milford, Massachusetts.

The company’s showroom depicts a vast inventory of the most popular wood flooring in the U.S.

Moreover, it has an experienced team of installers specializing in installing, repairing, and refinishing hardwood, laminate, and vinyl floors.

Apart from solid wood flooring and installation, Milford Hardwood Floors also provides engineered wood flooring and installation services.

What sets this company apart is that it provides free estimates. These estimates are crucial if you want to stay within your budget because they’ll help you know the expected price range.

8. Arlington Coal & Lumber

A screenshot of the Arlington Coal & Lumber website.
A screenshot of the Arlington Coal & Lumber website. Image courtesy of Arlington Coal & Lumber.

Arlington Coal & Lumber is a premier supplier of professional lumber to builders in Massachusetts.

Since its inception in 1923, the company has remained steadfast in its quest for high-quality products and excellent customer service.

As a customer-oriented company, Arlington Coal & Lumber prioritizes efficient and safe delivery to ensure a client’s project is completed on time. Its delivery fleet comprises:

  • Boom trucks to deliver lumber, siding, and roofing materials.
  • Ford F-450 to deliver small orders.
  • Flatbeds with moffetts for efficient wood delivery.
  • Tractor trailers for all service deliveries.
  • Box trucks for window, cabinet, millwork, and door deliveries.

Moreover, it provides estimation and special order services to ensure the right product is supplied for each project.

It also offers engineered floor systems and roof truss layouts in its specialty category.

The engineered floor system is sourced from Weyerhaeuser, one of the best engineered wood product suppliers worldwide.

The best part is that Arlington Coal & Lumber uses a computer-aided design layout system to ensure precision and accuracy in its floor system plans.

9. C&S Lumber

A screenshot of the C&S Lumber website.
A screenshot of the C&S Lumber website. Image courtesy of C&S Lumber.

Established in 1952 in Milbury, Massachusetts, C&S Lumber has been supplying quality building materials to its customers throughout the state.

With over 65 years of experience in the industry, this family-owned company boasts an extensive inventory of building materials, including engineered lumber. It specializes in materials for new construction and remodeling needs.

Since its establishment, the company has aimed to be the best supplier of quality building materials in Milbury and beyond. C&S Lumber has maintained excellent quality and top-notch customer service to achieve this goal.

Moreover, it recruits trained and experienced staff to guarantee professional services to customers.

C&S Lumber is among the few companies in Massachusetts that provide free deliveries. Therefore, it’s the best option if you’re on a tight budget and looking to save on delivery costs.

The company also sells reliable engineered lumber products from top-rated brands, such as Coastal Forest Products, BWI Fine Millwork, and Grip Rite.

10. Ashland Lumber

A screenshot of the Ashland Lumber website.
A screenshot of the Ashland Lumber website. Image courtesy of Ashland Lumber.

Established in 1955, Ashland Lumber is among the best engineered wood construction companies in Massachusetts.

This family-owned company supplies engineered lumber and other building materials across Massachusetts. It stocks different engineered wood products to meet diverse customer needs.

Ashland Lumber stocks a full line of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and wood I-joists for different applications.

The company’s vast inventory of building materials is suitable for large and small-scale operations.

Since Ashland Lumber provides free estimates and advice, customers can easily choose the right engineered wood product within their budget.

What’s more?

The free delivery service provided by Ashland Lumber makes it the best option for customers who want to save on shipping costs.

Final Thoughts On The Best Engineered Wood Construction Companies in Massachusetts

Engineered wood is an excellent option for sustainable construction due to its strength and stability.

These best engineered wood construction companies in Massachusetts are the ideal option for quality products. They guarantee unmatched services due to their broad expertise in the industry.

When choosing a company for your engineered wood project, consider budget, experience, and customer service. These factors will help you pick the right option for your needs.

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